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mirror position

  1. R

    Report after one week. Doors, mirrors etc

    I picked up my y on 11 Dec. We also have a M3, so getting into and driving at the outset was not a problem. I picked up the car from Mt Kisco... no problems and very helpful staff there. I got the car set up and took off for home in upstate NY, a four hour drive...actually five for my...
  2. J

    Folding Mirrors at a location

    Any way to have the mirrors fold only in my driveway AFTER I place the car in park? I am a new owner. Wanted to back into my narrow driveway, but they fold when I get within 25 feet of the house, making backing into the driveway quite a challenge! Thanks all...
  3. ZsoZso

    Driver profile change not moving a mirror

    I have experienced a very specific strange bug related to driver profile switching: Every time my son wants to drive the car after me and switches driver profile from mine to his, the right side mirror does not adjust, stays on my setting. For the first few times, he kept adjusting it again and...