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mobile connector problems

  1. antchobees

    Mobile connector button is supposed to open charge port right?

    I had 2 problems with 2 different mobile connectors that came with the car. 1) The first mobile connector that came with the car have a button on the handle to open up the charge port when near. The only problem was that the plug into the car’s charge port is the holes on the connector is off...
  2. ruralectric

    What is a "Relay/Contactor Fault" Indication on Gen 2 Mobile Connector?

    I recently plugged my brand new M3 into a new home 30A dedicated circuit via the Gen 2 Mobile Connector and NEMA 14-30 adapter. Prior to this I had been charging strictly via 110V, Supercharger or J1772. Everything went fine for a couple of hours and then I received a "charging interrupted"...
  3. Tezzie

    Ground Fault Cable Error Message

    Everything worked fine the first time I charged my 2018 Model S 100D. Tonight, when I plugged the mobile connector into the charger port--for ONLY the second time--the lighted ring started quickly flashing green, then went solid red. The dashboard error message was something like "ground fault...