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  1. boaterva

    Solar Panel Meter Swap Zapped Garage Door Opener

    Title is pretty much it! Finally had the main meter swapped today for solar panel PTO with no notice, of course. Saw the microwave blinking, went outside to check, woohoo, digital meter! Let my Tesla guy know, he will check for PTO, since nothing left by the crew. Then GF gets home and texts...
  2. David29

    Anyone else have Time of Use (TOU) rates with Eversource?

    Looking for instructions for how to read the Eversource Time of Use electric meter. Meter I have has markings for two manufacturers: Elster (shows "Type A3TL") and Itron (shows "Model A3 3G B"). Doing some web searches suggests that Elster makes the meter itself and Itron supplies the wireless...
  3. David29

    Switched to Eversource TOU Rates for my EV charging

    After learning a few months ago from this group that Eversource had Time of Use (TOU) rates available in Eastern MA, I applied to Eversource to switch to TOU for my EV charging service. I have a separate service for charging, so by charging at night I will have little or no usage during the...
  4. Electricfan

    Meter attached to my EVSE

    I wired a little electricity power meter I bought on Amazon to my EVSE. I'm charging at work now that they installed a 14-50 outlet for me (nice boss I have, although it took a year of wheedling). I'm going to pay for my electricity. Boss says not to worry about it, but when he sees I've used...
  5. R

    very errant trip meters

    Before 7.0 or 7.1, the trip meters behaved themselves, incrementing by an annoying 0.2 km. But at least they were in sync. After one of the recent updates, they're seriously out of it. One piece of evidence is the photo here. Note the meters for "since last charge" and "current trip": same...