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  1. Patrick0101

    Tesla Roadster Rocket Thrusters Explained By Tesla Patent

    During the annual Tesla shareholder meeting, CEO Elon Musk announced that Roadster 2020 would have a SpaceX option package that will include rocket thrusters. Later, Musk tweeted a few more details: the thrusters won’t actually combust; instead, they will expel high-pressure air to give the...
  2. Patrick0101

    Moats: Why Tesla Can Do What Other Car Companies Only Dream About

    In modern business parlance, a moat is something that protects a business from competition or gives it an advantage. A moat could be a trade secret, patented product or process, or an asset that represents a significant capital investment. A moat could be a partnership, an exclusive license, a...
  3. TMC Staff

    Blog TMC Member Upgrades Model S: ‘Only RWD Tesla With a 100 kWh Pack’

    Jason Hughes, wk057 on TMC and Twitter, is a celebrated Tesla hacker known for his highly-modified Model S. The car started as a P85, but Hughes upgraded to a larger battery pack and dubbed the car a “P90++”. Now, after upgrading the battery again, he’s calling the car the “first and only RWD...
  4. ChadS

    Blog I Like Big Batteries And I Cannot Lie

    Perhaps the title is misleading, as I like small batteries too. What I really like is variety – different people have different needs, so I would like to see a wide range of battery sizes available on future cars. A car with a small battery can be lighter (which can improve handling and...
  5. jsrawa

    Poll: 81% of Prospective Model 3 Owners Say They Won’t Pay Upfront For Full Self-Driving

    It seems most prospective Model 3 owners aren’t willing to shell out cash upfront for a $3,000 “full self-driving capability” option that is likely years away from becoming available to engage. In a poll posted by jsraw 81.3% (347) of respondents said they will not pay for the feature at...