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  1. UmarAli

    Not Available 2016 Model S P100D, FSD, MCU2, ventilated seats

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2016 Model S P100D, FSD, MCU2, ventilated seats. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. 2016 Model S P100D, FSD, MCU2, ventilated seats

    For sale 2016 Model S P100D, FSD, MCU2, ventilated seats

    2016 Tesla Model S P100D ludicrous with 83000 miles. Vehicle comes with Full Self-driving paid for, free premium connectivity for the life of the car, subzero weather package: ventilated seats front and rear (rear is only heated, front cooled and heated). The car also has upgraded MCU 2, HW3 and...
  3. 100d

    Center console organizers

    I’ve got a 2018 MS and was wondering what the experts use as a third party insert for the center console. I saw a couple options on Amazon but wanted to get your thoughts. Thanks!
  4. T

    Used Model S Value

    I have a question about buying a used Model S. Coworker purchased new in 2014. Standard 85kwh battery. Non performance and non dual motor. He wants to sell it now that it’s out of warranty. He is going to go to Carmax and get their offer and then sell it to me for that price. Sounds like it...
  5. C

    [UK] Tips for buying used Model S?

    Hello, I'm thinking of buying a 2019 100D Model S from a dealer. Anything tips to share of things to watch out for please? Incidentally I'm a wheelchair user and going to have hand controls fitted. Thanks!
  6. 1051

    MY Group Buy (Suma Convex Mirrors for MY, S, X and 3)

    NEW Model Y Group Buy. (Group buy is also back for the Suma Convex Mirrors for Model S ☰ X Y Hey guys, I inquired to see if Suma was going to have a group buy for the MY and Yes they are.. See below. Simple ordering! For the next 15 Days get 15% off of your Suma mirrors for all Model S, X, Y...
  7. S

    Was I given a 70d instead of a 75d?

    When I first bought my new MS 75D in late 2017 my maximum range at 100% was 235. A few years later that still hasn’t changed. I didn’t think to compare the number with what was advertised and just assumed it was what it should have been. This doesn’t appear to be a battery degradation issue...
  8. L

    P85D Battery MAX Range Increase from 254 to 300 miles

    Hello Everyone, First time Post! Quick background, I have a 2015 P85DL with a little over 78,000 mile on it. The other day i noticed that while driving on the freeway, speed which averages between 78-80 mph, and the usual kwh is anywhere between 350-380. But on that day it was constantly at...
  9. B

    2019 Model S Long Range Lease

    I am looking to end my lease early. The details are below. 2019 Telsa Model S Long Range White Exterior White Leather Interior Current Mileage: 6,962 FSD: No but has Enhanced Autopilot Lease ends on Aug 6, 2022 Mileage per year: 10,000 Current Payment: $1,112.86 (includes MO sales tax, so your...
  10. M

    Found 10% off code for oedro modele S all weather mats

    I found this mats from a thread in the forum. The url is : Oedro Model S All weather mats for $65? I ordered one for my car severdays ago. I found a 10% off promo code accidently, it saved me 10%, so I share this code to you guys. The code: SCOUPAMB Floor mats url:OEDRO® Tesla Model S...
  11. cpobuyer

    Tesla no longer sells CPO, they sell "used cars"

    Just spoke with the sales representative from Tesla, and he informed me that they (sales team) has been instructed to use the word "used car" and not "certified pre-owned". The cars are NOT CERTIFIED. They are ONLY INSPECTED for mechanical issues. The buyers should not expect any kind of...
  12. JPP

    Impeccably maintained multi-coat red 2013 S85 for sale—58,100 miles

    I just listed my 2013 S85 for sale here on TMC. See: Impeccably maintained multi-coat red 2013 S85—58,100 miles (warning---long) I would very much like to sell this to one of my colleagues here on TMC. You know my participation and reputation here on the forums. I am in the San Francisco Bay...
  13. JPP

    Impeccably maintained multi-coat red 2013 S85—58,100 miles (warning---long)

    So my ‘full spec’ Performance Model 3 is here, and it is now time to let go of my well cared for 2013 S85. Before you keep reading, if you need autopilot, folding mirrors, park distance control, a panoramic roof, motorized charge port door, or SiriusXM, you can stop here and look elsewhere. But...