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mobile connector

  1. U

    New 240v outlet pulling 0 amps.

    Hello, I recently had an electrician install a nema 1450 receptacle on a 40 amp breaker for my mobile connector. When plugging in, the mobile connector shows the pulsating green light as if it’s charging, and the car itself says it’s charging but it’s pulling 0 amps. It is showing 240 volts...
  2. U

    Mobile charger not pulling Amps - 0/0A but showing 240V

    Hello, I recently had an electrician install a nema 1450 receptacle on a 40 amp breaker for my mobile connector. When plugging in, the mobile connector shows the pulsating green light as if it’s charging, and the car itself says it’s charging but it’s pulling 0 amps. It is showing 240 volts...
  3. S

    Mobile Connector charging questions and 16a or 32a Blue adaptor?

    Hi all, I am planning to setup mobile connector charging in my garage and I have couple questions about it. First one is should I choose 16a blue adaptor or 32a blue adaptor? Secondly, if I choose 32a blue adaptor, can I charge at 16a as well? Is it possible to choose this option in "Charging"...
  4. Big Earl

    Leviton upgrades their NEMA 14-50 receptacle - more robust, less risk of failure

    https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/leviton-introduces-50a-heavy-duty-ev-charging-receptacle-302047705.html Leviton has made significant upgrades to their NEMA 14-50 receptacle. Details in the article. This appears to make it roughly equivalent to Hubbell, Cooper and Bryant brand...
  5. D

    Can I use extension cord for Tesla Mobile Connector?

    I have been charging my Model Y using mobile connector (120V). I have been using an extension chord because I charge the car outside of my garage most of the time. I just happened to read the mobile connector manual (see attached) and on page 5 it specifically stated not to use any sort of...
  6. S

    Did Telsa Mobile Connector come with NEMA 14-50 adapter?

    I got my Model Y in mid-2021, so it came with a mobile connector. I'm considering installing a NEMA 14-50 outlet at my home, but I couldn't find the NEMA 14-50 adapter for the mobile connector. I recall when I opened the bag there were 2 adapters and I have been using the 120v one for 2 years...
  7. A

    Sold Brand NEW Mobile Connector

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Brand NEW Mobile Connector. Please add to the discussion here.
  8. A

    For sale Brand NEW Mobile Connector

    Hi All, For sale is a Brand NEW, straight from Tesla, Mobile Connector (not to be confused with the Corded version). Tesla shop link here for the item being sold: https://shop.tesla.com/product/mobile-connector Includes: 1x Mobile Connector - 20’ cable 1x NEMA 5-15 Adapter 1x NEMA 14-50...
  9. O

    Incoming callers hear the radio

    On a new Model S Plaid, incoming callers hear my music playing on the FM (HD) radio for a split second, long enough to identify the genre. I have a Pixel 7 Pro. Does anyone else have this issue?
  10. A

    Sold Mobile Connector - direct from Tesla

    Hi All, For sale is a Brand NEW, shipped directly to you from Tesla, Mobile Connector (not to be confused with the Corded version). Tesla shop link here for the item being sold: https://shop.tesla.com/product/mobile-connector Includes: 1x Mobile Connector - 20’ cable 1x NEMA 5-15 Adapter 1x...
  11. Z

    Can I charge another ev with my mobile connector?

    I have been wondering if i could use my tesla mobile connector an another ev such as the MG ZS EV. I am in australia, and have the mobile connector with the type 2 lead, which is also prominent in the MG ZS EV. Could anyone please anser this? Thank you.
  12. grayguy

    Adjusting amp current draw when using 6-30 to 14-50 adapter

    I purchased a 6-30 to 14-50 adapter for an Airbnb with a 6-30 30A outlet in their barn. Tesla does not sell a 6-30 adapter for the Mobile Connector, so this is a hack of sorts. It's unclear to me if I need to adjust the current draw in the car to 30A (or maybe less to be safe) to ensure my...
  13. D

    Mobile connector brand new with 5-15 and 14-50

    Brand new Mobile connector with 5-15 and 14-50 plugs. Never used. $220 in Massachusetts!! Prefer to sell local.
  14. J

    Mobile connector back in stock online [02.13.2023]

  15. K

    Model Y Charging Options in a Townhouse

    Hi all, first time poster here. I'm testing driving a Model Y this weekend and will likely end up ordering a Long Range model. My biggest concern is charging - I currently live in a townhouse with no community charging. I do have a dedicated parking spot right in front of my house, and I have a...
  16. A

    Mobile Connector with NEMA 5-15 & 14-50 Adapters unopened box

    I am a recent Tesla Model Y owner since last 2 weeks. I ordered a mobile connector with NEMA 5-15 & 14-50 Adapters(Unopened Box) from tesla online but it was misplaced by UPS initially and finally its delivered to me today. In the mean time I purchased the mobile connector from the local...
  17. J

    Mobile Connector Order Cancelled?

    Has anyone else had issues getting a mobile connector? I've had one on order since June 16, I emailed Tesla asking when it will ship since my vehicle is scheduled for delivery on Saturday. I checked this morning and the order was cancelled. No cancellation confirmation, no communication, no...
  18. S

    Electrician and work recommendation

    Reached out to a few electricians to install a charging outlet. My preference is for a NEMA 14-50 outlet as I don't want to be tied to a wall connector especially since my next EV may not be a Tesla. Of the three electricians, work scope was consistent, and couple did put forward an extra cost...
  19. M

    Mobile Connector GFCI Tripped

    Hello noob here, I have an issue with my gen 2 mobile connector 4 years in. The car’s screen specifically says “Unable to charge - Mobile Connector GFCI Tripped.” My nema 14-50 isn’t connected to a GFCI breaker. I reconnect the charger and it works like a charm. But everyday I have to...
  20. D

    Best charging practice/set up for a Roadster (1.5 in North America in specifically)

    I am in New York and have a 1.5 that is garaged and rarely driven. My charging objective is to do what is best to extend the life of its battery and the PEM. I presently have the early mobile connector (yellow cable with GFCI like plug) and the earlier (not the Clipper Creek) HPWC for the...
  21. V

    Mobile Connector 400v (3-phase) availability?

    We have been patiently waiting to buy the 3-phase 400v mobile connector now for almost a year: Kabelgebundener Mobile Connector Corded Mobile Connector and it still out of stock. When we picked up our Model Y in Sep. 2021, the customer representative suggested it would be available in a...
  22. B

    NJ FS: Gen 2 Mobile Connector Charger Bundle $350 OBO

    Tesla Gen 2 Mobile Connector Charger Bundle. $350 or best offer. 1. 1 x Mobile Connector - 20' cable 2. 1 x NEMA 5-15 Adapter 3. 1 x Storage Bag It's "new" in that it came with my Tesla but I didn't use this since I purchased a wall charger instead. Local meet in Northern NJ. I'm not...
  23. digitaldad

    Mobile Connector + Bryant 6-50r (Garage Combo)

    Hello folks, offering this up here in TMC before going eBay route: Before buying a used Wall Connector (from TMC), I had built a 32 amp station with a Mobile Connector, Bryant 6-50r receptacle , Tesla 6-50r adapter and mounting/holder. The Mobile Connector was brand new and all of this was only...
  24. P

    Mobile Connector Cover for Snow (outdoor Charging)

    I am looking for an outdoor cover for my mobile connector that hangs outside. In the winter I would like my hanging cord covered so that it is somewhat protected from the elements. If I cannot find a cover to enclose the entire hanging hose I would at least like to find something that will...
  25. S

    Looking for a mobile connector

    Hi all, I recently had my mobile connector die when my house was struck by lightning. I'm in Southern Maryland. Does anyone have a good way to contact any service centers in the Maryland/DC/NoVa area so I can see if they have any in stock or otherwise help me out since they're sold out online...
  26. B

    Supercharger Shell

    Just wondering what someone would pay if I "hypothetically" happened to have a supercharger shell or two laying around:) They look great in a garage.
  27. FastFreddie

    Gen 2 Mobile Connector and SAE J1772 Charging Adapter

    Ended up with a few extras when I sold our M3 and now have a MY LR. Selling a Gen 2 Mobile Connector (does not include the 110 plug or bag) $200.00, plus a never used SAE J1772 Charging adapter $75. Will ship both or the connector Priority Mail for $17.00 or just the adapter for $10.00. Accept...
  28. T

    Mobile Connector charging speed

    Can anyone share Mobile Connector charging speed at different amps with different adapters? I can't access the Mobile Connector page on Tesla.com. Thank you.
  29. Q

    Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle (new) + SAE J1772 Charging Adapter

    Same as in the links below. Taken out of my New Model Y - Never been used or plugged in: Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle SAE J1772 Charging Adapter Comes with the following: 1 x Mobile Connector Main Unit (with 20’ cable) 1 x NEMA 5-15 adapter 1 x storage bag 1 x SAE J1772 adapter $300...
  30. tpedwards

    Charging stopped red ring on mobile connector

    My 2015 P85D (transformed to a P90D with replacement battery Jan. 2020) was charging on the mobile connector at 110V and stopped suddenly in the middle of the night. It had the red ring on the car and red indicator. When unplugging and replugging, I get the behavior of a little dance of red ring...
  31. D

    UMC (any gen)

    Looking to buy either generation of the mobile connector. Could do local pickup in the Los Angeles area, or willing to pay for shipping.
  32. B

    Mobile connector died

    It looks like my 7 month old gen 2 UMC has died. I get no lights on it and the car doesn't recognize that it is plugged in. I have another umc that I keep in the car and it works perfectly fine plugged into the same outlet. I swapped around the 14-50 adapters and it seems to be the umc. I've...
  33. Aphinity

    14-30 charge adapter - 110v/120v capable?

    I'm trying to adapt to a 30amp 110v service and I'm not seeing a 110v capable plug with 30amp capability. I'd rather not use the 5-20 adapter as it's not going to get full amperage. Given that the 5-15 connector has been known to accept 240v (despite this being a bad idea), I'm curious if...
  34. I

    Model Y: Display shows 2 volt upon being charged

    Hi All, I bought MY on 01Jul2020 with VIN 015xxx (yes, bad luck as I bought the car $3k more expensive, but am taking it in the stride!) . With the NEMA 14-50 not yet installed, I was charging car with 5-15 outlet with frustrating charge times after long trips, but took it in stride as well...
  35. Jeff Wa

    Generation 1 or European Mobile charger for Model Y

    Hey folks... I’ve been looking on eBay and have seen a number of generation 1 and Europe spec mobile connectors. Can generation 1 or Europe spec mobile connectors, with a NEMA 14-50 plug attached, charge a Model Y? While they are not much cheaper it does increase the pool available to bid on...
  36. M

    *FOR SALE* (1) Corded Mobile Connector Set [included with my 2020 Model S Purchase]

    *FOR SALE* (1) Corded Mobile Connector Set [included with my 2020 Model S Purchase] I purchased a new 2020 Model S and have no need for this Corded Mobile Connector. It is BRAND NEW and still UNOPENED in ORIGINAL Storage Bag. I am located in Chicago and willing to drive some distance to meet...
  37. SheriffMoose

    Retractable Charging Solution - Driveway Charging

    I'm happily owning my new Model 3 SR+ and she's been great. Sadly though, my garage is too small to fit her well enough to get her in there regularly. As a result, she's typically parked in my driveway, usually behind my SO's car since I typically leave work first. How I'm charging today: I've...
  38. GolanB

    Request for Comments on Real World Charging Rates for Diagram

    Forum members, I've been in contact with the author of this helpful charging rate diagram via email, which was last updated in July of 2018. He sent me the following note, asking for input so he can update his chart. I'll pass along your comments to him.
  39. V

    Purchase a Mobile Connector from a service center?

    Can I purchase an extra Mobile Connector from the service center where I'll be picking up my MS? If yes, is there a price difference compared to buying it from shop.tesla.com? Thanks.
  40. ruralectric

    What is a "Relay/Contactor Fault" Indication on Gen 2 Mobile Connector?

    I recently plugged my brand new M3 into a new home 30A dedicated circuit via the Gen 2 Mobile Connector and NEMA 14-30 adapter. Prior to this I had been charging strictly via 110V, Supercharger or J1772. Everything went fine for a couple of hours and then I received a "charging interrupted"...
  41. jobiggs24

    Mobile Connector(UMC) Bag

    Just bought a used Model S and seller included the Mobile Connector but no bag. Can someone help me out? Located in NY 12208
  42. eladts

    Gloss Black Wall Connector in, Mobile Connector out

    The Gloss Black Wall Connector is now available from the Tesla online store at the same price as the regular Wall Connector. However, both the Mobile Connector and the Corded Mobile Connector have disappeared from the store.
  43. T

    DIY mobile charger installation - NEMA 14-50 240V 50amp

    Just wanted to share a video I made of my own DIY installation of a charging station for my new Model 3. It’s good for charging at up to 40 amps if your charger supports it. I took queues from other threads here while making material and installation decisions. NOTE: Depending on your...
  44. S

    Gen 1 Mobile Connector

    Gen 1 Mobile Connector + J1772 adapter for $450 Los Angeles pickup or shipped.