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  1. C

    2017 Model S Milling Noise [Resolved]

    My 2017 model S (40k miles) recently started making the dreaded "milling noise". I took it into the service center (Las Vegas) where the technician quickly diagnosed the issue and said I needed a new drivetrain. The next day I received the following message: "We had our technician complete...
  2. K

    What's this noise coming from? (videos)

    I've had this noise for about 6 months now. It sounds like a roller bearing going bad...what might the experts in this forum think it is? Here is a link to 2 videos recorded on a fairly smooth road: Video 1, Noise Recording - YCF197.mp4 and 1 more file The sound has the same frequency as the...
  3. S

    Intermittent Drivetrain Noise

    During a recent 1,000 mile trip, I noticed my Model S 60D would make a faint noise under acceleration from the front of the car that sounded a little like a diesel engine. Often times, it would be masked by tire or wind noise. The more I pushed the accelerator, the louder the noise would...
  4. Erleichda

    Clunks, Drones and Milling sounds: Just had a drive unit fail

    Our 2013 P85 with 31k miles just had the drive unit fail. We had experienced the "clunk" when lifting off acceleration before regen started; our SC was contacted and a 'fix' employed that took care of it. We were not informed of what the fix was. The "droning" at speed >60 began to get more...