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mcu failure

  1. Tam

    Model 3 owner claims Car froze while driving, stuck at 83MPH

    https://abc7.com/tesla-model-3-car-freezes-while-driving-la-drivers-freezing/11743278/ I got 3 different Tesla cars since 2012 from classical manual mode to the fancy FSD and each one of them has its screen displays frozen from time to time but I thought nothing of it. They would either reboot...
  2. B

    Dark MCU sunroof open model S 2012

    Hello TMC Is there anyone who has manually closed a sunroof in a models 2012 without damage afterward? My MCU1 is dead with the sunroof open. No luck with soft og hard reboot. Fortunately it is now summer i Denmark but TC has long waiting list and there is no one near by. The car is parked in...
  3. S

    MCU1 Bricked After EMMC replacement?

    I know this is beating a dead horse and this subject has been covered in numerous threads. As a long time lurker I haven't posted until now, but I'm kind of at a loss about this situation. I had been having issues in my 2012 Model S with the touchscreen glitching or acting up (no...
  4. Ed Hart

    Homelink not working with Chamberlain Liftmaster remotes

    Big Mystery: Hope someone else has figured this out. My 2014 has the EEPROM issues in the MCU. It gave me the screen you see here. There will be a recall, but in the meantime, Tesla zapped my EEPROM back to zero. It took a while, but everything came up and I was able to reprogram my various...
  5. S

    Tesla knows MCU with eMMC Fix Still has Problems (we need NHTSA to force the fix)

    I have Model X 2016 90D AP1 and my MCU failed which ended up immobilizing the car (Tesla said this should not have happened but it did) which required a flat bed tow (their cost) to a nearby Tesla service center. At that time, Tesla replaced the MCU eMMC on Sept 3rd 2020. Since this part has...
  6. M

    Screen problems after HW3 upgrade

    I upgraded my 2016 Model S to FSD HW3 on the last day of the special. As I pulled out of the Tesla shop, I noticed the center screen went dark for a few seconds, then came back on. Also, Autopilot was still calibrating. 1. Autopilot never finished calibrating, stayed around 98%. Eventually they...
  7. phillip.blaha

    Another Unfavorable Tesla Service Experience

    Another unfavorable Tesla Service story! First, please understand, I’m a Tesla early adopter and fan who owns a 2014 Model S. I love the technology, the idea that electric automobiles are better for the environment and believe Elon changed the automobile industry worldwide with the success of...
  8. Padelford

    MCU1 crashes - bad MX day

    This morning, I was greeted with a completely blank, dead MCU1. It had been working fine but sluggish yesterday, but two-scroll-wheel reboots have been taking more than two minutes before today. I tried the reboot this morning, gave it three minutes and gave up. The vehicle took 1-2 minutes...