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mobile app

  1. Exscite

    Mobile app display- black only?

    The display of LOCATION option of the mobile app The option on the left is bad-only a schematic map - and always in black The option on the right is good- full color aerial map of the same view My question: Is there any way to set-up the display option on the left to be like the colorful Google...
  2. N

    Can’t unlock doors using the mobile app

    I suddenly can no longer unlock any doors or the trunk, with the exception of the driver’s door, with the mobile app. The lock icon shows the car is unlocked, but it isn’t. I have to get in the car and unlock the doors using the unlock options available inside the car. This is a new problem -...
  3. J

    2017 Model S App functions

    I am curious if anyone else with an MCU1 Model S has gotten access to the feature on the app that allows you to see your charging stats and savings? Wondering if it came with a specific recent update.
  4. X

    Temp Lemon Model X: Lost keys. Mobile app and Roadside asst cannot unlock/start the car

    In the hustle, my son left the MX key fob on the top of the frunk (not inside). None of the family members realized this. The MX started normally and we left home..somewhere along the way the key fob rolled off and fell. I reached our destination and as we parked, saw the warning on the panel...
  5. DasHHat

    Open/unlock car using passenger side handle?

    2021 model 3 LR. Up to date firmware. Using phone/Bluetooth as key. Is there an issue with my car, the settings, or is it normal that I cannot open the passenger side door when the car is locked/parked? I walk up to the passenger side and find pulling the handle does nothing. I then have to...
  6. S

    Supercharger amenities App needed

    I wish there was an app or website that listed nearby amenities and more importantly, the "sketchiness factor" for Supercharger sites. A few of the ones I have been to had hardly any places to eat or take a leak. Also, I am seeing more homeless guys hanging around a few of the locations. When my...
  7. N

    Mobile App Android v3.10.8-421 broken

    I couldn't find any general mobile app threads. This is for all vehicle models but the forum required me to select a model, so I arbitrarily put it under Model 3. Yesterday I updated my phone with this version. It required me to log in again (which is fine). I could enter my email, but the...
  8. D

    Just turned on my Solar panel installation...

    XL installation in West Houston, TX. Received PTO (Permission To Operate) mail from Centerpoint and so, turned on the breakers, switched the disconnect panel to ON and turned on both the inverters. I hooked up my gateway to the router, switched on, can see white light on the router. What next...
  9. N

    TeslaAssist Android App

    Hey, so I've been working on an Android app related to Tesla vehicles ever since I got my Model 3. Originally I was planning to just keep track of my Model 3's state periodically, but the app evolved into something more. Now it can do that, shows trends, exports the tracked data, awards...
  10. K

    App update interval

    When we first had our solar installed the app wasn’t reporting any info about the array. When we called support, they added the gateway to our account and we started seeing our energy use, however the solar still wasn’t showing up, only grid and home energy use. Eventually, after several calls...
  11. M

    Release notes in App

    It would be very helpful if the release notes were available in the Tesla mobile app. Shouldn't be difficult!
  12. Penfold

    Service Appointments via the App

    Quick question regarding the App and scheduling services. When I booked an appointment last year I booked 8am. I could then look through different dates and move accordingly. However, the 3 service appointments that Tesla have booked for me are always 8:15am so whenever I look to change the the...
  13. H

    Unable to Consistently Connect with Phone

    Hi everyone, I recently picked up my SR+ and was trying to play around with the app and check out what it can do. However, I've noticed that the app after about 25ish minutes will no longer be able to connect to the car and eventually errors out with a "Vehicle Connection Error". This isn't a...
  14. David29

    Why is my car running HVAC when parked at night? Or is it?

    On Sunday night about 11 PM, I checked my Tesla phone app to see how much charge my car had, because I had forgotten to plug it in when I came home. The screen did show my car was unplugged but I decided the 59% was plenty for what I had to do the next day. I live in a condo and the car is...
  15. K

    Default setting for Heated Seats on Mobile Climate page

    Does anyone know how to set the default heated seat setting when turning on the Climate settings in mobile? It keeps my temp value (21.0 C) but all 5 heated seats are always set to MEDIUM. I have to tap 4 seats TWICE to shut them all off since most of the time I only want the driver seat on. Thanks
  16. D

    Phone and Car Heater Settings Conflicting??

    As I was driving home tonight, I kept thinking "wow it's kind of cold in here". So during my commute I kept incrementally increasing the heat setting, which was set to Auto. Then I got to 80 degrees and said "wait, something's not right here". Cabin was not getting any warmer even when set to...
  17. C

    Premium and standard Connectivity

    Does any one know that App (through Phone) connecting to Car function (such as check charing, controlling) is belong to Premium connectivity or standard connectivity? As I know Premium connectivity is only complimentary for one year (if ordered after July 1, 2018). I googled and can't...
  18. tangent

    Tesla App Feature Wish - Crack the Window Open

    Warmer weather is finally here, as a first-year owner of Model X, I quickly notices the cabinet temperature heats up pretty quickly even when the outside temperature is just a tad north of 70 degrees. Wouldn't that be nice to have this feature in a mobile app that I could use to crack all...
  19. BroadRippleSun

    App missing great “vent” feature

    Software downgrade¿? “Sunroof options missing from iOS app vers ending with a1f
  20. Chickenlittle

    Android versus apple tesla app

    hi, not impressed by iPhone X and considering Samsung S8. I don't want to make this post about that choice but am wondering what tesla app on android platform is like. Anybody with experience with both the google and and apple tesla app? Any advantage of one over the other or problem
  21. Co-pilot Jeff

    Co-pilot for Tesla app - Official Thread

    Hi All! I'm excited to announce the "Co-pilot for Tesla" app is now available on the Apple App Store! We hope you get a chance to try it out! It's a free app (always will be), created by Tesla owners for Tesla owners, looking to build something great for the community. Disclaimer: we've...
  22. M

    Professionele, mobiele App voor ritregistratie, verbruik, etc.

    Een korte vragenlijst van een zakenrelatie over wie interesse zou hebben in een professionele, mobiele App die -zonder omkijken- ritten, verbruik, laadsessies, et cetera zou registreren. Wie doet mee? Als je meedoet, mag je de App later gratis gebruiken. Tesla App - Vragenlijst
  23. X

    Mobile app update is coming but I am not impressed with the rumored features

    Tesla is about to release its biggest app update yet: Touch ID login, widget integration, and more - Electrek https://apple.news/AbHUVq3rjS8Go-Hh8KpYHvQ What do you guys think? I, personally, am not impressed with that list. TouchId is nice but how often do you have to login on the phone...
  24. grayguy

    Update on TMC Mobile app for Android and iOS

    I was wondering if there is any progress or plans for TMC to provide either a native App or support a 3rd party forum app for Android and iOS? I found a thread from earlier in the year discussing that support for Tapatalk was going away. Is the current plans still to just use the mobile browser...
  25. Y

    I want to buy Salvage Car

    Hi My name is Yauheni. I live in Russia I want to buy Tesla Model S in California From Copart . As i see Copart have only cars with salvage title. I uderstand that this car can't charge on TeslaSuperchargers , has no warranty service and does not have update software.But what about Mobile App...
  26. L

    Mobile App - iOS & Android Screen Shots

    can some users with an X please post the screen shots from the different menus and screens from the Tesla Mobile App? Since I can't login to the app yet, I don't really know what features it has.
  27. mbaier

    The Tesla App could be so much better

    Hi everyone I'm a greenhorn Tesla owner (got mine in mid June) and even though I love the car I am not very impressed with the app. In my opinion it could do so much more like: - add apple watch integration, with direct information input in watch faces - add achievements for things like...