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model x launch

  1. DrivingTheFuture

    Which Tesla Stores will be first to Display the X???

    I spoke to a manager in Florida and she said probably late March 2016 is when they would have their first Model X. Please share if you know of other states/ timelines.
  2. engle

    Elon Musk Founder 1 Data and VIN Plate [photos] and My Initial X Reaction

    I photographed Elon's Founder #1 data plate and VIN to see what the GVWR is for tax purposes. Great news!! It's 3,070 kg (6,768 lb). This means the max. weight of vehicle with passengers and cargo. Since it's over 6,000 lbs. it will qualify for accelerated depreciation compared to a passenger...
  3. N

    Could this be a Tesla Model X Event Rather than Apple?

    Apple iPhone 6S event could be way bigger than we thought - Business Insider
  4. E

    Delay in model X launch?

    [deleted as per user's request]
  5. M

    Model S Body Refresh Coming in Sept/Oct?

    Buy now or wait for 2016 model? We are moving back to the U.S. in July. We had an opportunity to drive 2 Model S' in Switzerland and really like the car. We placed an order for a 70D earlier this month for US delivery in August, but then canceled as we thought we might be staying in Europe...