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  1. B

    2018 M3 RWD LR with 45k miles ($23k) vs 2022 M3 SR w/ 52k miles ($25k)?

    Hi Tesla Lounge, Long time lurker, soon to be first time buyer. Due to federal incentives and the dropping price of older Tesla's, I can finally join the lounge. I have exhausted myself with research on MILES VS YEAR, MILES VS YEAR, and I just wanted to get eveyrones input on the above...
  2. E

    Loaner mileage restriction

    Good Afternoon, I have a question regarding the mileage restrictions or limits on Tesla loaners. I recently purchased my vehicle, specifically in December. It was brand new, but it had some scratches and minor cosmetic defects. I discussed these issues with the sales manager, who agreed to...
  3. E

    Loaner Model 3 mileage limit

    Good afternoon, everyone. I have a question regarding the mileage restrictions or limits on Tesla loaners. I recently purchased my vehicle, specifically in December. It was brand new, but it had some scratches and minor cosmetic defects. I discussed these issues with the sales manager, who...
  4. R

    Tire service mileage notification

    I just opened my sevice tab and I can see Tire Service Mileage on the top right corner. What does this mean? Should I get tire servicing done? Clicking on the (i) shows this
  5. J

    Does it mean anything if a brand new model Y has 66 miles when I receive it and a previous iPhone already connected via bluetooth?

    Just got delivered a brand new Model Y. I am told that it’s new and it has never been used for demo, but it has an iPhone already connected that isn’t mine, and came with 66 miles on it. Does this indicate that the car isn’t actually new? Or is this normal?
  6. J

    MX 75D Real world efficiency 400Wh/mile on highway

    Having driven the MX 75D (20inch wheel) for over 4 years, I have checked its average efficiency after 41K miles of driving. Based on the last 28K miles, EPA is 350wh/mile. But on the highway driving 70~75mph, I think the efficiency drops to 400wh/mile. For a long distance trip I need to charge...
  7. N

    Thinking to purchase a high mileage model 3

    Hi everyone, In the market for a new (to me) car! Have been keeping an eye on teslas as I know that is what I want my next car to be. I was originally looking to spend around 34k for one but I have found one that I am debating on due to its pricing. I have found a late 2018 build model 3 with...
  8. JamesEarl15

    FT. Lauderdale to Denver

    I just had the opportunity to "help" out a friend who bought a MYP. I have been on road trips before in my own Tesla (Den-Phx, Den-Detroit, Den-LV) but never this far and long. I must say, Tesla road trips are sooooooo relaxing. Chargers work (though some are slower than others), quick stops...
  9. T

    Which car? [should I buy]

    I am a Tesla newbie. I am thinking of purchasing my first model 3. I live 45 minutes south of Salt Lake City, Utah. While it can snow a lot, roads are well cared for in the winter. I am trying to pick between the following Model 3's: 1. 2018 RWD Long Range with 66k miles; Regular autopilot (no...
  10. dotancohen

    Does mileage increase when the vehicle is in service?

    My Model 3 has been almost a week in service. I have a loaner, which is great. But I notice that the mileage on my Model 3, as seen in the app, is not increasing. I expect that the vehicle has seen at least one test drive, yet the mileage hasn't increased a single kilometer. Is mileage accrued...
  11. H

    Tesla Y Road Trip Experience and Tips

    I just completed my first road trip from San Diego to Dallas and back again taking different routes. Each way the trip was done in 3 days with an average of 4-7 hours of driving a day. This drive occurred while temperatures in the Southwest soared to as high as 117. I found the supercharger...
  12. D

    Mileage history graph

    My insurance renewal will be coming up shortly and, with the pandemic, I've been driving a lot less (I'm retired). I'm starting to look at pay-per-mile type policies but one thing that would help me decide is to know how many miles I drove last year. Obviously, the odometer tells me total...
  13. Jimt29

    Another Range Post

    Well, after 5 months I charged the Model Y to 100% on 11/1/2020. Display was 315. Today the battery was depleted to 8%. Total mileage is 201. The last 100 miles I drove extremely conservative. I live in Rhode Island which has a lot of hills.
  14. Mach Y

    Perf range just increased 280 -> 291

    Just noticed that along with the price reduction, they pulled the non-sports suspension option for the Performance model ... now the sports package is standard. However the range has been increased from 280 to 291 mi. Question -- is this range increase in software or hardware? We just had the...
  15. B

    Reduced mileage after 2 years

    My model S 75D now after 2 years achieves 239 miles, 93% of the original 257. Would this reduction be about normal?
  16. el_tlatoani

    Almost over mileage on lease

    Hi everyone, I’m struggling a bit with my Model S. I got it back in March 2018 under a 2yr/30k mi lease. I’m barely a year and a half in and I only have less than 2000 mi before I reach those 30k mi. Soon I’ll have to start paying $0.25 per mile that I go over. What other options do I have...
  17. B

    Losing major amounts of mileage while parked

    I noticed last week that I was losing significant amounts of mileage while the car was parked in my garage. Realizing I can’t argue my case without facts, I started keeping a log on Excel showing all trips and the mileage shown on the dashboard following each trip. Then each morning I would also...
  18. R

    Tire specs on the new high efficiency Model X

    Hello, I tried to post this in another thread but because of the lack of response i thought i’d Post here. I have a x 90D with almost bald tires and been waiting to hear more about the new tires on the redesigned X. since it seems the new tires add additional effficiency i am hoping maybe it...
  19. R

    Range calculation & mileage mis-calculation

    I learned that my model 3 LR has a 75KWh battery. Recently I checked the mileage calculation and found a big mismatch. Example Discharge form 81% to 40% (41% consumption): - The Odometer-Display says "26 KWh since last charge, 157km, 168W/km". - My calculation, confirmed by the real amount...
  20. Packnaimal

    How many miles should a new vehicle have at delivery?

    I'm getting a home delivery this Friday of a Performance 3. I live ~ 4 miles from the Fremont factory. I'm curious to learn how many miles should likely be on the new vehicle when it arrives.
  21. Chris350

    Stranger Battery Issue - Increased Range RWD LR?

    Ok... Anyone seeing this? Last Friday, I wen to a SC to charge to 90% - Charging completed at 279 miles.... Upon driving out of the lot.... Mileage changed to 282 miles... Thought it very strange... Today, I pull in and start charging at a SC (same spot as above) to 100% for a trip...
  22. gnuarm

    Top 10% does not provide as many miles?

    I don't typically charge to 100% as a matter of course. Then when I do, the car typically is not warm when I start a trip. So it can be hard to judge mileage of the initial 10% of charge. Recently though I was on a trip where I charged close to 100% a couple of times and got back in the car...
  23. Colgate2004

    Range / Mileage / Efficiency Loss with Aftermarket / 3rd Party Wheels?

    Hi all, New Model 3 (AWD, ext. battery) owner here (picking up the car in two weeks). I ordered the 18" Aero wheels (didn't want to spend the $1500 for the 19" wheels... or the money on 19" tires!), but I'm going to be in the market for a second set of wheels for summer/winter tire swapping...
  24. SactoEVer

    4.1 miles per kwh

    The latest Tesla investor quarterly letter includes this sweet number .. the M3 AWD gets 4.1 miles of charge per KWH .. see this at the bottom of page two: http://ir.tesla.com/static-files/725970e6-eda5-47ab-96e1-422d4045f799
  25. jaysquyres

    200,000+ Mileage Club

    I don't think there are many of us, but I drive 1,000 miles a week. I passed the 200,000 mileage point, so I thought I would share info on my small worn-out 60 battery. My FULL charge is 170: My 80% charge is 151: I drive fast, but my average usage is 352 Watt Hours/mile: I charge...
  26. TSportline

    Vendor T Sportline Tesla Accessories July 4th Sale

    T Sportline July 4th Sale. Going on now until July 4! 10% off Everything and Free Shipping within the United States & Canada! No coupon code needed!
  27. Haxster

    Another vampire drain measurement on a refresh MS 90D

    My December 2016 MS 90D sat quietly in my garage for two days. Settings: Power Saving: Off Always Connected: On (on home WiFi) Smart Preconditioning: Off Range Mode: Off Over a period of 47 hours, it's estimated range went from 198.4 to 189.2 miles. The car appears to assume that I will be...
  28. SSD420

    MX Mileage?

    How many miles / kilometres have you driven your MX so far? I just hit 20,000 km after about 4 months..
  29. M

    2010 Roadster for sale NJ

    I have a 2010 Roadster 2.0 for sale with only 5,600 miles. This vehicle is garage kept and owned by a non-smoker. Original purchase price $131,257.00. All original documentation for vehicle and proof of service is available. In addition to the standard equipment, the Roadster has the following...
  30. Shinteetah

    Average Annual Mileage

    Bad, bad new car owner! I am 120% overdue for my "annual" service (in 6 months of driving) and nearly 300% overdue for my tire rotation. Fortunately my warranty is unaffected by such negligence, and I'm now scheduled for pickup tomorrow. I got curious about an "annual or 12,500 miles" service...
  31. int32_t

    Mileage Stats, Etc

    I'm thinking ahead to my Model 3 and pondering how I would replicate an essential ritual which has always been a part of car ownership in my family. Regardless of who fills up the car, my family has always kept impeccable records of our gas usage every time: Litres added Cost per litre Fill-up...
  32. J

    Running a Tesla in the UK

    Apologies if this is an old topic but I've only recently discovered the Tesla marque and it's time for a new car. I'm curious whether UK drivers achieve the claimed long range quoted by Tesla considering that UK major roads are typically higher speed than US (at least when they are clear) and...
  33. Ben W

    Suggestion: 'Sport' Range Display Option

    I had a thought for future versions of the Model S firmware. Also sent this to Tesla directly. Currently, the Model S offers two choices for Range readout: "Ideal" (based on constant 55mph in perfect conditions), and "Rated" (based on the EPA driving cycle). These yield maximum ranges of 300...