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  1. MontyFloyd

    Why not have US Military build solar and wind, go carbon neutral?

    Why not have US Military build solar and wind, go carbon neutral? US Military owns 8,849,476 acers, can easily build enough PV and Wind to power all buildings, and then offset carbon from military vehicles. And then pay less to operate everything. And since its under control by the CinC, all...
  2. chrisgrogan2

    Help! How do I pay for my Tesla in Germany?

    I will say so far, buying a Tesla as an American in Germany has been a struggle. I have delivery set for a few days out Right before the end of the quarter) and I'm trying to pay for my MX, but Tesla says it does not take a bank cashiers check only a bank transfer. Normally this would be fine...
  3. P

    Shipping Model 3 to Hawaii

    Hi, New to the forum, couldn't find any topics on this- apologize if this has been covered. I'm getting stationed in Pearl Harbor and will be shipping my Model 3 LR AWD from Baltimore, MD to Honolulu, HI in July. I've been told that the shipping process takes approx 4-6 weeks from drop off to...
  4. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Tesla Veteran's Special Project Gets Refreshed For 2017

    We here at Unplugged Performance would like to take a moment to share a project we recently had the honor of participating in. As some may be aware, Tesla currently implements a Veterans Program in an effort to hire and support US military service members. Tesla’s Director of Communications...
  5. R

    Military Roll Call

    Would be interesting to see how many military members are currently driving or have placed an order for a Model S. I know the MS is pricy, but I’ve seen some VERY expensive cars on many bases in my 12yrs, including Farris and Lamborghinis, so the MS shouldn’t be that much of a stretch for...