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model s refresh

  1. S

    2022 Model S LR, MMS, Black - $94,999

    Seeing what is out there. Currently 10,800 miles and has been personally detailed every other week. No damage or issues with the car whatsoever. Currently looking to sell since I like my Jeep a little more than I should but I am only selling for the right price. Instant trade in is at 90k so it...
  2. S

    Model S manually tilted screen - fixed

    I've just finished tilting the screen on my 2021 MS longrange manually. A few pictures are attached and when I have more time I'll write up some step by step directions how do go about this. It took me about two hours to figure this out but I guess it would only take about 45 minutes now to...
  3. S

    2021-2022 Model S Plaid/refresh ride heights with different rims/tires

    Looking to see if I can get some other opinions on the matter. I currently have 19" rims and tires and I'm wondering what's the ride height of the 21" arachnids. Very-high 30" top of wheel well 7 1/2 Front lip High 29 1/2" top of wheel well 7 Front lip Medium 28 1/2" top of wheel well 6 3/4...
  4. J

    Multi-Device Bluetooth....Where Is It?

    When Tesla first unveiled the refreshed Model S/X, they promised multi-device Bluetooth which would presumably be useful for rear-seat passengers watching media on the second-row screen. It doesn't seem like this feature has been added yet. Does anyone have any insight into if/when this will...
  5. Y

    2021 Model S LR 1-month Observations and Issues

    I've been living with my 2021 S LR for about a month now. I absolutely love this car, and wanted to start writing about my experiences good and bad, including several issues I've observed for which there may hopefully be a resolution, as well as adding another data point to many of the ongoing...
  6. S

    2022 - Model S LR Refresh (yoke), Red exterior, White interior, 19" rims (reservation)

    2022 - Model S LR Refresh (yoke), Red exterior, White interior, 19" rims reservation for sale. Asking 15k for the transfer of the car and you get it ASAP, with your name on the title etc. (yes this is possible). Location is so-cal and delivery is estimated for Dec 20-24th but can be pushed to...
  7. C

    Refresh MS media interface

    I am considering picking up a Plaid but I wanted to ask about the UI, specifically the media controls. I am in the minority of people in that I generally prefer to drive in silence. One of the most infuriating things for me and my current 2017 Model S is that every time I get into the car 1/3...
  8. S

    2021 - Model S LR Refresh (yoke), Blue exterior, white interior, 19" rims delivery De6th-14th.

    2021 - Model S LR Refresh (yoke), Blue exterior, interior interior, 19" rims reservation for sale. Asking 15k for the reservation with access to the account and all your details on the reservation (yes this is possible). Location is so-cal and delivery is estimated between Dec 6th - 14th. The...
  9. S

    2021 refresh MSLR MSM / cream / 21" for sale in TX

    Hi all, I'm selling my refresh midnight silver / cream Model S Long Range with 21" arachnids with ~650 miles. I took delivery at the end of September. It was inventory car that briefly came available in GA that I jumped on and had shipped to TX since my Plaid reservation (white interior) was...
  10. mikey_bs

    Model S refresh - Reduced Front Radar Visibility

    I recently took delivery of a refreshed Model S. Over the last few weeks when trying to engage auto pilot I am receiving an error message “Reduced front radar visibility”. It’s very spotty, sometimes I’ll be able to use AP for a minute or two when newly getting in the car for the day or trip...
  11. mikey_bs

    MS LR Black / White / 21's trade for Black / Black / 21's

    I know I have mentioned this a few times in other posts so I apologize for the redundancy in advance! I currently have a Mid June RN1151 (pre 10k) build Black / White / 21's with an EDD of Nov 23- Dec 13. Anyone with a Black / Black / 21's - pre 10k increase looking to swap reservations? I...
  12. Woundman

    Model S Refresh: Suma Performance Mirrors

    So unfortunately, Tesla redesigned the mirrors on the Model S refresh. The current Model S Suma Performance mirrors will not fit the Model S Plaid / Long Range. Figured I'd post and let others know. Owner was super nice and allowed me to return the mirrors.
  13. mikey_bs

    WTB / TRADE Reservation X refresh for S refresh

    Hi All, I have a refresh Model X reservation, pre price hike. Black / Black / 22s. Looking to trade with a Model S Black / Black / 21s. If anyone is selling their reservation I would be willing to pay for a sooner delivery date and / or pre price hike would be a bonus! only looking for...
  14. A

    Refresh model S/X displayed at a showroom?

    Hello all - very happy model 3 owner here and (possible) future X owner. Does anyone know if there any refreshed model S/X on display at any showrooms/studio/store anywhere? I’m going to be in the Bay Area next week - is the Fremont factory worth a visit for a quick photo?
  15. Leeon

    Refresh Model S spotted in San Diego...

    Seen a 2021 Refresh Model S in San Diego. White on White... and I can confirm it had the Yolk steering wheel. Didn't have a rear badge so I’m assuming it was the long range. Looking forward to an update on my order.
  16. H

    WTB Refreshed Model S 21in Arachnids

    Hello, Anyone looking to sell their Refreshed 21in Arachnids wheels + tires please reply or message me. I am located in the Bay Area. I know it is a bit early, but figured I'd start a thread now just in case anyone is already planning on buy/selling. Thanks

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