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model s 75d

  1. G

    Expired 2017 Tesla Model S 75D * NEW Tires * 66k Miles [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2017 Tesla Model S 75D * NEW Tires * 66k Miles. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. M

    Model S Wheel Alignment Advice

    2017 Model S 75D. Took this for a hunter wheel alignment. 4 fresh oem acoustic foam 19" wheels. Told the front was fine but rear was out and would be a big job to take the tray off, come back another day. Just wondering views on this, how bad is it? Will be another 4 weeks until I can get...
  3. C

    Expired 2018 Model S 75D Los Angeles w AutoPilot 78k [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2018 Model S 75D Los Angeles w AutoPilot 78k. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. drhombus

    Too much degradation for 2016 model s?

    Hello, new to the forum so thanks for having me. I’m about to purchase a 2016 model s 75 rwd that has 150k miles on it. I noticed in the picture that at the 90% charging limit, it shows 186 miles of range, meaning 100% should be around 206mi. I believe when new it should have had 249 miles. Is...
  5. D

    MS 2019 75D No Theatre mode!!!

    I have tried everything, changed touchscreen language back and forth but no luck, Hard reboot, updated software and still no joy. It's not just blank theatre mode like someone previously asked but for me is in Entertainment has only arcade and toybox but I just can't see any Theatre option at...
  6. C

    best solution

    my cord doesn’t reach an outlet in the garage by a significant amount. what is the safest most efficient way to go about it? i plan on getting the tesla wall charger but in the meantime i have been supercharging it.
  7. U

    Tesla no longer uncorking vehicles?

    Hello everyone. I just bought a late 2016 Model S 75D. I read about having the possibility of having the vehicle uncorked. I talked to a tesla rep about this and they said they no longer have the ability to uncork vehicles. Is this true or just push back. Can anyone confirm? Thank you in advanced
  8. Z

    Range mode in cold weather caused ice build up on windshield

    I was driving (MS201875d) at about 80 km/h (50 mph) at -14°C (7°F) with heavy snow. Range mode turned on as recommended by the owners manual for best practise in cold weather. Car was preheated for 45 minutes before departure. After about 30 minutes ice started building up on the windshield so I...
  9. D

    Models S - 2017 100D or 2019 75D

    Hi all I am about to buy my first model S. Have owned a 3 before. In my budget I have a choice of : 1. 2017 100D 2. 2019 75D Otherwise both same in terms mileage and specs. I will use it 90% for London driving with the occasional (every 3 months ) 300 mile trips. Can’t decide between the...
  10. OilSucks

    FS: 2017 Model S 75D - Metallic Silver - Premium White Interior/Carbon Fiber - No FSD - AP Enabled - 46,xxx miles

    Hi all, Looking to sell my December 2017 build Model S 75D for 43k with the following stats: * 46,xxx on the odometer (could go up a bit since I'll be shopping around for a buyer for the car). Original warranty still available until December 2021 and an extra 1 year/10k miles after that. *...
  11. P

    2018 Model S 75D - Bay Area - 34k mi -Hardware 3 upgraded FSD

    For Sale: $51,000 (Accepting best offer) VIN: 5YJSA1E25JF266705 Mileage: 34,201 (as of 11/8/2020) Full Self driving with traffic light and stop sign stopping. Selling because starting a family and purchasing a house. I'll probably start saving next year and buy a Tesla again. That said: I love...
  12. D

    FS 2017 Model S 75D - FSD and FUSC - 39k miles - $52,500 OBO

    Hi everyone - This is our first post but my husband and I have been long time lurkers on the forum (since 2016)! We are selling our 2017 Model S to make room for a MY that we have on order. There's nothing wrong with the car, but we need more room for the family and the MY fits that need...
  13. S

    2018 Tesla Model S 75D AWD - $55,750

    2018 Tesla Model S 75D **LEATHER**, **NAVIGATION**, **BACKUP CAMERA**, **BLUETOOTH**, **PANORAMIC MOON ROOF**. 3-Phase/4-Pole Electric 1-Speed Automatic Black Priced below KBB Fair Purchase Price! KBB Fair Market Range Low: $55,750 Clean CARFAX. **Private Owner** All vehicles feature...
  14. M

    Rat damage in front trunk / plan to stop this

    Hi everyone, So due to pandemic, my job ended at the start of March so I find myself not driving much (maybe once / week). My front trunk stopped opening so Tesla repair guy came over and fixed it. Seems a rat had eaten through a cable which he was able to patch. We found some rat poop in...
  15. J

    2018 Model S 75D / 6,500 Miles / Los Angeles, CA

    Overview - Offered at $63k. - 6,500 miles. - Excellent condition. - Original owner. - More photos available to interested buyers. Specs: - 2018 Model S 75D - Range: 259 miles - AWD - Midnight Silver Metallic Paint - Glass Roof - 19" Silver Slipstream Wheels - Black Premium Interior -...
  16. P

    2016 Model S for Sale

    Beautiful 2016 75D model S for sale. Midnight silver metallic with 37,000 miles and still under full factory warranty. New tires and Weathertech floor mats. Autopilot 1 Located in Rochester NY Asking $48,000 Thanks.
  17. M

    What are you thoughts on buying used Tesla from Non Tesla Dealer

    Should I be wary of buying from a random car lot? This is the car if it helps. Autotrader - page unavailable
  18. BlackHammer

    2018 White Model S 75D w/ Enhanced AP for Sale

    Hi Everyone, I am putting up my 2018 White Model S for sale. Asking for $63k. The car is located in California! This is my daily driver which currently has 14000 miles on it and does not have unlimited supercharging that could be transferred. Just purchased Enhanced Autopilot in January. Always...
  19. N

    Model S 75D for Sale

    Have a model s 75d manufactured 12/2016 with the following specs for sale: - all wheel drive - enhanced autopilot - full self-driving capability - full glass roof - 21” grey turbine wheels with brand new tires - black exterior color - grey next generation interior seats - black alcantara...
  20. N

    Sentry Mode Bug

    So I have my MS 2018 for 54 days now and twice all of a sudden all the sensors stopped working. No rain sensor, no cruise available, no sentry mode videos, no enhance AP and no driving aid. I figured either the AP computer is gone or cameras needs some alignment. The first time it happened...
  21. R

    Tesla Model S 75D for sale Free Supercharging (UK Based)

    Hello All, With our family getting bigger the time has come to say good by to my beloved Model S 75D and move into a Model X (so not all bad). This car has been hands down the best I’ve ever owned and is in great condition. Full details are below. I have a model X on its way over to the UK and...
  22. J

    2016 Tesla Model S 70D White Under 15,000 Miles (Chicago Area)

    Selling my Tesla Model S 70D (battery can be upgraded to 75 for $500). It was purchased new, by me directly from Tesla and picked up from the Tesla Chicago dealership. It currently has 14,941 miles with battery never going below 10%. The car is in great condition and well kept in a garage. I...
  23. W

    2016 Model S 75D For Sale

    Tesla 2016 Model S 75D For Sale I'm only selling because I'm upgrading to the P100D. Garage-kept. Frequently custom detailed. Mint interior. Features are: adaptive cruise, auto drive, factory navigation system, heated leather sport seats, heated steering wheel, full LED lighting package, Ultra...
  24. B

    2017 S75D Looking to Swap Lease with 2017 X75D

    Hello! I have a still like-new Model S 75D 10K miles in Blue with White interior (AP2.5) and while my wife and I love it, falcon wing doors would be great for our new addition to the family. Anyone with a comparable 2017 Model X (6 seats only) looking to swap leases for a Model S? Please...
  25. N

    Am I experiencing degradation already?

    I picked up my MS 75D three weeks ago today. Charged it to 100% overnight as I’ve got a long trip today. When i woke up this morning the full charge is only 251 but I thought it should be 259. Car only has 1100 miles on it charged almost exclusively on 110 outlet for first week and then NEMA...
  26. S

    Why isn't there a section for all things software?

    I see driving Dynamics, purchasing, handling, UI but I don't see software section. I mean really?!? The only area of the car s/x/3 that gets updated every two weeks and there is no section for the. Mods? I see autopilot, UI, maps/GPS, fsd all part of this section. Is anyone listening?
  27. W

    Any suggestions on Model S options?

    Hi there, I'm a newbie here but I have been a Tesla fanboy for a while. I heard that this forum is friendly and helpful, so here I am with a few questions. Thanks in advance and hopefully I can become a owner soon. Is Full Self-Driving Capability just a "software switch" and Enhanced...
  28. G

    2017 Model S 75D (White); 15,524 mi; Unlimited Supercharging; $77K

    Hello Everybody! I’m selling my 2017 Model S 75D (Upgraded from 60D) with 15,524 miles, and unlimited supercharging for $77K. (Custom order, delivered March 2017). Vehicle was uncorked and upgraded to current firmware during its yearly service. Location: Los Angeles, CA Windows are tinted...
  29. S

    Damaged Wing Mirror - £1,100 Repair Bill

    Images attached. It was completely my fault. I was reversing off the drive when I noticed a recycling bag in the middle of the road obstructing my exit. This distracted me for 2 seconds, during which the car continued to roll back, but it was at the crucial point when I was passing through two...
  30. T

    Selling my Tesla - Model S - 75D

    Sept 2016 Tesla Model S 75D dream car for sale! Serious offers only please. This all wheel drive car is fully loaded minus rear heated seats and rear facing 3rd row seats. Features include a deep blue metallic exterior, panoramic sunroof, 19" Silver Slipstream wheels, large touch screen...
  31. sublimejackman

    2200 Mile Supercharger Trip (DC to Omaha and Back)

    Last week I took delivery of a new Tesla Model S 75D and I thought, I should take this on a road trip. I wanted to pick a state that I had never been to. Unfortunately I have been to every east coast state and most midwest states. However, after a friend made a joke about Nebraska, I decided on...
  32. kilocar

    Like-new 2017 Model S 75D for sale or long-term rental

    Hi everyone. I'd like to test the waters on a program I've been thinking about offering for a while now. My current business is being acquired as of Sept 1st, so I'm thinking it's a good time to ramp it up if there's enough interest out there. I purchased this Tesla in July 2017. It was a...
  33. IGotEastBay

    Road Trip Advice - Walnut Creek to Cambria to Monterey

    Hi all, I'm going to be taking my first road trip in my 75D MS. We're going from Walnut Creek to Cambria for a few days and then to Marina (near Monterey) before heading home. Any recommendations on routes to take/super charging strategy/any tips or advice for MS road trips/etc would be...
  34. V

    FS: White Model S75D Aug 2016 Refresh AP SoCal

    Hi Everyone, We’re looking to sell our S75D since we will be purchasing a model X. I have mixed feelings parting because it has been a great and precious car for us. We’re looking to sell it for $67,500.00 or best offer. Planning to trade it in within the next 1 to 2 weeks. I am located in...
  35. T

    2016 - Model S 75D - Arizona - For Sale

    I am currently looking to sell my model S that I received in September of 2016 in preparation of my Model 3 delivery. Only looking for serious offers only. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Model S 75D includes: Miles: 23,382 Location: Phoenix, Arizona - Dual Motor All Wheel...
  36. IGotEastBay

    Loud Noise Coming From Back

    Hi all, My 2017 MS 75D is a little bit short of 2 weeks since pick up. A few days ago I was driving on the freeway and then back through town and noticed a loud noise coming from the back. Was tough to hear at first because I had music on, but when the volume lowered for the nav after the...
  37. T

    Autopilot 2.0 is dangerous

    Hi everyone, So I understand that AP 2.0 is still "beta" which is kind of frustrating to begin with because I purchased my AP 2.0 Model S in December and its almost May and I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel when a fully rolled out version will become available. Anyway now that I...
  38. IGotEastBay

    Just Ordered 60D...Do I Upgrade to 75D?

    Hi all, Placed an order for my first Tesla, a 60D, yesterday just before the options change. After placing the order, I noticed that the base price was dropped for the 75D and the power lift gate was added as standard. It was a bummer because I got the premium upgrades package primarily for the...
  39. S

    Richmond, VA 2016 AP2 Tesla Model S75D 8k Miles For Sale

    got in December 2016. Want to get a P100D now....love it...but need to sell this one. Need a number in the 80k range. Will attach pics shortly. Perfect condition.
  40. C

    POLL : Did you buy a Model S 60 or a 75?

    In light of the cancellation of the Model S 60 and 60D, and Tesla's explanation of why it was cancelled (low 60&60D sales), I thought it would be good to take a poll. So... of the buyers of Model S 60s and 75s, which one did you purchase? Full disclosure, I bought a 60D :)
  41. P

    Poor Local Support

    I took delivery about 2 weeks ago and have muddled through the manual... I have lots of questions but the delivery specialist takes days to respond to calls or emails, didn't tell me about things such as extended warranties, optimal battery charging (found it in the manual) and when I didn't get...
  42. T

    How to calculate Range Loss %

    Hi everyone, Happy new year!! I am having a major senior moment and I need some mathematical help. I am typically one of those who is really good at math and physics but perhaps its the state of affairs in the world or a nasty head cold that I, for the life of me, cannot assess what is the...
  43. singleview

    Recommendations for floor mats for Model S?

    Hi folks - any recommendations for floor mats for the 2016 Model S? I live in Pittsburgh (expecting more snow/salt etc). The ones from Tesla (All Weather Interior Set for $245) are out of stock! Thanks!
  44. Az_Rael

    Grey seats going away...

    From a insider/leaker Reddit account: Bye bye grey seats • /r/teslamotors That is really too bad. The grey seats are what I would have picked if buying new.