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  1. N

    Homelink and folding mirrors

    Recently had a Tesla rep out to my house to install the Homelink module in my MY. Everything is working great except…the mirrors. Although the box in the Homelink setup screen is not checked, every single time Homelink sends a command to open/close the garage door my mirrors fold in. Any...
  2. N

    Could the Lack of Mirrors Transfer to Other Models?

    Since the Cybertruck is supposedly going to lack side mirrors, is there any reason that other Tesla vehicles couldn't have their mirrors removed for better aerodynamics? If it really is true that mirrors are detrimental to aerodynamics, there shouldn't be any reason why they could not offer to...
  3. Reaction26

    F: Model 3 Parts

    Hey guys: A few model 3 parts for sale and willing to let them go for a fair price. Below is what I have so far: 1-RPM Carbon Fiber Mirrors - $100 shipped 2-RPM Carbon Fiber Backseat Center Console Base cover - $50 shipped 3-RPM Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Reflector Frame - $25 shipped 4-RPM...
  4. David29

    Glitch with Folding mirrors at home

    Recently, my MCU1 was replaced, and not too long after that I was parking the car when I was prompted to ask if I wanted the outside mirrors to be folded at this location. I think I had probably folded them manually. I have found, however, that the car folds them prematurely, before I have...
  5. 1051

    MY Group Buy (Suma Convex Mirrors for MY, S, X and 3)

    NEW Model Y Group Buy. (Group buy is also back for the Suma Convex Mirrors for Model S ☰ X Y Hey guys, I inquired to see if Suma was going to have a group buy for the MY and Yes they are.. See below. Simple ordering! For the next 15 Days get 15% off of your Suma mirrors for all Model S, X, Y...
  6. AquaMan

    Will model Y mirrors work on a Model 3?

    The model Y side mirrors are bigger than the model 3 side mirrors. I would love to have them on my model 3. Will they fit? And if so, how can I acquire them?
  7. Perscitus

    FS: Suma Convex Side Mirrors

    Brand New, never installed set of SUMA Performance convex side mirrors WITH defrost/heater WITHOUT turn signal and without OE dimming function. Asking $125 (retails for $169 + shipping). Buyer covers shipping cost. Tesla Model 3
  8. D

    Heated mirrors?

    LR Model 3. Are mirrors heated? If so how can I check the wiring, cause mine don't work.
  9. Wick

    GPS signal slow to activate

    These days when I back out of the garage, I can see that the GPS image of my car on my map does not show any movement. As a result, the mirrors do not automatically unfold and my car appears stationary for the first minute or so of driving. Anyone else noticed this? Is there anyway to encourage...
  10. S

    Auto-fold Mirrors on Location with Long Driveway

    I'm sure this has been covered multiple times, but can't find a straight answer. Is it possible to have the mirrors on a Model 3 with premium package only open and close when turning car on/off and not based on location? I have a long driveway and no matter what I've tried, my mirrors...
  11. JimVandegriff

    Unusual problems - Mobile service fixed them

    I had two unusual problems with my 2016 X. The first dealt with a glitchy driver's side mirror, and the second was focused on the charge port lights. Here is the story - about two weeks ago I noticed that when I opened the driver's side door to get into the car, the driver's side mirror...
  12. Beta V

    Mirror Assault

    This is a serious problem. When I park in a confined space, I expect my mirrors to automatically retract when I put the vehicle in park. That way I can wedge myself (and I'm a big guy) between the cars. This should happen automatically. All my previous vehicles (from Fords, to Acuras, to Lexus)...
  13. M

    Windshield and Rear view mirrors defrost time

    I know other cars have this issue too but it seems to be worse on the Model 3. Now that it's minus 10 Celsius or colder, when I pull into a parking garage, the windshield and rear view mirrors frost up upon pulling into the underground parking garage. For the windshield, I can get it...

    How much less drag when mirrors are folded?

    Elon on this Wed interview mentioned how having side mirrors can cause a 5% drag at highway speeds. So I tried folding them in at speed, but they don't stay there. It may only contribute to 1-2% because they are still present, but I wonder if they've measured it? I bet it would make a difference...
  15. Boourns

    Passenger side mirror not folding out

    Twice now after a minute or two of driving I have noticed that the passenger side mirror is not folded all the way out. Stopping the car and manually folding the mirror via quick controls fixes the problem. Since it's only happened twice I can't tell if there's a specific series of events that...
  16. S

    Damaged Wing Mirror - £1,100 Repair Bill

    Images attached. It was completely my fault. I was reversing off the drive when I noticed a recycling bag in the middle of the road obstructing my exit. This distracted me for 2 seconds, during which the car continued to roll back, but it was at the crucial point when I was passing through two...
  17. Beta V

    Mirror Assault

    When I approach Angel, like a puppy who wants to go out, she comes to life, flashes her lights and pops out her mirrors. How sweet. She also does this when I pass by the door leading to the garage--I can see her lights from the garage. She does seem to get very anxious. Unfortunately, Angel is a...
  18. D

    Backup mode for rearview mirrors

    Hi all, Just took delivery of my car on 8/3 and noticed that in reverse with the option selected, the rear view mirrors do angle slightly down, but not nearly enough to follow the lane lines. Is there a way to adjust the reverse mode for the mirrors or is the position they take hard...
  19. milleron

    Aftermarket rear-view mirror?

    The autodimming functionality on my new MS is the worst of any car I've owned since this technology became available. To make matters laughably worse, its frame (or the periphery of the mirror) is highly reflective so that very bright flashes of reflected light are frequently stabbing me in the...
  20. H

    Folding mirrors on 2013 model s

    Taking delivery next Monday on my CPO! My question is on the mirrors...Do the Model S' from that year allow you to fold mirrors in with a button on the screen, or must they be manually folded in? I'll be parking in the 1 bay side of my 3 car garage, and it'll be tight with mirrors extended...
  21. V

    Mirror not folding out completely

    On my 1 month old S I found that occasionally the driver side mirror seemed to lose the setting. It didn't look like I set it up before and I had to readjust it. Not every time but enough to notice it. I finally figured out today what's going on, and that's on occasion the mirror does not fold...
  22. K

    Auto Close Mirrors before Entry to Garage?

    Our garage is pretty small so I would like for the mirrors to auto fold before entering the garage. Is there a way for us to set it so that the mirrors fold without having to hit the button every time?
  23. Rashomon

    Update on mirrorless cars

    I just had an update from a Continental engineer. Continental is a very large automotive supplier, which among many, many other things, makes autonomous driving hardware and software, camera systems, and lane-change warning systems. They have a representative on the ISO 16505 technical committee...
  24. David29

    Odd behavior of outside mirrors when open or close sunroof from Android app

    I was showing some family members how the Android phone app works on my Model S yesterday, and noticed that the outside rearview mirrors had opened. I had opened (vented) and closed the sunroof, flashed the lights and blown the horn. So today I did some testing. Sometimes when I close the...
  25. C

    Radar detector options?

    I definitely don't want to have a cord hanging down to charge my radar detector, so I am wondering if anybody has successfully hardwired a radar detector to their rear-view mirror. In the Model S it seems that you can jimmy off the plastic on the rear-view mirror and connect there. I've tried to...
  26. R

    Two new features none of us know about

    Barron's summarized a research report from Trip Chowdry ( Tesla: The Tweets Have It - Stocks to Watch - Barrons.com ) and in it Trip says "There are still at least 2 new features in Model X, that none of us know about" Not quite sure how Trip knows that but........ let the rampant speculation...
  27. A

    Mirrors are possessed!

    It seems lately that my side rear view mirrors are possessed! When I put the car into reverse the mirrors may or may not point down. Usually they do. When I put the car back into drive, however, often either the left or right mirror does not return to the proper position forcing me to manually...
  28. tanner

    Just Reserved, YAY! # In Line & Mirrors: Conflicting Stories?!

    So I'm sure there's a specific thread for this somewhere, but I'm so pumped that I opted to start a new one (sorry, ha)! I'm officially number 15,827 in line for the Model X, just placed my reservation today after having owned a Model S since 2013 - GO TESLA! Quick question though, does anyone...
  29. O

    Broken driver's side mirror - where to get replacement glass?

    About a month ago the driver's side mirror was hit by something in a crowded parking lot. I found the housing folded out and the glass on the ground, with several fractures. It took me only a few seconds to figure out how to reconnect the wires and push it back in place, and then I ordered a...
  30. carrerascott

    Mirrors not tilting in Reverse?

    Have settings for mirrors to tilt in reverse On, but they don't. I have v4.2. Any tips or is this something to report to Tesla Service?

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