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model 3 reservation

  1. C

    Model 3 Standard Range For Sale San Diego

    Details for my Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive Standard Range are: Pearl White Paint, 18’’ Aero Wheels, Black Premium Interior, Autopilot. Ordered 5 months ago, estimated delivery is October 20th. MSRP was $46,990 asking $1000 OBO to transfer this reservation. Please PM me or comment your email if...
  2. D

    Selling Model 3 SR Reservation (August 13-27 Delivery)

    Note: Reposted because my last post was deleted. I think the mods thought this was a bot post? I had ordered a Model 3 SR back in March, but found a reservation for sale on this site. I ended up buying that car, so I no longer need this reservation. Details: Standard Range, Blue, Aero Wheels...
  3. K

    Looking to buy a Model 3 Reservation Anywhere near Los Angeles (within 200 miles)

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a testa model 3 reservation SR/LR delivery date within this couple of weeks. email me if you are interested to sell: [email protected] I will be almost online 24/7 it would be best if we could meet in person to make sure everything works smoothly...
  4. M

    Bay Area-folks! Looking to buy or lease or take someone's order M3

    hello! I’m new to here but wanted to give this a shot I’m looking to lease or takeovers someone’s order of A model 3. I would rather the exterior be black or white and interior preferbly white but back is fine. my account might be too new to message me so feel free to text 2me 2o4 five five 7 1...
  5. E

    [FS] GTA - Order deposit for a Model 3 SR+ Red/White - Oct 19 - Nov 8 EDD

    Hey folks, So I originally had a red/white SR+ on order since August 1st, but I ended up grabbing an inventory model instead. My SA advised me that I should probably not cancel the original order and just transfer it to a lucky guy or gal who can save a bit of wait time. The EDD has been...
  6. Tam

    Poll: Model 3 Dissuasion?

    During Q1-2017 earning call, Tesla just want the public to know that comparing with Model S, Model 3: has less range has less power has less cargo room has fewer features is smaller And Elon Musk said: "do not think that Model 3 is somehow superior to Model S" In addition to above, we...
  7. fallen888

    If I place a reservation now...

    What should my expectations (as a current Model S owner) be for delivery of a M3?
  8. Alketi

    Guess the final reservation numbers (July 2017)

    The model 3 reportedly has ~400,000 reservations, though Tesla has only publicly confirmed 373,000. Part 2 of the reveal should include: - The final car design - More detail about specifications/options/battery sizing/range. - Confirmation of pricing - Test drives! But also -- - Details...
  9. D

    Buy or Lease Model 3

  10. igotzzoom

    Tesla says 12,200 Model 3 orders canceled

    Good. Just means I'll get mine sooner. :D Tesla says 12,200 Model 3 orders canceled
  11. Raindog1

    FORD's: model 3 reservation data center?

    I went on a site that was to estimate my approximate reservation number and input info (curiosity got the best of me). Then a day and a half later I received an advertising email from FORD "add a Ford to your family". Now, I suspect Ford knows who has put a res. down along with cross referenced...