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model 3 19" wheels

  1. W

    Expired Model 3 | Wheel and Winter Tire Package [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Model 3 | Wheel and Winter Tire Package. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. B

    Selling/WTT M3 19” Sport Wheels for 18” Aero Wheels TRADE

    In Chicago(land) looking to trade my 19” Sport Wheels in great condition with 8/32nds tire tread measured on 6/20/2023 for 18” Aero Wheels for Model 3 1:1 trade, not looking for cash
  3. Z

    WTT Model 3 19" wheels for Model 3 18" wheels for $1500 - located in DFW area

    I took delivery on the last day of December and originally wanted the 18" wheels but took what was available. I just want what I paid for them as this saves both you and I money bc most people resell the 19" for way more. No curb rash or anything on the wheels as they are in like new condition.
  4. W

    WTT - M3 19 in Sport Wheels for 18 Aero Wheels in Seattle, WA area

    I am looking to trade M3 19 sports wheels for 18 aero wheels in seattle, WA area. I had to order from available inventory so went with 19’in and going to pick up my M3 this week, but I wanted to get aero wheels.
  5. T

    19 Inch Wheel Options for 2022 Model 3 Performance?

    Any suggestions on 19 inch wheels that will fit over the 2022 M3P brake calibers? Specifically looking for a satin black. I REALLY like this from T-Sportline ... but it is pre order for November delivery. I would love to have something sooner if anyone is aware of a similar option. Thank you in...
  6. E

    FS: Model 3 18”/19” snow chains (NEW)

    Hi, I’m selling brand new, unopened, unused Konig CG-9 103 snow chains. These can fit 18” or 19” wheels on a Model 3. I bought these for my Model 3 but ended up selling the car and getting a Model Y before I needed them in winter. https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-3-18_19_-snow-chains...
  7. B

    FS: (4) 19" Advan Racing GT Beyond wheels w/tires and TPMS (SF Bay Area)

    Originally bought these to use as a second, track-focused wheel setup for my 2021 M3P but I'm moving up to Central Oregon soon and will have more use for a winter-focused second set, so I'm selling them. These wheels only have about 100 miles on them with zero track use, so they're essentially...
  8. J

    FS: Enkei Raijin Black 19x8 5x114 40mm offset // New Michelin PS4 235/40ZR19 // TPMS included // SOCAL

    Selling my Enkei Raijin 19” wheels set. One of the wheels has very light curb rash which is practically unnoticeable. The Michelin PS4s are brand new and were mounted after the wheels were cleaned and polished. Never made their way back on my Model 3. Pics of the car were taken before the tires...
  9. G

    WTB: Model 3 19" Sport Wheel in the Boston Area

    Looking to purchase a Tesla Model 3 19" Sport Wheel. Need to replace one damaged wheel. Hopefully in the Boston area. Thanks.
  10. FrForget

    Model 3 19" Sport Wheels (V1's), Tires and TPMS

    Hi :), I am selling a set of four Model 3 19" Sport Wheels, Tires and TPMS. Factory Continental ProContact RX. I know they recently updated those, but mine a V1's with the original Tesla TPMS Sensors. They have some minor to mild curb rash, but barely noticeable due to the color of the rims (see...
  11. M

    For Sale: 2021 Model 3 Long Range 19" Spotrs Wheels (Rims Only) Selling Individually *Sold*

    For Sale: 2021 Model 3 Long Range 19" Spots Wheels (Rims Only) Selling Individually Pulled off a 2021 Model 3 Long-Range, 3 months old! 2 Rims are immaculate $500 each 1 Rim Has a Visible scratch along the side $250 1 Rim has a big chunk missing from the edge (Ran over brick) Free to...
  12. S

    OEM Model 3 19" Sport Wheels, Tires, Center Caps, TPMS

    Four OEM 19" Sport Wheels, with Original Continental tires, TPMS, and Center caps for all wheels. These wheels and tires were a $1500 upgrade. These tires have about 10k miles on them. All the rims are in good shape with some curb rash, TPMS is included and working, and tires are the original...
  13. Lazahman

    FS: 19" 2018 Model 3 Sport Wheels Set (SF Bay Area)

    I've got a set of the 19" Sport Wheels and tires that came with this car, original owner put about 18k miles on them. There are some small rashes on the front passenger side wheel (first photo), but all others are very clean aside from a few minor dings. Comes with the tire caps and lug nuts...
  14. 804son

    Model 3 Wheels \ Tires \ TPMS Sensors - Like New

    Like New Tesla Model 3 Wheels / Tires / TPMS Sensors / Black Lug Nuts Enkei Ranjin 19" x 8.5" 35mm offset Tesla Model 3 (4) TPMS Sensors 235/40ZR-19 MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4S XL Black Lug Nuts & Black Metal Stems to match the wheels Hunter Roadforce Balanced Price: $1,800 OBO These Tires and...
  15. TSportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories Memorial Day Sale: 10% Off and Get Free Shipping to the US & Canada!*

    Tesla Accessories Memorial Day Sale Offer Terms & Conditions *10% Off and Free Shipping within the US & Canada. Online orders only. Discount excludes Wholesale Orders. Free Shipping for customers within the US and Canada only. Referral discounts and links are ineligible. Sale ends Tuesday, June...
  16. R

    19” Vossen CV3 Staggered Concaved

    Selling my 19” Vossen CV3 concaved staggered that we’re purchased brand new last year along with tire. The rims are clean, no curb rash, dents or scratches. Rim specifications: Rim Width: 8.5 in the front and 10 in the back Offset: 32 in the front and 42 in the back Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3...
  17. neilalexalover

    For sale(Seattle): Model 3 19 Inch(grey) TSportline Wheels with Pirelli Sottozero 3 Tires

    Only 5K miles on the tires. Comes with Tesla TPMS sensor embedded and works right away. One small curb rash and shown in pictures. Threads are still excellent with less than 5k miles. Specifications 4x 19x8.5" Wheels 4x 235/40-19 Tires 4x Tesla Factory Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor (TPMS) 4x T...
  18. W

    Model 3 19" OEM Sport Wheels <200 miles

    Selling these 19" sport wheels that came with my car because I swapped them out for aftermarket ones. Only driven ~200 miles in them! located near Seattle (Bellevue, WA), can do pickup or deliver within 50 miles $800 obo
  19. L

    Set Model 3 19" Sport Wheels - San Francisco

    Set of Model 3 19" Sport Wheels - $1,000; (pick up in San Francisco only) - took them off with ~7K miles (swapped them with 18" aeros for road trips) - one wheels has mile curb rash, all others are in good condition - one tire had a screw, but was plugged immediately. (drove for 200mi...
  20. TSportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories Labor Day Weekend Sale: 10% Off and Get Free Shipping to US & Canada!*

    Labor Day Weekend Sale Terms & Conditions *10% Off and Free Shipping within the US & Canada: Online orders only. 10% Off discount excludes Wholesale Orders, Model Y 19" TSS Wheels, Model Y 19" TSS Wheel & Tire Packages, Model Y 19" TST Wheels, Model Y 19" TST Wheel & Tire Packages and Off-Menu...
  21. N

    2020 Perfect Condition Tesla Model 3 Long Range Model

    Hi, I am trying to sell my Tesla Model 3(White exterior, Black interior) with 3,246 miles on it only. It is in perfect condition and has Base Autopilot but has Full Self Driving HW. The car was bought on 15 Dec 2019.
  22. D

    Best UK websites for aftermarket / replica wheels for Model 3?

    Hi all New to here and looking to lease a Model 3 in Pearl White and the lease option to upgrade to the 19 inch sport wheels is £1,200. Are there any UK based websites I could buy replica gray performance wheels or similar anywhere for less? Many Thanks
  23. T

    Selling: 2018 Model 3 LR RWD, 19" Sport Wheels, Black Matte Wrap, $39k OBO

    Hi all! I'm selling this beauty due to Model Y purchase. Car is located in Tampa, FL. Details: - 2018 Long Range - $39,000 but happy to take serious offers - 42,000 miles - RWD - Excellent mechanical condition - Deep Matte Black wrap and Chrome delete - Wheels are powder coated (minor curbing...
  24. Jett Black

    Model 3 19" Sport Wheels & Tires - Low Miles - $600obo + shipping/pickup

    Title explains it all. Located in Nashville, TN. Just got a new Model 3 and am upgrading my wheels and tires. They are in perfect shape. No scrapes/scratches/imperfections. $600obo + shipping. Also available for local pickup. Apologies for the water on the wheels in the pictures. IMG_1836...
  25. TSportline

    Vendor Happy Valentine's Day! Free Shipping to US & Canada on Tesla Accessories on Orders Over $500!

    OFFER TERMS & CONDITIONS * Valid online only. Use ‘TESLALOVE’ for discount code. Must have order value of $500 before shipping & taxes. Excludes Wholesale Orders. Discount does not apply to Custom Services performed at our Southern California Facility. Discount cannot be combined with past or...
  26. I

    Hello from California

    Hello from California Here is my Stealth Performance Model 3 which I named Soulless
  27. M

    2017 Model S 75D AWD for sale, FSD, new tires, premium package, smart air suspension

    2017 Tesla Model S 75D AWD Seattle, Washington Enhanced Autopilot Full Self Driving Capability Includes 400 kWh (~1000 miles) of free Supercharger credit annually. Standard Supercharger fees apply after credits are used. Smart Air Suspension Premium Upgrades...
  28. I

    Auto Pilot

    Just picked up the car 4 days ago and auto pilot isn't as relaxing as everyone said it would be. I find that I am more alert when on Auto Pilot then normal driving. I know that will/might pass over time and it'll be great for my stop and go commute, but right now it just feels weird. How...
  29. M109Rider

    Winter Tires on Model 3

    wondering what others have done for winter wheel and tire packages. Tesla’s wheel and tire package includes install and is $2,000 US or $2,400 CAD. I’ve priced it out separately and it seems that’s a pretty good deal. Anyone else gone a different route, and found a better deal ?
  30. Xerious

    FS - Tesla Model 3 Stock 19" Wheels, Tires and TPMS - SF Bay Area

    For Sale - Model 3 Stock 19’ Wheels, Tires and TPMS available for local pick up in the SF Bay Area. ~1000 miles on the wheels off of my 2019 Model P3D- Wheels are clean except for a small nick on one wheel and a tiny wheel rash from a pot hole while driving using AP (photos below) Price is...
  31. R

    Any Recommendation on Tires?

    I have hit 30,000 miles and my tires are almost done! Does anyone have any recommendations on tires? I would like to get some that have long tread-wear and ride silent?
  32. R

    265/35-19" for Front Tires on Model 3 AWD LR?

    When I look up alternative tire sizes for the 19" rims for the LR AWD Model 3, I see 265/35-19 listed only for the Rear and it still lists 235/40-19 for the Front. Has anyone tried 365/35-19 for the Front?
  33. A

    WTB - Model 3 19” or 20” OEM Wheels - Chicago

    Just picked up my Model 3 with 18"s. Looking to buy the 19" or 20" oem wheels with or without tires.
  34. H

    TRADE my 19” Sport for your 18” Aero (Model 3, San Diego)

    I just took delivery of a New Model 3 with 19” Sport wheels and tires. These have <50 miles on them. Here is the trade... I provide: - 19” Sport Wheels with Tires You provide: - 18” Wheels with Tires - Aero Covers installed - cash We split the cost: - having a tire shop swap our tires...
  35. AquaMan

    Anyone in Sacramento want to trade up to 19" wheels "free"?

    Today I got the call that my car is ready. Unfortunately, I ordered with 18" wheels and it shipped with 19" sport wheels. They're not going to charge me the $1,500 difference. Essentially I'm getting a free upgrade... But I don't want the upgrade. Since I'm buying it for commercial purposes...
  36. Halfrican16

    WTB: Model 3 OEM 19 Sport Wheels

    Looking to purchase a set of four (4) Model 3 OEM 19” wheels. Ideally with tires and TPMS. Located in Bay Area.
  37. C

    Any interest? 19" Sport Wheels and Tires - Model 3 - $1,000

    I am potentially looking to sell my 19" sport wheels from my Model 3 if there is any interest in them. 15K miles on the tires (1) Tire has been patched (by Tesla service), nail was directly in the middle of the tire 3 wheels perfect condition (1) Wheel has very minor curb rash/rub Would...
  38. J

    Tesla model 3 hubcaps

    We have a rear-drive tesla 3 with 18-inch wheels.The hubcap wheel disappeared after a heavy rain. I checked the official store of tesla, and neither the store nor other stores sell this hubcap separately. They are all sold together with wheels and tires. I have a few questions here: 1. Tesla...
  39. T

    Annoying whistle noise, when driving relatively slowly – Is it normal?

    It is driving me nuts! I don't know if it is referred as ‘Moter whine’. I hear the noise when driving relatively slowly around 30-70 km/h. Sometimes it is worse. It will start when slowly using the pedal at some speed. The sound/whine/whistle is also there when regenerative breaking. All help...
  40. TSportline

    Vendor Model 3 19x8.5" T Sportline TST Wheels in Matte Black with Pirelli P Zero Nero GT tires

    We have a set of Tesla Model 3 19x8.5" TST Wheels in Matte Black with Pirelli P Zero Nero GT 235/45-19 tires. -This Wheel & Tire Package will NOT fit a Performance Model 3 with Performance Brakes. -No TPMS are included with this Wheel & Tire Package. -No bends, scratches or curb marks. -2 of...