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model x deliveries

  1. S

    Deliveries of $80k X?

    Have any been delivered? Anyone have VIN?
  2. S

    Delivery Took 3 WEEKS!

    Hey everyone, I ordered my X P90D on September 11. I take delivery on Friday, September 30. This is insane how many cars are being pumped out. My vin is already in the 21,000's!
  3. 1

    When is everyone expecting their Model X to be delivered?

    Hi, this is my 1st post :rolleyes: I'm super interested in buying an X, but skeptical with delivery dates. I live in NY, and the Manhattan store said I could get delivery on a new order in “June or July” as long as I do the six or seven seat configuration. I'm open to buying from other...
  4. S

    Looking to buy a Model X....

    I have decided on an X over an S, but the early adopter "issues" have my better half a bit spooked. Is there anyone out there who has had issues with their X so severe that they regret the purchase? Are afraid to drive it? Put it up for sale? Or is it fair to say that with all the "issues" you...
  5. V

    My 15 Issues with the Model X, that I found during delivery

    Hi All- I picked up my Model X about a month ago and finally had the time to take photos and document all of the physical/cosmetic issues I have with the car, that has been there since delivery. I'm sharing this in hope that you don't have the same issues, please check out these areas when you...
  6. P

    Good News!

    Apologies if this should be moved to Ordering, Production, Delivery threads but I just had to share! It looks like I'll be getting my X delivered around the 1st week of February:biggrin:! I got off the phone with the Service Center a little while ago and they told me it "was finishing up...
  7. Father Bill

    Unloading of First Model X in Saint Louis, MO

    I happened to be at the Saint Louis SC yesterday for some warranty work when a delivery truck came in. I went out to see what new vehicles would be coming in. It just so happened that the first one off the truck was a Signature Red Model X. I snagged about a minute of it coming off the truck...
  8. volkerbradley

    Signature Model X deliveries in New England

    Has anyone confirmed the delivery of a Signature Model X in New England?