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model s 2022

  1. D

    Tesla Service Center damaged Model S Plaid

    Hey All, I was hoping someone could offer some advice for dealing with Tesla bad service. On 12/5, my Tesla needed some warranty work, which Tesla completed. Upon inspection: 1) The tint I added was cut on driver door (picture 2) 2) Paint under replaced left side mirror was cut and "touched"...
  2. Y

    Expired Set of Model S 2021-2023 21'' tires [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Set of Model S 2021-2023 21'' tires. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. S

    Radar Mount for 2022+ Model S - Recommendations?

    Hi Everyone! I've given up on hardwiring my Escort MAX 360, so I don't void any warranties. I've seen a guide or two, but I'm not sure I want to deal with different service manager responses should there ever be an issue. However, I would love to know what recommendations are for mirror...
  4. D

    Audio bug craziness

    2022 model S with 2022.44.25.3 installed. I'm going nuts. Had the car a little over a week and I keep loosing bass in the audio (only front speakers) no voice control, ANC not available. is it only me or is anyone else suffering with this? It's happened around 15 times now. Two scroll wheel...
  5. MorrisonHiker

    2022 Tesla Model S with Carbon Fiber Trim, Black and White Interior - 7800 miles - Title in hand

    2022 Tesla Model S. Like new condition. Less than 7800 miles. This was a daily driver until we took delivery of our 2022 Model X. No curb rash on any of the wheels and very well taken care of. It has always been garaged since delivery. New from Tesla, a current similar build Model S would cost...
  6. D

    Sold Brand New 2022 Tesla Model S Long Range For Sale

    Selling my brand new 2022 Tesla Model S Long Range with Pearl White Multi-Coat exterior and Black and White Premium Interior with Walnut Décor. The car is in absolute mint condition, garage-kept, and barely driven. Before ever driving the car on the road I have the exterior wrapped in XPEL PPF...
  7. K

    [MS-LR '22] Suspension-y noises?

    My car is about 3000 miles in; since a while now, I noticed "suspension-y" noises coming in. I took the car in, and service claimed that it was loose "mud flaps" rubbing. So I took the mud flaps off. The noises are still there. It's closest described as a "old bed sound" when I am driving...
  8. D

    Model S Full Self Driving Reservation for Sale (pre price hike)

    Model S Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Pearl White 21" Arachnid Wheels Full Self Driving Autopilot Cream interior with Walnut decor Subtotal: $118,490 Delivery ready for Sept 22nd, 2022 Washington DC, but I assume it can be picked up anywhere
  9. Mr. Jetson

    Model S Frunk and App

    Is it correct that it is not possible to open the frunk with the phone app on the 2022 Model S? The manual seems to say otherwise. Any other way to open the frunk without using the interior monitor screen or Fob?
  10. M

    Model S Refreshed driver's side display brightness

    Just took delivery of 2022 Model S Refreshed LR, previously drove a Model 3 for three years. The Model S adds a separate driver's side visualization display. My question is: Is there any way to adjust the brightness of that display? Is there any way to flip it from night-mode to day-mode? The...
  11. mikey_bs

    WTB: MODEL S Tempest 19 BLACK

    Looking to buy the Model S Tempest Wheels on the refresh model S. I am located in Maryland.
  12. adidotcom

    Selling 2022 refreshed headlights Model S LR reservation Pre-price hike

    I already took a delivery of a Tesla Model S, so planning to sell my second Model S LR reservation which is scheduled for March delivery. Color is Midnight Silver Metallic exterior with Cream interior. Current wait time is until July, so with this reservation, you can get the car early. Please...