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  1. andrewFW

    2020 Model X LR+ Service Experience

    Car has 17k miles on it, warranty ends in December. Trying to decide to buy the ESA and keep it or sell it while the new buyer can still purchase the ESA themselves. Took it in for half shaft replacement for the "normal" model X shudder issue, which had been present for a little while under...
  2. T

    MYLR Bluetooth Microphone Cutting out

    When I am talking on the phone using car’s Bluetooth, the mic randomly cuts out. I can hear the person on the other side, but they cannot hear me. Only way to make it work again is to toggle between phone’s speaker phone and Bluetooth. This happens every few minutes. I am using iPhone 13, but I...
  3. Doutt

    Is there more than one microphone?

    I had the front window replaced in my 2018 Model X and now my voice commands or text message replies are not being "heard". O tried the usual reboots, etc. and nothing. However, if I receive a phone call, the caller can hear me perfectly. Are there two microphones in the X? Could one of them...
  4. T

    Only get sound system sound for a brief second when mic button pushed

    Long time Reader of this forum but first post. I have a 2015 model s. no sound from sound system but you get a 1 second bit of what is playing if I push the mic button. Mic still works and music goes silent and allows me to give commands (nav or music etc) but no sound after. Have done...
  5. M

    Bluetooth call mic quality - recordings attached

    I just brought the car in for service because on the highway my Bluetooth calling is practically unusable. Is anyone having the same issue with recipients unable to clearly hear them? It seems to me like it's a gain issue with the mic as you don't hear the road noise, I am just muffled in the...
  6. E

    Where exactly is the microphone?

    I'm getting alot of complaints when I'm on the phone in the car that it is very difficult to hear what I'm saying when I'm driving at higher speeds. Anyone else have this issue or is it just me?