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mid range model 3

  1. J

    HELP! New 2020 SR+ versus used 2018 MR?

    Hi, Long-time lurker here! I recently ordered a new 2020 SR+, white on black, 19'' sport wheels, partial premium interior, 30-day free premium connectivity, no FSD. Expected delivery in mid-September. Super excited and have already ordered just about every accessory available! That said, I...
  2. K

    $2K Autopilot Upgrade Option – worth it? Mid-Range M3

    My first post! Hope I do this right. Thanks in advance for whatever wisdom is about to come my way! I have a 2018 mid-range M3. I'm considering the current promotion (deadline July 1) from Tesla to get autopilot for $2K. I've done the trial of that in the past and thought it cool, but I never...
  3. O

    Mr on-route battery warming

    Has the MR received the on-route battery warming yet? Can anyone confirm?
  4. O

    Tax Credit for the customer or Tesla?

    Guys I'm confused. I thought Elon said the price of the car wouldn't change with or without a tax credit. As far a I can see, anyone who listened to that got taken for a ride and had to pay extra taxes, insurance, registration. I bought a Mid range in Dec and since that time. It worth about 60...
  5. D

    Anyone with open MidRange order with no VIN yet? What to expect?

    Hi, I think I am one of the very few people who are still holding a MR order with no VIN and no offer to reconfigure to SR+ or LR. I am getting super anxious and hence wanted to get feedback from people in similar situation. What do you plan to do? I think its not fair that we have not been...
  6. J

    Traded in the MR for a P3D - Video

    Interesting video also explaining how the MR acceleration is smoothed out due to the design of its motor. Can someone chime in on whether this “lag” he talks about is the same in the LR, RWD models as well?
  7. W

    "Tuning" my MR Model 3

    I've seen on YouTube and read a few places around here that disconnecting the FR Wheel Speed Sensor will uncork a few extra #hrsprs. Well I've done just that tonight, just for a spin around the local streets, and I'll corroborate it, #HRSPRS! But lets not stop there. In the review up to...
  8. 2012MS85

    Day 1 M3 res holder just ordered MR3. Will Elon’s “6-10 wk delivery” hold true?

    It took me 2.5 years to finally receive my wife’s permission to officially order the Model 3, and our order was placed last night. I’m an admitted car-aholic who couldn’t really justify another vehicle (I already drive a Volt, my wife an ELR, and I recently sold my S to justify the 3 to my...