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  1. M

    Can anyone recommend a reliable Tesla aftermarket mod installation store in NYC?

    I’m looking change the shocks of my 22 MY to Tein EnduraPro Plus. Having hard time finding a shop that can do this kind of job. Please looking for communities help. Thanks.
  2. Sanderpman12

    Tesla mods

    Hi, what are some good tesla mods that can help my car stand out or make it more personalized? Thought about adding a big wing to it to make it look more track car like. I always wanted to add louvrrs to it like the muscle cars have, but i dont know if anyone sells any for a tesla or any...
  3. A

    '22 model 3 Qi charger question

    Just took delivery of my '22 M3LR a few months ago and it's fantastic. However I just reliever my new zFlip4 Friday and was quite disappointed to find that the charging coils won't mate when the phone is open but will mate when closed IF the phone is moved ~ 1" up from the base of the charger...
  4. E

    [MOD] A Jeda USB-C hub (2021+) that actually works!

    So i bought the Jeda usb-c hub, waited like 2 months due to supply constraints, finally received it only to realize it sucks really really bad. And doesn’t work half the time, the Apple Watch charger is also very limited to what it supports (watch size and weight Wise). Sent in a support ticket...
  5. AndrewApple12

    Downgrading headlights (how do I read LIN signals)?

    I currently own a 2018 model s. The led headlights on it are terrible. ive had them replaced 3 times under warrant and the are still having problem. Teslas asking price for replacements is $3,298 and I didn’t want to pay for headlights that are going to fail again. I want to put in the pre...
  6. NoMoGas

    Model S/X Yoke steering wheel upgrade

    I so I made this upgrade to my 2014 model S. And I absolutely love it. If anyone is interested in a group by, let me know as I posted this on Facebook and I got overwhelmed in a matter of days. I don't know how much I can save on the actual wheel but if I buy these in bulk I suppose I could save...
  7. X

    FS: Model 3 2020 Part Out -- Mirror Caps, OEM Rear Camber Arms, MPP FLCA

    Hey all, Selling my car so I have a few parts for sale. Located in Bay Area (Milpitas, San Jose, Fremont) All items are cash OBO local, prefer not to ship but if I have to then Zelle/Paypal preferred with flat rate shipping cost. Both mirror caps and MPP FLCA are brand new, open box and...
  8. Sanderpman12

    What do yall think about this mod?

    Should i do this? What yall think?
  9. M

    My own Model Y Front License Plate Mod

    The stick on front plate is so ugly and seem very flimsy for such a nice car. I can go spend $100 buy one of those removable grill mount holder, but then people can easily steal them. If I drive without it, which in California, is illegal, I was told I can get fine up to $500. Looks like...
  10. nguyentoogood

    I painted my Headlights (AGAIN!) + 4K Video + Lots of Photos

    Hey TMC, I painted my headlights again! Well sort of (I didn't paint it this time), I had greg use his spray gun and he has been trying to get the best "frosted" look. He was able to get this nice glossy like white that is very similar to the newer headlights. his ig: grc_lights The video...
  11. B

    Installing sentry SSD in glovebox

    I relocated the factory USB hub below the HVAC blower, and plugged a USB hub into one port and extension cables into the other port, and was able to plug the T5 SSD into USB hub and route the wire up into the glovebox. This way it's safely locked away and out of sight when the car is locked...
  12. McGillUSAF

    P85 Premium Seat Retrofit

    So I managed to get a Premium Gen3 seat and was going to try and use one of the guides someone else posted for the NextGen seat retrofit but this won't be possible due to the newer style wiring/ connector. Also, the seat I purchased has the ventilated option as well so there will be even more...
  13. Lilxkrazi

    Looking For A Mod Shop In Los Angeles - South Bay

    Hello, Just picked up my Model 3 yesterday, and am now researching on where I go to do some mods to it. Specifically I am looking for door handle wraps, center console wraps, and tinting for the glass. If anyone has any experience with some shops in the area, would love to hear your experiences!
  14. compu85

    Making the Model 3 trunk lid close more easily

    I found the trunk lid on our Model 3 required quite a bit of force to close. I wondered if this could be improved, and found the answer is yes! Apply a few drops of light oil to all of the pivots (yellow arrows). I like Zoom Spout, but 3 in 1 or any light oil should work. Apply a drop of light...
  15. TD_alseT

    What mods have been the happiest with?

    I'm jumping right into a few basic mods and wondering what you guys have done that you are REALLY happy about. There is an incredible number of model 3s in my areas. I definitely need something to make it feel different. This is currently on my list: Calipers - Paint/decal Interior lights...
  16. Gwgan

    Cabin noise

    My impression is that the deep trunk acts as a resonance chamber for road noise so I took a look to see if there might be an easy fix. There are some noise dampening pieces on broad metal surfaces under the trunk carpet and one big sponge under the floor of the trunk. Here are pics looking under...
  17. S

    Any way to connect a video player to m3 screen?

    i realize it's the only I/o for the car and will likely be a problem. Regardless, is there a way to mod model 3 to play videos from iOS/Android/Blu-ray on its display or part of it? Think rear seat entertainment for kids.
  18. E

    Insurance valuation for my totaled S85

    My S85 was totaled last week (more on that later). Geico has come back with a $45K evaluation for my car with the following specs: 2014 S85 Leather Tech package with Autopilot No other options 52K miles on the odo. I bought it for $64k, 2 years ago with 19k miles on the Odo. Wanted to...
  19. RWcarbon

    Vendor RW Carbon | HUGE savings on Carbon Fiber Spoilers, Lips, Diffusers

    RW Carbon is your source for affordable and high quality carbon fiber aero products. All of our parts are made using real carbon fiber and are backed by RW Carbon's fitment and quality guarantee. All our parts are quality checked and shipped out from our Southern California Facility. ***We are...
  20. RWcarbon

    Vendor ///RW Carbon | Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoilers for Tesla Model S

    RW Carbon is your source for affordable and high quality carbon fiber aero products. All of our parts are made using real carbon fiber and are backed by RW Carbon's fitment and quality guarantee. All our parts are quality checked and shipped out from our Southern California Facility. Check out...
  21. RWcarbon

    Vendor ///RW Carbon | Tesla Model S Carbon Fiber Accessories

    New to Tesla Motors Club, RW Carbon is your source for Tesla carbon fiber accessories. Based in Southern California, we currently carry a variety of products for the Tesla Model S including a front lip spoiler, a rear diffuser, and two different trunk spoilers. We are currently in search of a...
  22. RWcarbon

    Vendor ///RW Carbon | "One Goal, One Focus - Carbon Fiber"

    Hi TMC, without further adieu I would like to introduce Tesla Motors Club’s newest vendor, RW Carbon. Having made our name known in the BMW and Mercedes communities, we are currently broadening our scope to the Tesla community. Located in Southern California, RW Carbon was created by...
  23. pl804

    Any experience placing exterior cell phone antenna on roof?

    We're doing a few trips this year through areas with poor cell phone coverage. I'd like to figure out a way to boost my cell signal while driving through those areas (better maps, ability to make and receive calls in case of emergency, etc.). I was looking at some signal boosters and the like...
  24. Brightonuk

    Revisiting that backup sensor option with a new idea

    I have come across this system that overlays the backup information onto your existing screen. http://www.rydeenmobile.com/parking%20sensors/Parking-BL-612PM.html As the Tesla does not have an aux input I was thinking it could be wired to activate when in reverse by tapping into the backup...