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  1. Skydive85

    Got a flat tire in Tijuana, Mexico

    I drove my 2022 Model 3 Performance to Tijuana last week, something I have done on at least 6 other occasions without incident. I always drive much slower and cautiously in TJ due to the bad roads (seriously the worst roads that I’ve seen in any part of the world, potholes and even chunks of...
  2. doghousePVD

    Using dual TT-30s for charging?

    Has anyone used a Y-connector with dual TT-30s, one on each phase? It should nominally deliver 30A at 240V, so charge at 24A. I could make one, and they have them for sale on Amazon. Yes, I know the setup is not to code/"legal", and one could touch a hot plug. That's not my question. Has...
  3. BCRuth

    Driving from Vancouver, Canada to La Paz, Baja Sur Mexico

    I received my Model S in October and we decided to take it on a road trip at the end of January of this year. We have driven this route many times in my husband Tundra but to do it in my Tesla would be new and challenging. I had some anxiety as to no roadside assistance after Ensenada Baja...
  4. jkirkwood001

    3 country, 7,800 mile road trip in 15 days - SAFELY. Range anxiety, oh no! (yawn)

    (©2019 photos are copyright) I recently completed a 7,800 mile (12,500 KM) road trip from Eastern Canada, to Mexico, up to California, and home to Ottawa, ON. I haven't heard of many trips like that so thought I'd post - enjoy! I didn't record a blog for this trip, so I'll just add some notes...
  5. S

    Mexico Superchargers

    I wonder if Tesla plans a roll out of SC in Mexico in the near future.