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model s 75

  1. B

    2017 Model S 540 Vehicle Error and door opening on park

    I have a 2017 Model S 75, and For the last few days my App hasn’t been connecting and I get a 540 Vehicle Server Error. I’ve uninstalled the app reinstalled logged back in and still getting the error. Additionally, I just put my car in park and the rear back door opened. I’ve now recreated the...
  2. K

    Model s 70 compared to 75 0-60

    I've been looking around at model s 0-60 times ,specifically the jump from the 70kwh RWD battery cars to the 75kwh RWD battery cars. The drivetrains are identical with a large rear drive unit but the 0-60 times are 1.3 seconds apart. Why is this? Are 2 more modules active in the 75kwh for more...
  3. G

    Buying a 2017 Model S 75 - Newbie, need advice!

    Good morning all, Please be kind as this would be my first EV. My family and I need a second vehicle and I thought this would be a good daily driver. I wanted to see if I was getting a good deal or if I should steer clear. Here are the details: - 2017 Model S 75 - Built 11/2017 - 63,868 miles...
  4. drhombus

    Too much degradation for 2016 model s?

    Hello, new to the forum so thanks for having me. I’m about to purchase a 2016 model s 75 rwd that has 150k miles on it. I noticed in the picture that at the 90% charging limit, it shows 186 miles of range, meaning 100% should be around 206mi. I believe when new it should have had 249 miles. Is...
  5. C

    2016 Model S 75 Unicorn

    Offering a Midnight Grey 2016 Model S 75 Unicorn! Free Unlimited Supercharging Full self-driving software purchased! Smart air suspension Glossy black carbon décor Enhanced autopilot Ultra high fidelity sound GPS enabled homelink Black leather heated Seats Solid roof 21" Silver arachnid wheels...
  6. N

    2017 Tesla Model S 75 72000 miles

    2017 Tesla model S with around 72k miles. Located in Orange County California. Asking for 43k or best offer * No accident, clean title * First owner * Enhanced autopilot included * Premium connectivity included * Free supercharging * BRAND NEW AIR...
  7. P

    Airbag Recall Repair Time

    I am in a pickle—went to pick up a used Tesla Model S 2016.5 75 from across the country and bring it back; last VIN check identifies the airbag recall and the Porsche dealership I am buying from says they can’t hand it over until the safety issue is fixed. At first the manager was so annoyed...
  8. C

    For Sale 2017 Tesla Model S 75 EAP w/ Navigate on Autopilot Equipped

    Selling my late 2017 Model S S75 with latest hardware and cameras. Latest Autopilot Equipped Navigate on Autopilot. Asking $59,000, no financing. Selling as I am not driving as much have a company car. No accidents/wrecks clean title More pictures available • 18,192 miles • Obsidian...
  9. N

    2017 Model S 75 -21k miles (Dallas, TX)

    I have a 2017 Model S 75 RWD car in Dallas Texas with around 21k miles I am considering selling. Includes EAP and Full self driving that was purchased after the fact. My fiancé and I love this car but we are looking to get into a Model X. Following data is off the pro forma when I purchased it...
  10. E

    19" Tire Recommendation

    I'm looking at replacing the 19" tires on my S75. I've seen a lot of comments leaning towards Michelin, Pirelli, and Continental. Has anyone tried General G-MAX AS-05? They're running about $40 cheaper than those three and wanted to see if anyone has experience with them...
  11. B

    2017 Tesla Model S 75 For Sale. Florida.

    Silver 2017 CPO Tesla Model S with 45k miles. I am the 2nd owner and it was bought through Tesla CPO program. I've had it for little less than over 3 months. Amazing and safe car, but due to unexpected job relocation no longer have a need for it. Still have sticker window. Original Owner bought...
  12. fallen888

    Windshield Damage

    So this just happened. :( Have you ever had to replace a windshield? Did you go to Tesla service center or a 3rd party shop? Did you file an insurance claim? If so, did your premium go up afterwards? I have Geico.
  13. R

    2017 Model S 75 for sale - 8.6k miles

    2017 Tesla Model S 75 - 8.6k miles Midnight Silver Metallic Paint AP2 Enhanced Autopilot All Glass Panoramic Roof 19″ Slipstream Wheels Multi-Pattern Black Seats Dark Ash Wood Decor Black Headliner Supercharger Enabled Standard Suspension Extras: All Body Ceramic Coating - Opticoat...
  14. chibi_kurochan

    2017 Model S (AP2) Pearl White 75

    Looking to sell my 2017 Model S (AP2) 75 with about 30k miles. Listing price at 67K (negotiable). The car got Full Front Coverage using Suntek Ultra PPF, all windows (windshield + all side) tinted with Suntek CXP from day 1/straight after delivery. Taken to professional detailer every month...
  15. O

    decisions ordering

    Hi guys I really wanted a MX but realised i cant really afford it and food at the same time. So im now looking base MS 75.+-D Is there really much grip and driving experience difference between AWD and RWD? im looking at these models. used 70D 2015 14,740 km 104350 $103,183 new...
  16. waflocka

    Mid April 75 update minor interior changes?

    I ordered a MS 60 right before they discontinued it, however the price drop for the 75 happened during my one week period to change anything. I decided to upgrade to the 75 for the $1500 difference, along with that I was given the "new price book". I asked if anything changed besides the...
  17. C

    POLL : Did you buy a Model S 60 or a 75?

    In light of the cancellation of the Model S 60 and 60D, and Tesla's explanation of why it was cancelled (low 60&60D sales), I thought it would be good to take a poll. So... of the buyers of Model S 60s and 75s, which one did you purchase? Full disclosure, I bought a 60D :)
  18. Az_Rael

    Grey seats going away...

    From a insider/leaker Reddit account: Bye bye grey seats • /r/teslamotors That is really too bad. The grey seats are what I would have picked if buying new.
  19. T

    Winter Driving Recommendations (Range Specific)

    Hi Folks, I am stoked to have recently placed the order for my new 75D (EAP, PUP, SAS). I cannot describe the excitement!!! As owning a Tesla can be quite the paradigm shift from all that we are used to, one of the things that has me most concerned is driving range during winters. My wife LOVES...
  20. Mknac

    5 Days with my new Model S 75

    Ok, I love the car. Awesome. Buyers remorse gone. Here are a couple things in no particular order. Tesla Premium Luxury Electric Vehicle – emphasis on premium. High on cost. Low on what most people would consider luxury items. Negative: Serious negative that Tesla needs to address: -...