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mcu screen replacement

  1. S

    Model S 2013 MCU upgrade pro and cons

    I have 2013 model S that the chip eMMC and LTE have been upgraded (less than a year). Recently, the screen has bubble. I was quoted $834 (tax included) to replace the screen versus to upgrade the entire infotainment/MCU. I was told I will be losing the premium connectivity and FM. However, after...
  2. S

    Model S MCU Touchscreen for Sale

    TESLA MODEL S MCU TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY SCREEN MEDIA CONTROL OEM 1084333-00-C PRICE: $750 This is a brand new replacement screen installed by Tesla Service a few months ago. When my second screen (the smaller dashboard screen) also went bad, I opted for the Infotainment Upgrade, which included...
  3. A

    MCU Stuck on Backup Camera

    My 2015 Model S is in line to get a new MCU and this week I got a notice to install a new firmware version. After the installation the center screen in my car only shows the backup camera. I have no control over the heat, sunroof, radio, or anything else the goes through the MCU. The dash...
  4. S

    MCU 2 Upgrade Question Regarding Screen

    I had the MCU upgraded yesterday at a SoCal SC. I was told at the time of the appointment they had all of the parts including the new center screen. I was offered a discount to keep my old screen which I declined. The Tesla employee noted the account and said the car should be ready by the end...
  5. Gwgan

    NHTSA asks about MCU memory screen failures

    US Agency Probes Touch-Screen Failures in Tesla Model S
  6. R

    Screen Replacement and MCU

    I recently noticed a yellow band across the top of my 17" screen (Feb17 MS90D). About 1/4" wide. I never noticed it until I had a whith background on the top half of the screen. Looking through the Forum, I see that this has been reported and that individuals have been able to get the screen...