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  1. I

    Puget Sound Tinting

    What places could you recommend in the Puget Sound area that does exceptional tints for cheap? And what's the best percentage range for specific areas? (Trunk, Front & Rear Windows, & Upper Pano Windshield) (Mind you, this is for a 2016 X)
  2. I

    WTB Model X Signature Paperweight w/ Box

    If anyone has one of these to sell please let me know! Looking to buy one ideally with the box. Thanks!
  3. DrivingTheFuture

    Any Sig X Deliveries in Dade County/ Miami FL area over next 3 Days???

    Since MaxK in Tampa had issues that prevented the show and tell, just wondered if anyone is aware of upcoming deliveries before new years or if some vehicles will be at service center. After scrolling through all the VIN debate, I will NOT be posting VINs so don't be scared! ;)
  4. yearofthedragon

    Aftermarket Wheels for the Model X

    Taking delivery of my White Sig next month. Which wheel do you think looks better? Can't decide. Found these wheels here: Instagram
  5. engle

    From Inside Sales Rep: Latest News re: Signatures, Production Configuration, etc.

    Yesterday I emailed [email protected] to ask about "Chargergate" and whether or not we will have the option to upgrade Production X's to 72 amps (instead of 48) for faster destination charging. I received a phone call this morning from the same Inside Sales Rep that contacted gordonbremer...
  6. engle

    Model X 9/29 Launch Event Preparations [w/ photos] and Some Predictions

    On Saturday afternoon, I stopped by 901 Page Avenue to check out X Launch Event preparations. It's a huge empty factory/warehouse type building that Tesla leased after Solyndra failed. Based upon what I saw, and what occurred at the Model S Delivery Event, this is what I think is going to...
  7. A-E

    WANTED: Model X Signature will pay over MSRP

    Is anyone interested in selling me their Model X Signature reservation? I am willing to pay over MSRP. Please PM me if you are interested or you can call me directly at 310.920.5454 to discuss.