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model s upgrades

  1. T

    No upgrades since v2020.48.37.8

    Hi, all I have a model S, 2016 mcu1. The last software update was several months ago, v2020.48.37.8 (yes, that was in sept 2021, so the naming convention didn’t exactly hold). Any clues why? I’m assuming the older MCU is the reason I’m ignored for any new features including security...
  2. TSportline

    Vendor Tesla Model S Flow Forged Wheels - Model TSS Available in 19" & 20"

    The T Sportline TSS Tesla Model S Flow Forged Wheel is built exclusively for the Tesla Model S. It's manufactured in a flow forged process and is available in 3 colors: Space Gray, Gloss Black, and Matte Black. Our Space Gray finish contains dark tones of grey and black mixed with metallic...
  3. mspohr

    20 Hardware changes a week!

    The recent MotorTrend review of the S P85D focused on the incredible performance of the car. However, there was one nugget buried in the story... The reporter mentioned that Elon told him that they are making an average of 20 hardware changes a week to the car. I know nothing about the auto...
  4. T

    Installing DRL lights after purchase.

    I have recently purchase the model S and regret not ordering the Tech package because I didn't realize it included the driving led lights ( which I love). I'm wondering if I can get them installed after the fact. I don't care if they stay on or don't show up on screen. Is there a way to get these?
  5. RFBrost

    Model S Upgrades

    I have always considered my Model S a luxury and I think scrimping on a luxury is self defeating, consequently when I ordered my Model S I bought a fully loaded P85. There were two features that many of us wanted and were not then available for purchase: 1) Power Folding Mirrors 2) Parking...