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model s deliveries

  1. Boourns

    Took delivery of my CPO Model S today

    Well, today was the day I honestly thought would never come. I took delivery of a Model S. It's a pearl white classic 85 bought as a certified preowned. Build date 12/15/12. No tech package, obviously no AP, textile seats, but it's still the most incredible car I have ever owned or driven. It...
  2. mspohr

    20 Hardware changes a week!

    The recent MotorTrend review of the S P85D focused on the incredible performance of the car. However, there was one nugget buried in the story... The reporter mentioned that Elon told him that they are making an average of 20 hardware changes a week to the car. I know nothing about the auto...
  3. NoMoGas

    Well, Now I did it... Now what?

    So I went and pulled the trigger on my order today after reading all I think my brain can handle. Here is my build. Curious as to your thoughts? 21" Silver Turbine Wheels 85 kWh Performance Alcantara Headliner All Glass Panoramic Roof Brown Metallic Paint Carbon Fiber Spoiler Extended Nappa...
  4. D

    2Q 2013 Model S Deliveries Potential Surprise

    I don't know if this is being tracked anywhere but according to my rough calculations, we could be in for another surprise for the 2nd Quarter Model S deliveries number. I don't think the market has gotten wind of this yet...but maybe they will with this thread. Here's what I'm seeing. Please...