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  1. Lex_MIT

    New podcast on Artificial Intelligence from MIT

    I'm starting a new podcast on AI simply called "Artificial Intelligence". It'll include accessible, big-picture conversations (at MIT and beyond) on the nature of intelligence. Some big names and brilliant minds coming up in the fall. I'm posting it on TMC because there will be some people from...
  2. Lex_MIT

    Tesla Autopilot miles estimated at over 1.2 billion

    Tesla Autopilot has driven over 1.2 billion miles (estimated). See visualization sand details in blog post: Tesla Autopilot Miles | MIT Human-Centered AI This is a remarkable accomplishment in the history of applied AI research, development, and deployment.
  3. Lex_MIT

    Tesla Autopilot Survey (from MIT)

    My name is Lex Fridman. I'm leading an effort at MIT aimed at analyzing human behavior with respect to Autopilot by using computer vision to analyze 300,000+ miles and billions of video frames of real-world driving that we collect in Tesla vehicles. We're finding some very interesting and...
  4. L

    VLAB: Silicon Valley Meeting on Future of Transportation

    November 15, 2016, 6-8:30 pm, SRI International Conference Center 333 Ravenswood Dr. Menlo Park CA 94025 NOTE: This is a ticketed event, and often sells out well in advance. The Future of Transportation: Freeways or Flyways? - VLAB Each day more and more commuters are affected by traffic jams...
  5. F

    Beach for free + Tesla charging

    Cheers! Are you free for a great, warm, breezy adventure? I am looking for someone with the flexibility and desire to live at our Marco Island, FL house (Vrbo.com/114322 for pics) while we stay at his/her near-MIT home. 1 month min 3.5 month maximum, very, very soon: Sept 1- Dec 15. To...
  6. C

    New Li-Ion manufacturing technique by MIT cut costs in half

    This article was linked on Slashdot: http://newsoffice.mit.edu/2015/manufacturing-lithium-ion-battery-half-cost-0623. I know that many battery technologies announced never pan out, but MIT usually doesn't make an announcement unless they are really on to something. If it pans out, it could be...