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  1. CYBRTRK420

    Mysterious Tesla Prototype spotted in China (Model Q / Compact?)

    There have been new sightings of the mysterious prototype that was believed to be fake at first glance. What looks like a compact Tesla is hiding under a camouflage wrap to hide its shape and final looks. But what is it? It seems to be a modified Mazda CX-30 that has a Tesla front bumper...
  2. TMC Staff

    Blog TMC Garage: Patrick Connor’s Model X and Model 3

    TMC member Patrick Connor (patrick0101) has been driving EVs since 2007, but has always kept a gas car as a backup. Living in Portland, Ore., Patrick wanted an EV that he could take camping and skiing. In 2016, he found just the car he needed – allowing him to ditch the gas car and still hit...