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model y 19 inch wheels

  1. B

    Studded winter tires for Model Y

    I bought a second set of 19" Gemini rims (used) and put on Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 SUV (Studded) 255/45R19XL 104T tires from Tires-easy. Have had them on about a month, and we love them. I was surprised how quiet they are in the model Y compared to studded tires on our other cars. I'm not a...
  2. J

    Trade 19" Gemini Wheels for 20" Induction or 21" Uberturbine - Orange County

    Picked up my MYLR with 19" Geminis this week and looking to trade for either the Inductions or Uberturbines (can include some cash). Sounds like some folks end up preferring the 19s over the Inductions or Uberturbines so figured I would check. Located in Orange County.
  3. A

    Tesla 2022 Model Y Long Range Reservation for Sale

    Hello! I have a reservation for a 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD I am unable to take delivery on, which I am happy to sell for $5,000. Pick-up is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Details on the vehicle are below. I can transfer the registration into someone else's name. Cost of Vehicle +...
  4. D

    Range of 2020 Model Y Stealth Performance

    I have a 2020 Stealth Performance Model Y (18XXX) and for a long time now my max range has CLEARLY been 280 miles despite the range being advertised at the time as 315 miles (assuming 100% charge, EPA estimate) Is anyone aware of Tesla using software to limit the range of these cars? I know...
  5. M

    2021 Model Y long range real world range

    I have been driving Model Y in Alberta, Canada for last 2 months. I mostly drive on highways ranging from 110 to 120kmph speed on cruise control. I have been getting the range around 400km per full battery charging equivalent. On colder days like today (-13 c) even less. Tesla says it’s because...
  6. V

    Model Y 19’’ Gemini Wheels for sale

    Selling stock 19’’ Gemini Wheels. Brand new tires and my model Y just got delivered directly from Fremont Factory. Less than 10 miles on these tires. Local pick-up only in BAY AREA,CA. Can't ship. Reason for sale: I want to put on the 21" wheels. Asking $2500 or obo
  7. A

    Sold Selling Brand New Tesla Model Y OEM 19" Wheels, Tires, TPMS - ALL INCLUDED

    Brand new wheels and tires for 2021 Tesla Model Y. Recently had car delivered and immediately swapped out the wheels and tires for alternative wheels and tires. Maybe 2 miles on the OEM tires, all brand new. TPSM included. Please PM if interested. Tires are Continental. 19" Gemini Wheels...
  8. Jylbn

    FS: Model Y Gemini Wheels w/ Tires, TPMS & Aero Covers $2500

    Selling like-new OEM Model Y Gemini wheels and with TPMS and aero covers. Asking price: $2,500 Great condition and low miles! Zero curb rash. Newly taken off from our 3-month old MY when we replaced the wheels (Martian wheels *very* delayed). Includes (all OEM): -Gemini wheels 19" x4...
  9. G

    4 Gemini wheels with black covers, SF Bay Area

    I will have 4 Gemini wheels for sale next week. Replaced mine with aftermarket but will reuse tires and TPMS. Wheels and covers only, no tires. Both in great shape, no curb rash on either. Covers plastidiped black. Located in SF Bay Area and prefer to sell locally. Price is 600 firm. All you...
  10. S

    Wanted: Gemini Wheels (w/ or w/o Tires)

    Looking to buy someone's Gemini Tesla Model Y Wheels. Located in GTA I know a lot of people choose the Geminis and are now switching to an aftermarket set so just checking to see if I can pick up an extra set! If this post is up, I am still looking to buy.
  11. A

    Winter is coming. Best All-weather tire and rims for snow and mixed conditions?

    I took delivery of my MY 7 seater in February and promptly put it to the test in a snowstorm in the mountains of N. Arizona. It passed with flying colors, but I’m pretty sure I will want all-weather tire that are snow rated come December. Does anyone know of good options for the Gemini wheels...
  12. J

    FS: 2021 MY 19” Gemini wheels/tires

    Brand new 2020/2021 Tesla Model Y 19” Gemini Wheels and Tires - in mint condition 255/45/19 with only 100 miles Continental TPMS not included Upgraded to 20” aftermarket and looking to sell these. Prefer local or close to Atlanta pickup $1250 OBO
  13. TheRod

    Painted Gemini wheels

    Hi y'all, I just painted the Gemini wheels on my 2021 Mode Y LR. I'm so happy with the outcome that I had to post ☺️
  14. S

    2021 Model Y Squeaking Noise

    Any idea what might be an issue here? Already put a service request to check out.
  15. Z

    Please QUICK help with TIRE Selection for Aftermarket Wheels MYP

    Hi, Im super excited to pick up my MYP this coming up week, and I need to buy tires for 18x8.5" or at most 19x8.5" I would like to get Purecontacts LS 245/50R18 load index 100v for both front and back, is that an absolute NO since load index is lower?? im not going to be towing or carrying...
  16. R

    WTB Gemini Wheels/Tires/TPMS -Michigan

    Hello All, I just changed my order from a MY LR since they kept pushing my delivery date back to a MYP… I’m hoping that one actually comes within the 4-5 range that is estimated. Anyway, now I need a set of winter tires and I’d prefer to just get some geminis with the TPMS installed so it’s an...
  17. A

    2020 Model Y LR AWD For Sale

    Hello, Selling my Model Y - Long Range, AWD black exterior and white interior. We have interests in moving to a 7 seater vs the 5 seater and looking to sell our vehicle. We have 7,226 miles on this vehicle as of 8/25/2021 and only use this for local driving. Also, have two upgrades - 1) Full...
  18. S

    Induction vs. Gemini Ride Quality & Winter Driving

    Hello, I'm planning to order a Y and can't decide between the wheels. The induction wheels obviously look way cooler but I'm concerned about the hit in range, how they drive in the snow (we drive into the Rockies quite frequently) and how rough are they off road. Does anyone have any experience...
  19. R

    FS: $1300 MY 19” Geminis Wheels/Tires/TPMS

    Located in Burlingame, CA 2 wheels have curb rash on the rim edge of the wheel, pictured, and priced accordingly 1386 miles when taken off, includes TPMS Willing to ship in continental US
  20. T

    Model Y Gemini wheels for sale

    Hello all, Selling my 19 inch Gemini wheels with everything you see in pictures including sensors. They have 4,800 miles on them. No rashes or scratches. Excellent condition. $1,400. Located in Cypress, Texas
  21. Tsportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories 4th of July Sale: 10% Off and Free Shipping to the US & Canada!*

    4th of July Sale Terms and Conditions: 10% Off on select custom services and products. Free Shipping to the United States and Canada. Certain exclusions apply. Sale ends Monday, July 5, 2021.
  22. S

    FS: NEW 19' Gemini wheels Model Y

    NEW Model Y 19’ Gemini wheels for sale with TMPS; less than 200 miles on them, mint condition. I decided to get after market wheels Price $1500 + Shipping if needed Location: Utah
  23. E

    FS: 2021 Model Y 19” Gemini Wheels/Tires

    Hi everyone! I’m in the DMV area but also willing to travel farther away to sell these Gemini wheels! I eventually got the induction wheels, so I’m looking to sell these to anyone who preferably needs them, thank you! Wheel Info: 5000 Miles No damage of any sort 19in.
  24. P

    Trade 20” induction for 19” Gemini in Kansas City or Omaha area

    Looking to trade out my induction 20 inch wheels with 19 inch Gemini’s in the Kansas C. Wheels and tires only have 6,000 miles on them. No curb rash please text or call 402-840-1585
  25. Tsportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories Father's Day Sale: Free Shipping to the US & Canada!

    Father's Day Sale Terms & Conditions: Free Shipping to the United States and Canada. Online orders only. Free Shipping ends Sunday, June 20, 2021.
  26. R

    Charging cable included with a new model Y

    What cable is included with a model Y? What socket will it plug into? What should I have an electrician install?
  27. R

    Service Center in Connecticut curb rashed my Tesla

    Not sure if anyone else has had to deal with this issue but the Tesla Service center I took my car to curb rashed the passenger side wheels. I'm so annoyed because I've had the car a few months and was SO careful with it but the so called Tesla experts messed it up in less than 2 hours. Any...
  28. R

    Battery Range for Perf Model Y with 19” Wheels

    Hi, I have a 2021 Performance Model Y and replaced factory 21” Wheels with 19” Wheels from T-sportsline. I changed the wheel size settings in the car to 19” Gemini and rebooted. It still shows max range is approx 300 miles at 100% charge on the battery meter. Should that now have updated to...
  29. Tsportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories Memorial Day Sale: 10% Off and Get Free Shipping to the US & Canada!*

    Tesla Accessories Memorial Day Sale Offer Terms & Conditions *10% Off and Free Shipping within the US & Canada. Online orders only. Discount excludes Wholesale Orders. Free Shipping for customers within the US and Canada only. Referral discounts and links are ineligible. Sale ends Tuesday, June...
  30. A

    Sold Model Y Gemini Wheels and caps for sale (Seattle area)

    Selling the original set of 4 Model Y Gemini wheels and caps. I replaced them with aftermarket wheels 1 month (and 800 miles) after purchasing the vehicle. Excellent condition Price: $800 Location for pick-up: Mercer Island, Washington
  31. T

    Model Y 19’ Gemini wheels

    I just bought a set of tsportline 19’ wheels to replace the stock Gemini wheels. I’m really stoked on how they turned out, but now I’m looking to sell my geminis and wanted to see if anyone had a recommendation on where to sell them.
  32. A

    Time to buy Model Y in New Jersey?

    Hey guys, I’m looking for some guidance on when to order the Model Y. Wife and I fell in love with it and really looking forward to getting it with the 3rd row. I’ve seen there are incentives to take advantage of but, currently New Jersey is out of funds and it might come back in July? And then...
  33. W

    Model Y rims on Model 3

    Bought a used, black 2018 Model 3 last year and come to find out, my wheels are pretty damaged structurally so I'm looking into some new ones. I have the 19" sport rims that I have painted black. I'm not sure if I want to get the sport rims again, unpainted, or if I want to do something new. I...
  34. W

    For sale: Model Y 19 inch Geminis and covers

    Hi guys! I have new Geminis for sale in SoCal, preferably for local pick up. I replaced them the first day I had the vehicle. I have 15 miles on them. Pretty much brand new. I am in Irvine. I can ship them or can deliver them for a fee in SoCal. Let me know if interested. $950
  35. S

    Model Y 19" Gemini Wheels for sale with Tires (NO TPMS)

    Wheels/Tires are like new (about 1k miles on them so far, primarily highway miles). I am replacing them with aftermarket wheels and will KEEP the TPMS. 1500 OBO (located in Orange County, California) Ideally we can make the sale at Americas Tire in Costa Mesa where I will install my new...
  36. Tsportline

    Vendor T Sportline President's Day Sale - Free Shipping in the US & Canada

  37. G

    FS: 19 inch Gemini Tires Only

    Selling stock tires for 19 inch wheels from model Y. 300 miles on them, no issues, just got new tires for colder weather climate. $750 pickup in Portland, OR area.
  38. J

    FS: Model Y 19” Gemini Wheels & Caps! $1,300

    Located in Boston, MA Willing to ship at buyer’s expense Selling my Gemini wheels with caps. Great for winter wheels or if you want the most range and most comfortable ride possible! Thank you!
  39. J

    Problems with Model Y original 19" tires?

    Hey folks... Today I got my new snow tires put on my 2020 LR AWD Model Y with 8500 miles on the original Continentals. As the guys were pulling off my rear tires one of them commented on how much wear there was, all the way down to the wear bar indicators. This was the same on both rear tires...
  40. BZM3

    My Model Y Pick-up Experience and Car Quality/Feel

    Thought I'd share my pickup experience from today. Purchased new Model Y Long Range, White exterior, black interior, 19'' wheels. Car had a small paint blemish above the right rear wheel, our sales agent made note and added it to their system so that it's repair will be free of charge and at...
  41. dmj080

    TRADE - Daly City, CA - 21" Uberturbines for 20" Inductions or 19" Geminis

    Finally, got my 20” Martian MW03s yesterday, and I’m looking to trade my 21” Uberturbines. Anyone is the SF Bay Area looking to change the look of their AWD DM and swap their 20” Inductions or 19" Geminis, let me know. Uberturbines have about 2K miles on them. Located in Daly City.
  42. Tsportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories Labor Day Weekend Sale: 10% Off and Get Free Shipping to US & Canada!*

    Labor Day Weekend Sale Terms & Conditions *10% Off and Free Shipping within the US & Canada: Online orders only. 10% Off discount excludes Wholesale Orders, Model Y 19" TSS Wheels, Model Y 19" TSS Wheel & Tire Packages, Model Y 19" TST Wheels, Model Y 19" TST Wheel & Tire Packages and Off-Menu...
  43. A

    Long Island/Tri-state Uberturbine for Induction/Gemini Trade

    Hi all, My model Y performance is scheduled for delivery this weekend and I am looking to see if anyone is interested in trading my uberturbines in new condition for induction wheels with cash on your end. Open to gemini depending on the offer. Will update this post as I take delivery.
  44. Tsportline

    Vendor Tesla Model Y 19" Flow Forged Wheels - Model TSS & TST

    Tesla Model Y 19" TSS & TST are available for Pre-Order! Get FREE SHIPPING for a Limited Time on all pre-sale orders to the United States and Canada! Fits all Tesla Model Y. Manufactured in a Flow Forged Process. Fully tested to the JWL, VIA & SAE J2530 standard. Accepts factory Tesla center...
  45. MrTemple

    Wiki Model Y 19" vs 20" Decision Guide

    UPDATE (June 25, 2021): I went a whole winter with my Replika near-lookalikes, and now I've done several months back on my 20" Inductions. I'm super happy with both. I love the look of the Inductions a bit better, but dang the curb anxiety is real again. They stick so far out the tire, being...
  46. J

    Where to buy winter wheels

    Hey folks... The following are the original wheel information and I have been unable to find a source that are not incredibly expensive . I plan on getting a new set of Nokian Hakkapeliitta 3 R SUV for the winter. My local tire shop price for a new wheel in $250 and form the tire $305...
  47. truqueso

    Looking to sell my OEM Gemini (19") wheels. Full set.

    Hi all! I took delivery last week of my LR MY and am looking to swap my Gemini wheels out for 18" ones for a softer ride and extended range. So as of next Tues/Wed - i'll have a brand new (less than 25 miles) set of MY Gemini wheels for sale. I'm in the Bay Area but can also drive these down...
  48. Tsportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories 4th of July Sale: 10 % Off and Get Free Shipping within US & Canada!

    4th of July Weekend Sale Terms & Conditions *10% Off and Free Shipping within the US & Canada: Online orders only. 10% Off discount excludes Wholesale Orders and Model Y 19" TSS & TST Wheel Pre-Orders. Free Shipping for customers within the US and Canada only. Discounted Shipping to select...
  49. Tsportline

    Vendor Tesla Accessories Father's Day Sale: Free Shipping to the US & Canada!*

    *Free Shipping within the US & Canada: Online orders only. Discount excludes Wholesale Orders. Free Shipping for customers within the US and Canada only. Model S Front Bumper Refresh, Model 3/Y Carbon Fiber Dash, Model 3 Trunk Wing and Model 3 Lowering Springs are excluded from Free Shipping to...

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