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  1. N

    2022.8.10.17 2017 MCU1 AP2 HW3

    Just received notification to update firmware to 2022.8.10.17 on my 2017 MCU1 AP2 HW3. Have FSD, location Norway. Is this the new AP disengaged punishment update? Or is this just another small fix update? Also, Tesla seams eager to replace all my cameras to new version, but read somewhere...
  2. willdashwood

    2016 MS 85D losses LTE signal, have to reboot MCU

    Hello, I've got a 2016 MS 85D with MCU1, the 2G/3G/4G modem and premium connectivity. Based in England for reference. Occasionally the MCU appears to lose mobile signal, even in places I don't expect it to (i.e. highly-populated areas). I've never actually noticed the signal indicator dropping...
  3. H

    2016 Model S 90D Sluggish Touch Screen

    Newbie here, just bought a used 2016 Model S 90D with very low mileage(less than 20K miles) and free unlimited supercharge, loving it, however I noticed that the touchscreen can get quite sluggish at times, restart the console (hold both buttons) as others suggested would work OK for a bit then...
  4. E

    Error code ESP_d133_acmVsSignalPlaus - unresponsive touchscreen

    2014 P85, Error code. ESP_d133_acmVsSignalPlaus My touchscreen becomes unresponsive, this is now happening daily, (able to reset with scroll buttons, sometimes it takes several reboots) Any help deciphering this code!? Emmc chip has already been replaced.
  5. ChooseFreedom

    Instrument Cluster Delamination

    Hey clubbers, I've purchased a used IC for my '15 MS 70D MCU1 to replace mine that's delammed. It arrives soon. I plan on putting some kind of tape around the edges of the screen to stop the delam, and was curious if anyone had done that as well, and if so, which kind of tape did you use? I'm...
  6. TessieRed

    FSD Beta for legacy Model S/X with MCU1 (2022.8.10.8)

    Hello all. I am excited and relieved to say with update 2022.8.10.8 Tesla has brought FSD Beta to Legacy S and X owners with MCU1. I downloaded the update hit the button and was told my cameras needed replacement? I’m a bit confused because I’m already on HW 3.0 and had my cameras upgraded...
  7. A

    2016 Model X P90D with MCU1 and autopilot 1.0. Is a Dashcam possible?

    Hi. I have a 2016 Model X P90D with MCU1 and autopilot 1.0. I really like the integrated dashcam on my model 3 and I want to get something similar for my MX. If I upgrade to MCU2, is there a way to get a front facing dashcam through Tesla? Or should I look at aftermarket options for dashcams...
  8. 2

    MCU2 Upgrade Price Increase to $2250

    Scheduling my MCU2 upgrade on my 2016 MS w/ MCU1 & AP2 that failed based on an eMMC recall (failed exactly as the recall described). SC is now quoting a cost of $2250 from the previous reduction price of $1500. According to the SC this was a part of price/inflation increases across the board...
  9. Sanderpman12

    Mcu_w013 mcu_w007 error

    How do i fix these errors?
  10. David99

    2021.24.25.1 on MCU1

    Just got and installed 2021.24.25.1 on my 2015 S70D with MCU1 Download was quick but install took almost an hour. Release notes mention 'minor improvements for cold weather', 4 different languages added and keeping WiFi connection while in drive. That's it. I did notices an increase in...
  11. LuckyLuke

    MCU1: Black center screen / mcu failure caused by a faulty navigation MicroSD card

    Hi all. Just a informative / warning message from me :) There is now a new, until now largely unknown, reason for getting a full black center screen on a first generation MCU1.0 found on cars up to and including 2015. This report does not cover the newer 1.5 MCU found in 2016 and newer cars...
  12. D

    What sets time zone? (another dying MCU1 whine)

    Like a lot of us, I have a near-death eMMC MCU1. Had an issue with Spotify crashing and causing either a reboot of the Tegra screen or an infinite loop (where music would restart prior to getting controls back, causing a crash again). On an unrelated (I hope) issue requiring a trip to the SC, I...
  13. piro

    Frozen MCU1 Tesla X, self switched on. Cannot go to work. Angry & sad.

    I own 2018 Model X, last month of MCU1 production. I live in Poland, Europe. I have various misbehaviours with MCU1, like screen freezing, no heating, black screen, of course, the browser is not working as promised (not working at all). I have asked for repair, but it is not enough broken (not...
  14. T

    FSD Beta for MCU1 cars

    I had HW3 installed to my Model S with MCU1 today. Service center manager confirmed my suspicion that no MCU1 car have yet received FSD beta. Car says 2020.36.16 is up to date. Any ideas when MCU1 cars can be expected to be included in the beta?
  15. B

    Delayed start of drivers screen after AP3 upgrade

    I recently had my AP2.0 and MCU1 2017 Model X updated with the AP3 upgrade. Since then the driver's screen in the back of the steering wheel goes to sleep much more than before. I have tried turning off energy savings and using always connected. It still takes about 30 seconds for the driver's...
  16. C

    Mcu swap

    Has anyone in the uk had the Mcu1 switched to Mcu2 in their model s by Tesla. I have requested it on the app.
  17. Ramisanders

    AP1 MCU2 Upgrade?

    My AP1 Model X is in for service to upgrade the MCU for $2500. Couple questions. Has anyone out there upgraded their AP MCU? Why or why not? Have you notice big difference? What do you use the most? Do they give you back the MC1? Thanks
  18. N

    If MCU1 fails under warranty, can MCU2 be negotiated cheaper?

    Has anyone had this experience & tried? Say $1000 to $1500 for the upgrade?
  19. V

    My thoughts on the MCU1 failure debacle and the outcome for Tesla

    As an MCU1 owner that is near death I've thought about how this will play out for the company as a whole and have come up with the following scenarios. Of course all hinges on the outcome of the NHTSA investigation. 1. NHTSA rules against Tesla and calls it a safety issue and forces a...
  20. N

    Model X not “shutting down”

    Having some issues with our 2016 Model X (on 2020.20.1) : cooling fan and HVAC still running after I leave the car, doors not closing, and touchscreen completely dark. This happened after a reset of the MCU (press on both scroll wheels for 10s) that needed to happen after some Bluetooth / MCU...
  21. ishareit

    MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade - technician skipped screen replacement

    Yesterday, I got the MCU1 upgraded to MCU2 on my 2017 Model S. I had a yellow border around my old MCU1 screen. I paid $2500 for the upgrade and I specifically asked for, and they confirmed that both the MCU and the screen will be replaced. When I went to pick up the car, the MCU was upgraded...
  22. B

    HELP! MCU1 died. Anyone know how I push to get MCU2?

    I have a Feb 2017 Model S 90D. My MCU1 completely died. I dropped it off at service center and asked if I can pay the difference in price to upgrade given the car is under warranty. Might as well, right? But, he said only Tesla owner's who have been given the offer can upgrade. Is that true...
  23. B

    MCU Failure AP1 car

    Just a heads up for those interested. I've had my second MCU failure since I bought the Model S back in 2015. The first time the replacement was under warranty, this time not. As I am about 260km from the Melbourne Service Centre, the car will need to be flat bedded back to Richmond. The thing...
  24. iamvince

    Tesla Charging $2200 for MCU1 replacement

    My 2013 Model S VIN 13xxx MCU went dead. I was hoping to purchase MCU2, but Tesla Service Center Santa Clara is saying my VIN is too old to take MCU2 replacement, so they're charging $2200 for MCU1. Anyone know about the VIN cut off for MCU2? According to the article, they said: "All remaining...
  25. houstonian

    MCU1 S Owners: Logic FOR/AGAINST Tesla's $2,500 "Infotainment Upgrade"? (Not required for FSD)

    @viper2ko caught official confirmation from TSLA earlier today that @Krash source was correct: Tesla is offering an upgrade for owners with an MCU1. Official announcement: Infotainment Upgrade | Tesla Notable notes: Infotainment Upgrade is $2,500; access is prioritized based on existing...
  26. C

    MCU Upgrade

    Finally some relief for us long suffering MCU1 owners, upgrades to MCU 2 are starting in the US Infotainment Upgrade USD $2,500 x 1.6 + GST = $4,600 best guess for NZ pricing. I have a 2017 MXP with HW 2.5 and MCU1, hopefully I'll be among the first in NZ to be offered it. Please post when...
  27. V

    MCU 1 Versions? 1098010-00-F vs 1004777-00-E

    Had to get my MCU replaced in my '13 MS and saw the service center had two different versions. Does anyone know what the differences are as they both say for: 2012-2016 with premium audio and gps??? There is some info on the 1004777 model and lots of revisions, but is the 1098010 version older...
  28. A

    Model S 2015 85D AP1 issue with centering in lane

    Hi all, I have a Model S 85D with AP1 and recently I have noticed that when I have autopilot engaged that even when I am on a straightaway on a full scale 8 lane highway when either I come up on another car in the lane to the right or left or if they come up on me that my car wants to pull...
  29. Ostrichsak

    Anyone Else Have Bluetooth Issues on the Newest Model S Update?

    I should be more specific because there's been a few different Bluetooth issues introduced recently. The latest update (2019.40.2.3) on both of our MCU1 Model S has a bug now where it will cause the volume on our phones (Pixel 3 on latest firmware update version) to decrease whenever we're...
  30. B

    Upgrade MCU1

    I have a May 2017 Model X, my car doesn’t have dash cam cus MCU1, I was wondering Is MCU1 is capable for Full self drive capability? I did order FSDC when I purchased my car in 2017, if MCU1 is too old for FSDC, is Tesla will upgrade my MCU1 to MCU2?
  31. BHCLUC

    Tesla Theater / MCU1 / Sentry Playback

    Lots of conversation about MCU1 and the fact that many of the V10 features are simply not compatible. For me, the theater mode is not all that important. I can't see a lot of need to watch video on my screen. Perhaps in our 3, but I digress. My real concern here is that Tesla Theater will be...
  32. Bet TSLA

    Missing things in V10 for MCU1 cars

    I have a Model S and a Model 3, both of which are December, 2017 builds. The Model S has MCU1. They now both have 2019.32.11. Here's what's missing from the Model S release notes that's in the Model 3 release notes: - Cuphead - Tesla Theater - drag and pinch for driving visualization -...
  33. G

    Does FSD Computer Upgrade also Upgrade the MCU?

    I'm on an MCU1 with Autopilot 2.5. Does anyone know if the Full Self Driving computer upgrade is the same as upgrading the MCU? Right now on V10 Cuphead, Tesla Theater & Caraoke aren't enabled. After a fsd computer upgrade should I expect that anything changes?
  34. kylelerner

    AP2/MCU1 & V10 - German Model S Release Notes Found Online

    Edit: Yeah, I accidentally spelled "Summon" wrong in the poll. Oh well. I found the attached screenshots off of a Reddit post. Supposedly from a MCU1 Model S, no mention if AP1/AP2. Credit for these images goes to "failion_V2" from this Reddit post. "failion_V2" mentions that Smart Summon may...
  35. Phil V

    MCU1, moeten we de browser als ‘lost in action’ beschouwen?

    De browser van MCU1 is altijd een zorgenkindje geweest, maar tot ongeveer een jaar geleden was die nog enigszins bruikbaar (vaak in de file op het TMC-forum vertoefd op die manier). Nu geeft hij er na ongeveer de derde site de brui aan en blokkeert. Alleen een reboot via de scrollwieltjes brengt...
  36. Lex

    MCU1 browser on 2019.82.2 (and above ?) no longer responds. BSOD

    Is it just me ? I created a service appt. but I suspect I'll get a phone call before the date. In the past it crashed after some use but now browser starts blank and never recovers. Blank Screen of Death ! BSOD. I spent around an hour swiping away years of NAV destinations, and still have an...
  37. S

    Randomly losing cellular connectivity (MCU1 on 2019.24.4)

    Driving the same route to and from work, I randomly lost cellular connectivity. This is the second time it's occurred and the only thing that's changed is the recent 2019.24.4 firmware update. This is on a 2015 Model S 85D (MCU1). The first time it occurred was a couple days ago. I let it be for...
  38. StarLog

    Want to buy your dead/old MCU1

    IF you have one for sale PM me.
  39. B

    Dolby Surround to Immersive Sound

    I'm in a 13 MS and don't have MCU2 but I guess the latest update had just changed my Dolby Surround enhancement to Immersive Sound. Not complaining but will this really change anything? I'm not sure if I can tell the difference between the two .
  40. M

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    So my 2017 S is showing the dreaded yellow frame on the center screen. I obviously need to get the screen replaced and in reading through the threads on here it appears Tesla is now just swapping screens when possible and not touching the MCU. Since these two are so closely married and I have...
  41. cantanko

    Spotify on a personal account

    Hello, Just trying to establish if anyone else has this problem or if I'm special :D I use Spotify quite a bit and have a paid account. This works brilliantly on every device I have except for my Model S where, for the most part, I'm left with this: The generic features of Spotify work...
  42. Z

    MCU rebooting?

    So I have a 11/17 build MXP100D. Starting the other day, my mcu began rebooting itself about every half hour in the car. Is anyone else experiencing this behavior? I just drove 45 minutes to work today and it has rebooted 3 times! Call service? Advice?
  43. fasteddie7

    Yup! Better touchscreen and browser is here!

    What a huge improvement! This is the update we have been waiting for. Wonder how this compares to mcu2?