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  1. O

    Service somewhere other then the dealership?

    Hey all, long time reader, first time poster. <NEWB> I work for a dealership, and recently a 2012 Tesla Model S (P85) was traded in to us. It has 126,000 miles, but the car was obviously well maintained. The interior was emaculate and the exterior was neer pristine with the exception of one...
  2. X

    Feel mechanic friction on new model 3

    Feel some mechanical friction on my new model 3 at low and high speed, even with regeneration set up to low, is this normal or this is an issue with the car?
  3. E

    [Urgent] Spontaneous Suspension Failure + Lack Of Tesla Support

    Hi everyone! Does anyone have any experience with Tesla repairs? We were driving on the freeway when our model S suddenly started swerving after an initial loud sound. There's nothing on the road, and we had to drive the vehicle off the freeway without hitting other vehicles. Luckily, no one got...
  4. N

    Major Safety Issue - Hoping a Tesla engineer watching the forums reads this!

    Last night, while driving down the highway in pitch black lighting, my headlights suddenly shut off! This has happened before, but not during a pitch-black scenario, and I was assured that this was a firmware bug, that it was identified, and was fixed. Obviously that's not the case. I had to...
  5. Caloncho

    'clunk' sound when descelerating

    Hi all, Since last week I have a clunky (imagine throwing a heavy bolt into a metal paperbasket lined with paper towel) sound when the gas pedal is released and regen engages. There also may be a slight clunk when regen is switched back to accelerating. Not loud but noticeable. Opinions...
  6. fasteddie7

    Rock in between rotor and shield, help!

    after driving on a gravel / stone road I heard a metallic screeching sound that screeches at low speed and tapes off at high speed. After doing some research it appears I have a rock in my rotor shield scraping off the rotor. I'm 196 miles from a service center. Should I take it to a local...