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  1. C

    Autopilot while Trailer Mode

    I can not enable autopilot while towing a trailer with Trailer Mode active. Is it possible to use autopilot while towing if i upgrade to EAP or FSD? or Disabling Trailer Mode altought towing a trailer to able to use autopilot? (Of course not recommended but a solution?)
  2. J

    Feature Request: Drive-Through Mode

    Haven't seen anyone post this idea before yet, but I think it would be sweet if we had a drive-through mode for the car. It would limit the car speed to 2mph, but would enable theater so you could watch TV. Anyone who lives on the west coast knows how long those in-n-out drive through lines...
  3. W

    Model 3 AC only works on "LO" temperature setting

    So I took my 6 months old model 3 MR that has (had and later updated to 4.1) 2019.20.2.1 to grocery shopping. Turned on AC and had temp setting on 73F but only fan turned on and started blowing air (hot due to afternoon time). Tried all different permutations and combinations (Auto, turn on...
  4. cvonken

    Sentry Mode activeert Bluetooth carkit?

    Sentry Mode: sinds de introductie ervan, bemerk ik dat mijn telefoon regelmatig via Bluetooth connect met de carkit vd Tesla, ondanks ik binnen ben, dat de auto op slot is en de keyfob ver uit de buurt. Zojuist weer: ik ben binnen aan het bellen en plop, Bluetooth neemt het - als headset - over...
  5. Arpe

    MotorTrend article: Tesla Model 3 vs I-pace vs Alfa Romeo Guilia Q...

    Here is a good read from MotorTrend: War of the Worlds: Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance vs Jaguar I-Pace EV400 HSE vs Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio - Motor Trend Enjoy!