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  1. Maximillan

    Melbourne to Sydney via Destination Charger in a MY RWD

    Last year we visited my in-laws in Melbourne in our Model 3, and some of you will remember that I documented that trip here. I obviously didn't behave myself in 2022, and as punishment I was again forced to visit my in-laws in Melbourne. This time we did it in the Model Y RWD, and I decided to...
  2. B

    Tesla Model 3 Tinting Melbourne - Any recommendations?

    Hello, Does anyone have any recommendations of where to get a Model 3's windows tinted? What location and product works well? And did you get the rear window done? Thanks
  3. B

    New car, delivery madness, car defects, xpel stealth...

    Like you and lot others I got very excited for Tesla and paid a deposit for a Model 3 just after Christmas. As nothing different to everyone who waited patiently, Tesla were on zero comms to me until around early-mid Feb - well I was told the car will be delivered in Feb (didn’t happen). Then I...
  4. B

    xpel stealth in Melbourne

    Does anyone know who can do xpel stealth on model 3 in melbourne? I called house of tint and they quote circa $8500 for a fully body wrap which seems high; Affinesse doesnt do xpel and offers someother brand for $5900 with ceramic coating; VIP car detailing Moorabbin didn't know about stealth...
  5. W

    Supercharger - Melbourne CBD

    Hey guys, Im new to the forum! I haven't seen any posts regarding the Melbourne CBD supercharger that Tesla has on 'coming soon' on their website. Does anyone have any info or heard anything about it?
  6. C

    Tesla hire in Melbourne AU

    Hi there, My Model X is going in for repair. Someone reversed into it in a car park. For the life of me I can't find a company that is prepared to loan me a Model S or X during the repair and I would like to avoid hiring an ICE car if possible. Does anyone have any ideas? I'd need it from Dec...
  7. B

    Should I buy a salvage Tesla?

    Hi guys, new here and first post. I've been considering buying a salvage repairable write off Tesla, I am fairly confident with my mechanical and electrical skills but I would love some input. Firstly parts, I've found loads of spares on eBay, however most are in US and it looks like shipping...
  8. E

    Melbourne to Cooktown

    I claim the furthermost trip North in Qld having ventured to Cooktown. Done with a single charger. Some pics later
  9. R

    Returning to Melbourne with my Model S

    Has anybody had any experience returning to Australia with their Model S purchased overseas. I've lived in Hong Kong (RHD) for several years and waited patiently (like many of you) for my 2014 Model S Signature P85+. It's now time to return home and I'd like to ship my car back. Any advice would...
  10. 3

    Tesla helping sponsor Melbourne Charity Cocktail Event for Kids in Care

    Woo Hoo... To support the Bridge of Hope's Bridging the Gap fundraiser next Thursday, 23 Feb, ( www.boh.org.au/event ) Tesla has offered a "Tesla Owner’s Weekend Experience” where the winner can collect a Model S on Friday night and return it Monday morning which we're going to auction off. So...
  11. B

    Where to use autopilot (AP2) in Melbourne

    Anyone have any luck in Melbourne using AP2? Tried today on the Monash (near Toorak Rd, heading down to the Penisula), and I was told it was unavailable on that road. Any confirmation on where to use it?
  12. joninmelbourne

    Any recommends for a Tesla holiday maximum 5 hours from Melbourne?

    My wife and I have 4 days off together coming up. We are looking for a trip family friendly short break maximum 5 hours from Melbourne and doable in a Tesla, so near charging! Happy to camp or hotel it. Any ideas?! Many thanks!
  13. Xwing

    Window tinting chrome delete melbourne recommendations?

    Hey guys would love recommendations for window tinting in Melbourne. Preference for Brunswick area or the peninsula. Also if anyone has had any chrome deleting done here? Thanks
  14. joninmelbourne

    Anybody hear there was a Tesla stolen in Melbourne, Glen Waverley?

    My mother in law was babysitting my two year old and dropped a bombshell when we came back. "So I was talking to one of my neighbours, and their Tesla was stolen from outside their house in Glen Waverley". No no, I said, couldn't of been a Tesla, you'd need the keys to steal them, and even if...
  15. B

    My new car [Melbourne]

    It is a bit smaller then I expected, however have been reassured "it is bigger on the inside". Still trying to work out how to plug the oversized charger cable in. My New Car by Brian May posted Sep 24, 2016 at 3:26 PM
  16. P

    Melbourne Model S P100D Hire

    Hi, I am an avid fan of the Model S and have unsuccessfully searched to hire 1 in Melbourne. As such as I have decided to shoot for the moon and start a crowd funding campaign to rectify the situation. https://pozible.com/project/tesla-p100dl-melb-rental-uber If you know of someone who may...
  17. joninmelbourne

    Just bought a solid black new face S60 from Melbourne centre

    Hi there, Just bought an inventory solid black S60 from the Melbourne depot; apparently someone cancelled their order. It is currently at the docks and delivery is "within the next two weeks". Can't wait! It completely base though, so hopefully that won't be an issue. Standard cloth seats, but...
  18. meloccom

    Welcome to Tesla Town Melbourne Australia

    The new development of Yarra Bend in Melbourne is offering Solar, Tesla battery and an EV charge connector on each new house.Not cheap though. Reported by One Step Off The Grid Developers website
  19. EcoCloudIT

    Mt Bulla from Melbourne

    Does anyone know if it's possible get to Mt Bulla from Melbourne in a Model S 70? Just staying overnight and I guess will have to take the Land Rover, however getting *sugar* from friends with their big Porsche 4WD......
  20. alpal

    Road Trip Take 3 - yaaaaaaah - Melbourne to Darwin

    Yes - I'm seriously thinking about this so I thought I'd start a new thread. As with my previous two road trips I'll ask if anyone has any ideas/suggestions/etc (even if it's "Don't do it!") would you please submit them. They were invaluable last time. I'll post the plan as soon as I have a...
  21. bradjc

    Tyre sales experience in Melb

    I'm looking at getting some tyres for my Model S, any advice or experiences from tyre companies in Melbourne? Not sure I would take to my local garage that hasn't had some experience lifting these things, plus the last time I had new tyres fitted on my Jeep the rims were covered in nicks and...
  22. alpal

    Road Trip - Take 2 - Yaaaaaaah! Melbourne to Adelaide

    The next RT plan is shaping up - couple of probs - main one is - I will be passing through Adelaide on one day but will not have enough charge to make my destination - can anyone advise of the fastest/best/most reliable way to top up charge in Adelaide?
  23. houdini

    First stores in the world to open for Model III reservations - Melbourne Australia

    Last night and this morning at Tesla Richmond Australia
  24. alpal

    Road Trip - Yaaaaaaay! Melbourne to Scotts Head ...

    First major road trip in years. It's amazing how this car affects your enthusiasm to drive. Take off Monday 28/3 Leg 1 Melb - Gundagai - stay night Leg 2 Gundagai - Sydney - stay 2 nights (catch up son & friends) Leg 3 Sydney - Port Macquarie (destin. charger) - stay night (trip planned before...
  25. M

    Tesla Hire in Melbourne?

    Hi everyone, My partner is absolutely obsessed with Tesla. He already has an electric car and is saving up for his dream P90D. His birthday is fast approaching, and I can't quite afford to buy him one myself, so I'd love to hire a Tesla for him to experience (and for me for to see what all the...
  26. B

    Travel from Melbourne to Stawell in Victoria with Model S

    Hey everyone, I am planning a return day trip to Stawell in Victoria from Melbourne. The return distance is 470km, just inside/outside our Model S85 500km range. Does anyone know/has used any charging facilities along the M8 (say in Ballarat) please ? Thank you for your feedback, Dimitrios
  27. B

    Nominations for superchargers Melbourne to Adelaide and SA

    It is interesting to see daily updates of new chargers around the world on Teslarati but not much happening outside Eastern Australia. I think it is time for Tesla to expand westwards in Australia. The next natural step would be a Melbourne-Adelaide route. While this is already possible with...
  28. omniwolf

    Sydney to Adelaide (without Melbourne)

    Hi all, I have my 70D coming in Feb (hopefully!), and my wife has already proposed we try and drive to Adelaide in the thing. Of course i'm keen, but this will be my first big trip, and even if the car comes on time i'll only have had a couple of weeks in it at most, so looking for some...
  29. O

    Custom Cars & Coffee Melbourne 20/12/2015

    meloccom/moderator, please delete this duplicate thread. thanks
  30. G

    Alloygator Installer Recommendation - Melbourne

    I usually last about 1 month before something stupid happens with a new car, and that's usually Curb Rash ... so I'm keen on getting some Alloygators installed on my 21" Grey Turbines. Can anyone recommend an installer in Melbourne that could help (I've watched the videos and I'm pretty...
  31. G

    Xpel - recommendation for Melbourne

    I'm close to receiving delivery of my Model S (hopefully in the next couple of weeks) from the SC in Melbourne, and I'd like to get get a full wrap with Xpel (some idiot managed to rub up against the bumper of my current car and leave a nice big 30cm long scratch - so I want to avid any of that...
  32. Blue heaven

    Melbourne-Sydney electric bus Australia and New Zealand

    All-electric bus unveiled in Melbourne, heading to Sydney on one charge | One Step Off The Grid For those on the road between Melbourne and Sydney tomorrow (Sat 31-10) keep a look out for the trial of this Electric bus with a potential 1004 km range.
  33. Llama

    Any Tesla's for hire? - Melbourne

    Hi all, I'm an expat who now works at Tesla based in the HQ in silicon valley. I'm heading back across the pond for a wedding in Melbourne and a holiday in early Jan. My friend getting married, she is an absolute Tesla nut so I was thinking rather than the usual boring wedding present I could...
  34. Nickdp

    Save Melbourne - buy electric cars

    Worth a read particularly if you live in Melbourne. http://www.theage.com.au/comment/how-the-lucky-country-is-blowing-its-luck-20151005-gk1odq.html Point 4 under heading 'what needs to happen' made me chuckle - just a subtle suggestion to ICE owners/drivers.
  35. S

    Melbourne - Mount Buller day trip September 26.. Is this courageous?

    So I've seen some pics of what seems to be a supercharger at the Shell in Euroa. By my calculations this should make a day-trip from Melbourne to Mount Buller and back a doddle. Has anyone used the supercharger there? Is it open? I'm thinking about doing this tomorrow (before the snow runs out)...
  36. J

    Any places that rent out Model S in Melbourne?

    I am just curious for the moment if anybody knows of somewhere that rent's out the Model S in melbourne at the moment? After a quick google search the only place that even had it on the site ended up redirecting me to their US website which doesn't help. Thanks in advance for any information.
  37. H

    Track Day - Sandown Melbourne Australia 26th July

    I have booked on Sunday 26 July with Driver Dynamics. There are two other Teslas attending that day - I know one owner but not who the other is. I would like to discuss recharging options - hopefully he/she monitors this site. I have a borrowed 3-phase charger (thanks MP) and will also have...
  38. meloccom

    Melbourne Electric Vehicle Expo

    this just popped up on mt Twitter feed. The first Melbourne EV Expo is on Sunday. Melbourne-electric-vehicle-expo
  39. EV-Lution

    Tesla already up for sale in Melbourne?

    Tesla Model S 2015 only delivery Klms Tesla Model S 2015 Only Delivery KLMS in Carrum Downs, VIC | eBay Maybe of interest for those who can't wait for 'soon' J.
  40. O

    Custom Cars and Coffee Melbourne 12th April

    Sorry for the late notice. Anyone in Melbourne interested ? I am able to organise spots for Tesla owners. Event details: Custom Cars and Coffee Australia Caribbean market entry fee: $2.50 per vehicle
  41. doctorwho

    Suggested Supercharger locations, Melbourne only.

    The latest update from Tesla has asked for Melbourne Supercharger locations. I can think of 2 areas: Airport - always useful, not all owners live in Melbourne but do use the airport Central - I have a personal interest in this location as I live around the corner, however Kings Way Officeworks...
  42. timpoo

    Melbourne meet up and QA session with Cary

    Hi guys just guaging interest on a Melbourne meet up and QA session! As said in the main thread would be great to get all the tiny details and meet fellow Tesla fanatics. If you are interested just send Cary an email and let's do this!