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  1. D

    Replace damaged MCU 2020 Model 3

    Hello there, my shop is currently working on a 2020 Tesla Model 3 with MCU version 2. The date of manufacture is 12/2019. We are having an issue where the A2B bus is being shorted to ground. Resulting in the overhead microphone and rear amplifier not working. We have purchased an identical...
  2. Y

    Model X camera issue help

    I have a 2017 Tesla Model X 75d with AP2.5, Canada, equipped with cameras on both sides. Issues encountered: 1. The back camera goes black when engaging reverse, and rebooting or reinstalling the software doesn't help. (Tried to reboot with unplugging all usbs, leave it overnight) and it’s...
  3. Y

    camera unavailable on 2017 MX

    I have a 2017 Tesla Model X 75D with MCU 2.5 (with EAP). Today, the backup camera suddenly went black, and afterward, the main screen occasionally goes black for a few seconds while driving. I've tried reinstalling the software (CAN ECU in service mode), turning off the power, but the cameras...
  4. vescrig

    Problem with AP and CC in 2017 MS

    I'm having an issue with my 2017 Model S with FSD. AP and CC are not available sometimes and SC is not able to diagnose the problem but they propose to change the ECU (AP computer), which is around 2.000€ and my car is out of garanty :( In my opinion the problem is MCU related because when...
  5. F

    Model Y MCU on the bench, power pin

    Hello, I got a Model Y MCU from a friend to play around and run some experiments, but I still needed to figure out the pin for the power. Does anyone have the diagram for this MCU? The model number is 1960100. Thank you in advance; any help is appreciated. Here is a picture of the connector:
  6. A

    Is MCU2 upgrade worth it if I have LTE with 64GB emmc

    Hello all, I have a 2017 Model S having MCU1 with LTE and recently upgraded to 64gb emmc. It's definitely a little slower but it's hasn't frozen yet. I saw that everyone recommends upgrading to MCU2 but is it really worth it provided the emmc is already upgraded? I also have FSD included and...
  7. C

    What should I do - 2012 Signature Red Model S

    I've happily owner a 2012 Model S Signature 132k miles for over 8 years. I've had some minor issues over the years but most were resolved under warranty or fixed for less than $1000. My recent problem started in August 2022 when my car was rear-ended while I was at a light. The damage to the...
  8. seenhear

    MCU1 owners: what should we expect from our cars?

    This could apply to Model X owners too, but I couldn't find an appropriate forum to discuss MCU common to both S & X... I recently brought my model S to the service center for various reasons, one of which is that my MCU1 keeps acting up: occasional reboots, sluggishness, poor voice recognition...
  9. C

    MCU1 -> MCU2 Upgrade + AP3 Cost

    Hey All, My Vehicle: - 2017 Tesla Model S - AP2.5 - MCU1 I recently set up an appointment at the SC to have my MCU upgrade from MCU1 -> MCU2, I also requested to have the FSD computer (AP3) installed so that I can subscribe for FSD. The SC is stating that its $2250 for the MCU2 upgrade PLUS...
  10. V

    Subwoofer and Door Speakers dead for months

    I have recently been to service and had a frustrating experience where the techs could not fix the issue as presented, though they acknowledged it. The solution was literally to wait for a couple of updates and see if they would fix things automagically. If this is an issue with my car, maybe it...
  11. Stayfly2407

    Installed a kit to mirror phone on MCU1

    So instead of getting the mcu2, I decided to try mirroring my phone and get some of mcu2s features. Here’s a quick vid i did After I installed it 👌🏽
  12. Sanderpman12

    Mcu_w013 mcu_w007 error

    How do i fix these errors?
  13. F

    Model S MCU & IC for SimRacing (or Home-Controller)

    Hello folks on this forum! I might be a really unknown face amongst a lot of the people here but I wanted to do something similar to what WK057 did with a Model S MCU :) I got myself a 2017 Model S 75 MCU and have a spare IC that I plan on reflashing so firmware matches and they fully work...
  14. F

    Model 3 eMMC dumps for bench testing

    Hello people! So recently I've started with running a Model S MCU on the bench. So what I wanted to do next was run a Model 3 MCU but damn these parts are expensive! So my question: Does anyone on this Forum have a eMMC dump with a more recent version of the system so I could go ahead and...
  15. A

    Model s Mcu pinout diagram needed

    Hello guys can some one please help out pinout this MCU here is a picture of it i mostly need the green connector figured out main screen power and connections
  16. S

    MCU1 Bricked After EMMC replacement?

    I know this is beating a dead horse and this subject has been covered in numerous threads. As a long time lurker I haven't posted until now, but I'm kind of at a loss about this situation. I had been having issues in my 2012 Model S with the touchscreen glitching or acting up (no...
  17. B

    Unknown characters in Google Map address causing Tesla to crash infinitely (WARNING: don't try this)

    WARNING: This may put your car in infinite crash->reboot cycle and requires a factory reset. Proceed at your own risk. If Tesla can not display certain characters (perhaps due to font not available) it will crash. This happens in Google Map navigation as well as contact names in the Phonebook...
  18. marlonetorres

    Don't know what else to do, frozen screen, unresponsive scroll wheels

    Just bought a used 2017 Model X. Everything was fine for a couple days until the screen froze up. Tried rebooting with the scroll wheels but those no longer work as well and the horn stopped working. To make it worse, since its still in the process of being registered in my name which DMV says...
  19. A

    MCU1 NHTSA Recall

    Would the recall by the NHTSA for the ~150,000 Tesla Model S and X be extended to Canada as well? I haven’t heard about any recall in Canada for these sceens, just the warranty extension program that was mentioned by Tesla a few months ago
  20. A

    MCU Stuck on Backup Camera

    My 2015 Model S is in line to get a new MCU and this week I got a notice to install a new firmware version. After the installation the center screen in my car only shows the backup camera. I have no control over the heat, sunroof, radio, or anything else the goes through the MCU. The dash...
  21. surfaholic

    Car frozen before driving - Reset Fixes it

    Over the last 6 months or so I have had the car lock up on about 3-4 occasions before starting a drive, and maybe 1 or 2 when driving(car continued to drive fine). The last time the Center screen was lit up but was not responsive. The screen in front of the steering wheel was dark, but in the...
  22. R

    2016 FSD MCU

    I'm looking at buying a 2016 Model X from Tesla. It says it has FSD but I wasn't sure if that meant it had MCU 1 or and upgrade...Can anyone shed some light?
  23. T

    MCU1 memory issues vs. MCU 2 offer from Tesla Service

    Hello Everyone! I need your help! In brief, since owning in January 2020- my 2016 P100D has been in svc 3 times for screen issues. All 3 times they say the memory is full, clear the cache, and the screen works fine now. This time it was because of saving map tiles when we drove it out West...
  24. phillip.blaha

    Another Unfavorable Tesla Service Experience

    Another unfavorable Tesla Service story! First, please understand, I’m a Tesla early adopter and fan who owns a 2014 Model S. I love the technology, the idea that electric automobiles are better for the environment and believe Elon changed the automobile industry worldwide with the success of...
  25. C

    Screen Flickering and driver side cluster problems

    I had what I thought was the MCU replaced in June for a huge bubble in the screen. The screen started flickering this week. I contacted Tesla as my Driver side cluster is also taking forever to turn on. I am told the MCU needs to be replaced and infotainment upgraded. When the screen was fixed...
  26. A

    Daughterboard replaced but now GPS not working?

    Had the black death screen happen, Tesla replaced a daughterboard which fixed it, but now the GPS isnt working- it keeps me located at the repair shop and doesnt move. Tesla said I need a full MCU replacement. Is it worth it to spend 2k+ more just to get the GPS fixed or is there other issues...
  27. Padelford

    MCU1 crashes - bad MX day

    This morning, I was greeted with a completely blank, dead MCU1. It had been working fine but sluggish yesterday, but two-scroll-wheel reboots have been taking more than two minutes before today. I tried the reboot this morning, gave it three minutes and gave up. The vehicle took 1-2 minutes...
  28. I

    MCU1 car.key location

    Hi, I managed to create new operation system but I think I put the car.keys to wrong location. I just copied them to partition 3 but I didn´t make any folder for them. I read somewhere that they need to be in subfolder /var? What is the exact location for them and how can I move them over LAN...
  29. uscgreel

    Repair locations listed by state

    Over the past month I have been working with evfixme, and people like David Hofmann, Tom French, Paul Garcia, Your Tesla Solution to name a few to consolidate a list of people willing and able to make most Tesla repairs. If you need any repairs to your Tesla, check out our growing list...
  30. David29

    Inconsistent control of sunroof and AC through the App

    My car is parked in the sun in my parking lot and it is a warm day. I decided to check if my cabin overheat protection was working (I know it is set to 'on' in the car) so I opened the app. The app reported an interior temp of 117F, which concerned me because the COP is supposed to keep the...
  31. G

    MCU failed after 36k miles

    I knew this was an issue but was surprised that the MCU failed so soon. I have a 2015 90D that I bought from Tesla in 2018 so it is still under warranty. 36,400 miles. I had a few issues in January/February where the center screen spontaneously turned off for 1-2 minutes while driving. I also...
  32. S

    Oversea sim card install on model X

    I just get a 2020 model X in Thailand. Have anyone had successfully replace sim card at the back of MCU. Can you please recommend me on MCU power disconnect. Do I need to cut the high voltage and 12V battery before remove MCU? Can you share your exprience on removing MCU. Thank you
  33. Trebek1762

    WTB: MCU2 & IC2

    Looking to buy a MCU2 and IC2 combo from a wrecked 2018 or 2019 X or S to do the infotainment upgrade myself. thanks for looking!
  34. David29

    Instrument cluster failing to start on 2015 Model S

    In the past week or so, i have had 3 instances in which I have gotten into the car to find the instrument cluster off, and it does not seem to start. With the Coronavirus restrictions, I have not been using the car every day, so that may be a factor. But I don't recall a case in the past when...
  35. H

    IC (Instrument cluster) went black during MCU eMMC swap

    Car Details: P85+ with AP1 - EU version 2014/12 184.000 km Instrument cluster, Gen2 - 1004788-00-D (The one with the heat-sink on the back and NOT the fan) MCU1 Overall: MCU got a eMMC swap. The first two attempts was unsuccesful (Black screen on MCU). Bad image or something like that. The...
  36. Trebek1762

    Wiki FAQ: MCU2 Upgrades

    Ok, so I think it's in the best interest of the community to have a sticky on what is and is NOT included with the Infotainment (aka MCU) upgrade, and to further clarify that it is separate from FSD (also referenced by APE/AP/HW3) Descriptions of MCUs and HWs below questions (via TeslaTap) Q...
  37. houstonian

    MCU1 S Owners: Logic FOR/AGAINST Tesla's $2,500 "Infotainment Upgrade"? (Not required for FSD)

    @viper2ko caught official confirmation from TSLA earlier today that @Krash source was correct: Tesla is offering an upgrade for owners with an MCU1. Official announcement: Infotainment Upgrade | Tesla Notable notes: Infotainment Upgrade is $2,500; access is prioritized based on existing...
  38. 1

    Infotainmente/MCU Upgrade Confirmed (US only for now)

    As per the title: Infotainment Upgrade Also added a screenshot as you might be annoyingly and constantly redirected to the Australian site which won't show the actual page. For MS/X built March 2018 or prior. Maybe there is hope for AU customers down the track...
  39. V

    MCU 1 Versions? 1098010-00-F vs 1004777-00-E

    Had to get my MCU replaced in my '13 MS and saw the service center had two different versions. Does anyone know what the differences are as they both say for: 2012-2016 with premium audio and gps??? There is some info on the 1004777 model and lots of revisions, but is the 1098010 version older...
  40. P

    Is jouw eMMC al vervangen ?

    Ik zie dat er steeds meer mensen hun eMMC al laten vervangen of dat van plan zijn. Ik ben zo langzaam aan wel benieuwd hoe serieus dit probleem lijkt te worden.
  41. widodh

    Successful data recovery of broken eMMC chip MCU1

    For more information about what happens when the eMMC chip dies, see: Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) My story was that last summer (September 2019) the eMMC chip of my Model S from 2013 failed. It has 260.000km on the ODO and the chip failed before I was able to replace it. I did put on...
  42. Bet TSLA

    Black screen: MCU replaced (lost state, firmware version went backwards)

    On Friday night my Model 3 LR RWD (December 2017 build) screen went dark and unresponsive. This happened while it was sitting parked. Although I was able to do various things (turn on the headlights, move the seats, etc.) the display was quite dead. Scroll wheel reboot did nothing. After...
  43. scaesare

    Bluetooth & Voice Command Failure

    My 2013 Model S (MCU1) is currently failing to initialize Bluetooth ("Error initializing Bluetooth - Call Service"). Additionally voice command no longer work: holding the steering wheel button simply pops up the question mark/Try Again prompt on the dash. Reboots of both MCU and dash do not...
  44. BrownMS

    2019.32.12.7 browser working again

    This morning after downloading the new update last night got in the car and opened sketchpad and then browser and it instantly opened up tesla waze for me I was shocked. This is a 13 non ap mcu1 car hope it keeps working now
  45. CuriousG

    Replaced MCU, Tesla wants to keep part of my old MCU (need legal argument)

    So a few days ago my MCU goes dark due to the well known eMMC issue. At this point I am unable to charge at home or at the Supercharger so I'm at the mercy of Tesla and have my car towed from the Supercharger with 7 miles left on my battery. My warranty is over since I'm hovering around 59k...
  46. Shock-On-T

    Out of warranty repair

    The modem in my MCU is apparently playing up, and Tesla Service want to charge $4100 for a new MCU. It would be a like-for-like replacement if the old 3G MCU. The car is less than 3 years old, but has 107,000km so is beyond the warranty. Does anyone have an opinion about whether this should...
  47. J

    Stopped my MCU from leaking. Saved $$$.

    I started to get bubbles on the MCU a month ago. I finally had the time to remove it and fix it. I used gorilla epoxy, it's rated for -23c to 85c or so. I applied a layer of the epoxy around the edges of the screen and since then I haven't received any new bubbles. Now I need to figure out...
  48. B

    Improvements on my new ‘used’ P85D

    Hey everyone. I finally pulled the trigger on my ‘new’ used Model S and it is a beauty! It’s a 2015 P85D, loaded to the gills. I actually think it has every option Tesla offered at the time, including rear facing jump seats, panorama roof, alcantara dashboard and carbon fiber trim. I’m thrilled...
  49. O

    Software update bricked my car

    I am new here so apologies if I break any rules... On Monday I got a notification that there would be a software update overnight. I accepted that, as I always do. That 's the last time my car ran properly. The next day, the car would not start and the media screen would not turn on. After...
  50. oaito

    When changing the emmc, would a f/w downgrade possible?

    Hi! Wondering whether a f/w downgrade would be possible during a change of the emmc... E.g.solving four issues in one go (dying of MCU storage, increasing airflow for cooling the MCU, going back to old cell voltage and charging rates @ my S85). What do you think? Oaito.