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model iii

  1. Bgarret

    Model III - Your Case: On Time or On Jonas Time?

    Model III rollout is THE story for Tesla & TSLA. Gigafactory - sure...nice. S & X....keep em' hummin' off the line. Model III is make or break (or make or GOOGLE) for Elon et al. Thought it would be worth some end of year challenge to put out your case - good or bad - for delivery of Model...
  2. houdini

    First stores in the world to open for Model III reservations - Melbourne Australia

    Last night and this morning at Tesla Richmond Australia
  3. Bgarret

    Global Incentives and Model III

    I wanted to start a new thread that builds on some of the excellent work that GerardF did in the European thread. After reading his analysis of incentives for the Netherlands and the potential impact on Model III demand, I think it would be helpful to aggregate incentives as it relates to Model...
  4. sms_327

    "Confirmed" Model ≡ Pricing

    Stopped into a gallery today after lunchtime with a friend. The friend I was with had never sat inside a Model S before and I was running down the specs while the product specialist was engaging another customer. I overheard him say that their floor model Model X would be arriving sometime in...
  5. wilhelmspencer

    Potential NW Model 3 Owners

    Hi Everyone, I am in the Greater Seattle area and wanted to start a thread for discussions about the Model 3. I am an EV enthusiast and have been keeping up with Tesla news since they first built the Roadster. But like many people, I don't have the financial ability to purchase either the...
  6. igotzzoom

    Musk: I really want the Model III to be different, not just a smaller Model S (video)

    "When I say $35,000, I'm talking without any credits." [23:53] If the Model III is going to be a weird-looking tall-hatch like the i3 or Bolt, count me out. It also scares me slightly that he said, "I really want the Model III to be different, not just a smaller Model S." [21:10-on] I was...
  7. igotzzoom

    Just paid off current car, Model III wait begins...

    Well, just made the last payment on my Sonata. I've only got about 43k miles on it, so plan on keeping it another 2-3 years (or however long it is until the Model III comes out). I guess I could get a lease on another EV in the meantime, but I think I'm going to try and enjoy being payment-free...