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  1. G

    How to replace driver’s side mirror chrome trim

    I just picked up a 2017 Mode S 75 which has a damaged piece of chrome trim on the driver’s side mirror. Tesla wants nearly $700 to replace the entire mirror but I found the trim piece on eBay for $40. Can someone please help me figure out if this is an easy repair? I’ve attached pictures of the...
  2. C

    Hansshow Mirror Installation

    Does anyone know of a shop that can install the Hansshow rear view mirror with a camera near Covington Louisiana? The job looks a little daunting to do myself.
  3. G

    Replacing mirror

    Just noticed earlier this week that the plastic piece underneath the mirror on the right side of my model Y is missing. Some wiring is exposed but covered from rain. Reached out to TSC to get it fixed and discovered they replace the whole mirror for the cheap price of $430. I’ve located the...
  4. Sanderpman12

    Best way to fix this?

    My mirror is chipping. How much would tesla charge. What are my other options Thanks
  5. T

    Mirrors Tilt Adjustment

    Is it possible to adjust the tilted position of the mirrors or it always tilts to a factory set position?
  6. H

    Tesla Model Y Right side mirror assembly parts for sale

    Tesla Model Y Right Mirror assembly parts for sale Some parts missing Blue Skull cap cover $80 Heated/Dim mirror with wiring harness assembly $180 Right side mirror partial assembly $150 All prices OBO
  7. alnmurray

    One mirror closed & opened by its self while driving

    Actually, I was driving down a street where there was a car double parked. I was attempting to pass through a narrow opening and just the right side rear view mirror closed nearest to the double park car closed & reopened as I pass the double-parked car.
  8. K

    Broken Sun visor Mirrors (both sides) - Cheap options?

    I have a Dec 2014 build and both of my mirror covers are broken as it appears to be a weak design. Eh, no biggie. I'm not looking to do a massive conversion or spend a lot of money. Worst case, I can just use VHB tape and seal it closed for drivers side and come up with something on the...
  9. Stayfly2407

    Installed a kit to mirror phone on MCU1

    So instead of getting the mcu2, I decided to try mirroring my phone and get some of mcu2s features. Here’s a quick vid i did After I installed it 👌🏽
  10. X

    FS: Model 3 2020 Part Out -- Mirror Caps, OEM Rear Camber Arms, MPP FLCA

    Hey all, Selling my car so I have a few parts for sale. Located in Bay Area (Milpitas, San Jose, Fremont) All items are cash OBO local, prefer not to ship but if I have to then Zelle/Paypal preferred with flat rate shipping cost. Both mirror caps and MPP FLCA are brand new, open box and...
  11. P

    Light scratch on bottom part of side mirror

    I don't know how it happened. It could be the case that another car touched my side mirror while my M3 was parked (the scratch is too light for Sentry to have been activated), or it could be that it happened while I was driving. I live in a busy city with lots of cars parked all over the place...
  12. Sanderpman12

    2013 p85 side mirrors

    Was wondering if i can add folding mirrors to my 2013 p85? Currently it is not foldable but the right side mirror goes down on reverse but the left one does not
  13. M

    HomeLink Mirror Auto-fold

    I have a tight garage at home, so I really like how my mirrors auto-fold when I arrive home. Is there a way to have them auto-unfold when I pull out and the garage automatically closes? Also, is there a way to have the cameras turn on when the mirrors fold? That would make parking so much easier.
  14. K

    Fix the Fold [auto folding mirrors]

    I want my mirrors to fold at home but soon as I arrive the Mirrors fold and then I have to back into my driveway to to connect charger. Mirrors should not fold until car is put into PARK and unfold when taken out of PARK.
  15. W

    Tesla model 3 2020 mirror compatibility

    Hello, Recently my tesla model 3 driver side mirror is damaged..(heart broken). It is still functioning but the bottom is cracked and I would need to replace it. I found a couple of model 3 2019/2018 mirror for sale online, I wonder if it is compatible with 2020? Is there any way I can check...
  16. Bubba9

    Side View Mirrors Auto Fold - Strange Behavior

    I have my 2020 MS LR+ set to autofold mirrors based on location for my home garage. It works perfectly, folding before I reach the garage. I then plug in and close the garage. Now for the strange part. Every morning for the last 2 weeks I have come out and the passenger mirror has folded back...
  17. F

    Driver Side Mirror Turned Out...Fix, Please

    Images are attached. My wife hit my driver mirror with her side door and turned the mirror out. I don't want to pull it back in as I feel the force I had to use seemed as though it could break an internal component. Any ideas on what to do would be appreciated. I'm also trying to avoid the...
  18. BHCLUC

    Wrapped Mirrors Will Not Open

    I'm having an issue with my driver side mirror. The mirror stalk was wrapped, and had to be re-done because of a peeling issue. Once wrapped for the second time, I could head that the motor was laboring to open the mirror, and ultimately noticed that the wrap was folding over itself under...
  19. T

    Replacement Right Hand Wing Mirror Glass

    I had the misfortune to clip an oncoming van on a narrow country road causing the 'skull cap' to shatter along with the mirror glass. I was quoted almost £1,000 by the Tesla approved body shop in Bristol UK to replace the whole mirror but since the rest of the unit was perfectly fine I chose the...
  20. S

    Are your side and rear view mirrors too dark at night?

    My side and rear view mirrors get very dark at night, and it makes it especially hard to use at dusk. I know they have auto dimming, but I don't know how to control it. They work great in the daylight, but as soon as the sun goes down they turn dark gray. Cars without headlights on don't show...
  21. SumaPerformance

    Vendor Suma Blind Spot Side Mirrors

    Tired of blind spot? Auto dimming makes side view mirror too dark? Suma Performance Mirrors are your solution. We've been in the business more than 20 years, making performance mirrors for more than 100+ cars. We have patents/trade secret on our performance mirrors such that they are top...
  22. gnuarm

    Falcon Wing Doors Refuse to Open, et al

    I've always had trouble with the rear doors opening properly to their full range in an intermittent manner. I mentioned it as an afterthought the first time I had the car in for repair and a service tech diagnosed a faulty sensor on the driver's side. At that time I didn't know I had a problem...
  23. redscott

    POLL for those with Tinted Windows in their Model 3

    There are several threads where people mention tinted windows causing issues with the automatically dimming rear view and exterior mirrors, though not everyone seems to agree. If you got your windows tinted, please vote on the poll below so we can get an idea of how common this problem is...
  24. DrDabbles

    Model 3 Side Mirrors

    After watching a couple videos about the side mirrors on a Model 3, they look like they're the exact same ones as the Model S. Can anybody confirm this? Whether or not they're the same part number, I don't know. But I'm mostly wondering are they effectively the same devices and do they come...
  25. D

    Headrest shatters vanity mirror

    I was cleaning my car, and moving the driver's seat forward and up so that I could vacuum behind it. The plan was to move it as far forward and as far up as possible to get the as much access as I could to clean all the nook and crannies. Didn't expect the seat to move far enough to damage...
  26. C

    Do you notice your interior mirror dim at night?

    Ever since delivery our car doesn't seem to dim its center mirror at night. Side mirrors do and it's very noticeable. I pinged local SC and they told me center mirror dimming level is set to 'mild' level, and later to be adjustable via software update. I'm thinking our center mirror dimming...
  27. S

    Changing the mirror assembly in a 2017 Model S

    Hi - someone clipped and broke my right hand (passenger) side mirror. The wiring and chrome base etc are all fine and the assembly still rotates but it has to be changed with a working mirror assembly. Anyone know how to do it and can provide guidance? Also will 2015/ 2016 Model S mirrors...
  28. TD-3

    Squeaking mirrors

    Searched this but I didn't find anything definative... Both driver and passenger side mirrors are squeaking (like, cringe-worthy...) when folding/unfolding. If this were a door in my house I'd apply some Wd-40 but I don't want to make a mistake! Any known solutions or ideas? Thanks!
  29. S

    Questions about dimming mirrors

    We have a 2017 S and still learning about it. Driving home tonight around dusk noticed that the passenger side view mirror seem to be tinted. Looked it up in the manual and it says the Driver's side mirror and the rear view mirror automatically dim in proportion to the level of glare from the...
  30. JohnGarziglia

    Outside Mirror Question

    I have a rattle coming from the inside of my RH outside mirror. How does one go about disassembling the mirror to get inside and see what is rattling? I recall seeing posts on removing the mirror but not disassembling it. I know that the answer is likely obvious such as just pry off the front...
  31. MikeInFL

    Model S and Roadster parts for sale!

    I have several items for sale for Model S and Roadster. - OEM Roadster Headlights (driver's side has light peeling that can be corrected) - $500.00 - Model S Arm Rest / Cup Holder (2 different styles) - $100.00 (each) - Signature Red Driver's Side Mirror Cap (light scratches / clear bra...