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model ≡

  1. S

    More Model ≡ or Bolts in 2017?

    With the official release of the Chevy Bolt supposedly happening tomorrow, I thought this would be a good time to ask the question. I went back and forth between focusing on production or sales but since Tesla and Chevy count sales differently, I finally settled on production so that it would...
  2. Cattledog

    +1 Nominations for the 3/31 Model ≡ Reveal

    I know there's a thread with all of us (me included) stumping to be someone's prom date 3/31. Let's head to a higher place... I'd like us to use this thread as a place to nominate people (other than ourselves) we think should be someone's +1. Or perhap, if lucky, extended an invite by Tesla as...
  3. ne0x

    Custom Telsa Number Plates

    Hi all Just wanted to get onto this forum and see what other cool plates are out there, i just ordered mine last night for when the Model 3 comes, it works for just Telsa but also works well with the Model 3 so win win i thought I was more than surprised it was still available to be honest...
  4. SgtLou02

    New Member from FL

    Hello Everyone, Greetings from FL! Looking forward to reserving my Model 3 on the 31st and taking part in the forum discussions!
  5. MrJones390

    [Rumors] Spoke to an Insider Yesterday...

    And he said the following: -Model 3 looks very similar to Model S, just smaller and without luxury features like leather seats -Cost saving is due to Gigafactory, smaller battery and economy features -Possible release of smaller, stripped down Model X at same time (not sure if name is Model Y)...
  6. Tam

    Barebone $35,000 Features

    Would you please help me to prepare for what a worst barebone $35,000 Model ≡ features would be like? 1) No aluminum body? 2) No Supercharger Enabled? 3) No interior leather? 4) Smaller Tires? How small could small be? 5) No Pano-roof? 6) No LED lights? 7) No Navigation? 8) No...
  7. Tam

    No higher-end trims first

    We all hear what Elon said but marketwatch.com has a different interpretation and sided with many on the forums: "Just don’t expect luxury trims right off In a departure from the way Tesla did things with the Model S and Model X, the company won’t start off offering higher-end trims with the...
  8. BobbyKings

    A healthy and happy 2016!

    First of all I wish everybody a very healthy and happy 366 days in 2016! And on top of that here are my specific Tesla wishes for everybody for 2016: 1) A fantastic reveal of a fantastic model ≡. 2) A 100 kWh battery pack. 3) A merry X-mas (also being a model X under the Christmas tree)...
  9. BobbyKings

    Een gezond & gelukkig 2016!

    Ten eerste wens ik iedereen een heel gezond en gelukkig 2016 met 366 fantastische dagen. En daar bovenop wens ik iedereen nog 3 specifieke Tesla gelukjes toe: Een hele mooie model ≡ (onthulling). Een 100kWh battery pack. Een merry X-mas (dat is een X onder de kerstboom). Geldt ook voor 2015...
  10. sms_327

    "Confirmed" Model ≡ Pricing

    Stopped into a gallery today after lunchtime with a friend. The friend I was with had never sat inside a Model S before and I was running down the specs while the product specialist was engaging another customer. I overheard him say that their floor model Model X would be arriving sometime in...