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model 3 charging

  1. M

    Model 3 slow charging

    Hi All I’ve recently taken delivery of a long range Model 3 (‘21) after backing an e-tron (that’s a whole other story) Tonight was the first time I’d taken it along to the local dealer who has a bank of fast-chargers (250kw) I was the only person there. I plugged in the car and the most it...
  2. R

    Charging safely at 9/12 amps?

    Hi, I own a model 3 and live in a condo that has underground parking. The only outlets that are available for charging are in the storage closet next to my parking spot. The parking itself has like 15 foot ceilings and the outlet that is setup in the closet is this exact model Leviton Porcelain...
  3. S

    UK Home charger assistance

    Hey folks - I need a home charger for my upcoming Model 3 delivery and understand that, in Europe, the standard is called CSS and this is what most (all??) Electric cars use here. I read that the Model 3 will be compatible with this standard. My wife has seriously range anxiety so is not ready...
  4. Toysla

    Home Charging Question on Using Electric Dryer Outlet 10-30A

    Hello! My car garage electric clothes dryer has the old straight-pin 10-30 plug. Through Tesla, I ordered and received a NEMA 10-30 adapter (the one with that 2 straight and 1 "L" pin). I would like to use my existing 220V 30A wall socket and plan to plug (unplug) my Tesla portable adapter...
  5. shauna

    Charging options for Model 3

    I have one electrician that installed a 30 amp 220 outlet in my outdoor electrical panel and say I can use this with my mobile charger and an adapter just fine and he will install a gfi outlet incase moisture gets in. This would allow me to charge at 22miles/hour. Another electrician told me...
  6. X

    Charging and model 3

    So we are planning to get a model 3 and need your input folks on a couple things please. We live in a house which is a rental and the garage is in a separate building 100 feet from the circuit breaker. Having a Nema 14-50 installed would cost at least $1k and I kind of don't trust the...
  7. Enginerd

    Model 3 Supercharger usage

    Today I visited the Tesla Fremont Headquarters Design Center, and was told by an employee about the supercharger arrangement for Model 3 owners. Model 3 owners will be granted 1000 kWh free supercharger use with their purchase, to use at any time. Once that initial allotment is exhausted...
  8. Garlan Garner

    Anyone paid for Model 3 charging yet?

    Simple questions: Has any Model 3 owners out there paid for Tesla Supercharging yet? How does that work for you? How much per kwh?
  9. diplomat33

    Suggestion for Tesla: allow sharing of residential charging

    I am posting this in the Model 3 forum because I think that as the number of Model 3s on the roads starts to increase dramatically, this idea has the most benefit. Basically, I am suggesting Tesla do what Plugshare already does and that is to allow owners to share their residential charger with...