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model y performance

  1. Teedub21

    21” MYP Uberturbine wheels, tires & TPMS like new less than 300 miles Vancouver WA for sale

    Selling my like new factory 21” Uberturbine wheels with Michelin all seasons and TPMS sensors from my 2023 Model Y Performance Less than 300 miles, not a scratch. Pick up only in Vancouver Washington. $2200.
  2. M

    What is the consensus on the optimal tire size for the MYP with 21" Uberturbines?

    Stock tires are 275/35/21 on the rear 10.5" wheels and 255/35/21 on 9.5" wheels in the front. These tires look stretched, have little to no protection for the rims, and ride quality is jarring on imperfections on the road Which scenario plays out the best? 1) Move the rear tires onto the...
  3. M

    Want to sell MYP Reservation in NJ

    I’m not looking to make any money, just looking to get my $250 back. I reserved it before the $1000 price raise as well, pickup will be at the Lawrence Township NJ location. Here are specs and final price: Model Y Performance Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Midnight Silver Metallic Paint Performance...
  4. T

    Modely Y LR7 vs Performance and general "Is this is a good idea?" Help :-)

    Hi. So I've just moved to Wisconsin from Europe and was originally planning to buy something big car wise like you can do in the USA, but also something big to help get through the snowy winter months we have here. Was looking at a Jeep for example, but realised that wouldn't be comfortable as a...
  5. majo

    Model Y Performance Waiting Room...

    Hello everyone, with all the Model Y demand mania right now, I thought there should be a separate thread for those who ordered the Performance version since it has a separate delivery timeline... If you ordered a Performance version and wish to participate, please list your Configuration, Order...
  6. G

    Martian Wheel MW03 18" 8.5 fits Model Y Performance?

    I know the 19 works but wondering if 18 can fit the performance model. thanks
  7. V

    Where to sell 2023 Model Y Performance Reservation??

    I have reserved Model Y P two weeks ago (before price hikes) and estimated delivery is Mar 7th - Mar 31st. I want to sell my reservation!!
  8. U

    Light Weight 20x9 or 20x9.5 Wheels?

    23 MYP in blue coming in later this month and I absolutely hate the 21" uberturdines. So Im going to replace with a 20x9 or 9.5" square set up running 275/40 tires. I'm looking for light weight black or bronze wheels but not finding anything coming in less than the Fast FC04 at ~24lbs. For the...
  9. M

    WTT 21” MYP Uberturbine Wheels for 20” inductions + Cash. (SoCal)

    I have a Model Y Performance on the way with set of 21" Uberturbine wheels with an estimated delivery date between February 7th and February 21st in Irvine, CA. I am open to trading my Uberturbines for a set of 20” Inductions + cash. If you're interested in this trade, or would like to present...
  10. C

    Tesla Model Y Performance Square Setup 22s

    I have some 265/35/22's I wanted to try. Anyone have a 22 inch square setup that work on the Model Y Performance?
  11. S

    2022 Performance Model Y, 4,500 miles, for sale $69,999 or best offer!

    This car brand new from Tesla costs about $80k out the door ($73,940 + fees and taxes), and there is a waiting period that often gets pushed back. This low mileage car is available today for $69,999 or best offer. I’m selling mine because I’m getting the Model X. Beautiful black 2022 Tesla...
  12. J

    FS: MYP New 21" Uberturbine Wheels & Tires & TPMS (SF Bay Area)

    Brand New 21" Uberturbine wheels, tires and sensors from Model Y Performance. Swapped immediately after delivery. Tire: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 Sizes: 255/35 ZR 21 275/35 ZR 21 $2500
  13. N

    Squeaking Suspension Over Bumpy Roads

    We took delivery of our Performance Y in May. Last month, when going over any slightly bumpy surface at 40mph+, it developed this high pitched squeaking. Sounds like it coming from the drivers side front wheel well. Service center has no idea and won’t fix it unless reproduced at low speeds...
  14. P

    FS: NEW OEM 21" Uberturbine Wheels / Michelin Pilot Tires w/ TPMS from MYP (Northern Virginia/MD/DC) - $2800

    Selling a set of Tesla OEM 21" Model Y Uberturbine wheels with Michelin Pilot All-Season Sport 4 tires. The tire and wheel package also includes the Tesla OEM TPMS (bluetooth) and lug nut covers. Package: 2 x 21X9.5 Überturbine Front Wheels 2 x 21X10.5 Uberturbine Rear Wheels 2 x 255/35R21...
  15. MYUser

    FS MYP 21" Ubertubine factory wheel set with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires w/ tpms SF Bay Area New $2500

    For sale: MYP 21" Ubertubine factory wheel set with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires w/ tpms sensors, San Francisco Bay Area New $2500 for Local pick up, swapped out wheels right after delivery of vehicle, new. Great as a 2nd set with winter tire swap outs or as spares to swap out rashed wheels...
  16. R

    Model Y Performance 21" Tires - Larger, More Comfortable Fitment Details and Experience - Michelin AS4's (With Photos)

    I recently had to replace my 2022 MYP OEM Michelin All Season 4's and after a lot of research, and tire hunting, wanted to share my experience and the direction I went. Valuable information for those close to ordering new tires. I just drive 2000 miles through Santa Cruz, San Jose, Sacramento...
  17. VikH

    FS MN: 21" Uberturbine Wheels+Tires+TPMS (Minneapolis Area)

    Price = $2000 Like new! No curb rash. Tires are Pirelli P Zero summer tires with less than 5k miles. Great condition set of 4 OEM Tesla 21” Überturbine wheels for the Model Y. Comes with TPMS sensors as well. Prefer local pickup (Minneapolis area) but can ship at buyers expense. Includes: 2x...
  18. bhikool836

    2022 Model Y Performance 5k miles with mods

    Selling 2022 Model Y Performance with 5,000 miles for $82,000. Located in South Florida. Took delivery end of March. Selling it because X is set to arrive in couple weeks. It has 3M Black Rose wrap with ceramic coating over it and tinted windows all around including windshield. Original color...
  19. O

    how long is the wait after ordening my TESLA MODEL Y PERFORMANCE?

    how long is the wait after ordening my tesla MODEL Y performance?? I made the order on July 20
  20. K

    Looking to Trade my 21 inch Uberturbine Wheel (MYP) for 20 inch Induction Wheels

    Hey everyone, I am in the market to trade the wheels on my model y performance for the 20 inch induction wheels plus cash. The current uberturbine wheels on my MYP have 10,000 miles on them and are in great condition with no flaws. I live in the so-cal area and am open to drive to any...
  21. Z

    2022 Tesla Model Y Performance with XPEL PPF $68500

    LIKE NEW! 2320 Miles Price 68500 No FSD Black Interior. NO ACCIDENTS I'm all tesla family and this is the best copy of one, unfortunately, I have to let it go. Taken Amazing care of this car, front Bumper has xpel ultimate PPF and the hood has Suntek Ultra PPF, basically best PPF. washed the...
  22. S

    For Sale: Brand new 20" winter wheel/tire set for Model Y Performance

    I have a set of Brand New Model Y Performance WINTER Wheel/Tire set for sale - from TSportsline (see below).... Bought along with other Model Y accessories in advance of receiving my new Model Y; though decided at the last minute to change to a Model S. They are outstanding and rare - 20" vs...
  23. Drock77

    2021 Tesla Model Y Performance For Sale

    2021 Tesla Model Y Performance for sale White exterior, black interior 8750 miles. No FSD Vehicle is in mint condition located in Knoxville, Tennessee Add Ons: Vehicle has serval thousand in add ons. -Full front end Xpel Paint Protection Film installed. Also on the rear bottom doors, sill...
  24. D

    Tesla Model Y Lockout

    New user, first-time poster in this forum to bring up something insane (and possibly unprecedented) during my several years as a Tesla owner. Ever since driving up a mountain summit for a ski trip, my 2021 Model Y Performance has been experiencing all kinds of problems after locking out on a...
  25. D

    First Long Trip in MYP

    So, as a relative newbie to the EV word, but certainly not automotive, I must admit that even I had some concerns about long trip in a pure EV. Sure, I had the BMW i8 but I could always stop to get fuel but you hear the mostly unfounded "range axnxiety" concerns mostly from non-owners. Well, I...
  26. M

    21” Uber turbine wheels with Pirelli P0 tires $2500

    Hello all, new member here hoping to make a deal. I have a set of genuine 21" Tesla Mode Y Uber Turbine wheels with Pirelli tires. These were removed for aftermarket wheels. Great condition. No bends or cracks. There is one small blemish on one wheel. Front 21x9.5 ET 40 Rear 21x10.5 ET 48...
  27. Z

    2021 Model Y Performance 2400 Miles TITLE IN HANDS NJ/Philadelphia Area

    Unique Vinyl Decals on doors/side mirrors makes this MYP stand out from the rest. and I've taken great care of it only washing with the 2 bucket method. The car tires/rims are in perfect like new shape (21’’ Überturbine Wheels) have less than 700 miles on them as I've been driving it with...
  28. ishareit

    Model Y Performance reservation - for sale

    I have the following configuration that is on hold until Jan 1. As you can see, it is $2,000 cheaper than the current Model Y Performance price. I ordered this and a similar Long-Range because I could not make up my mind at that time, but decided to go with Long Range for myself. Wondering if...
  29. P

    2021 Tesla Model Y Performance $67k

    2021 Tesla Model Y Performance (July build) ~10600 miles currently - Black exterior, White interior - Autopilot (NO FSD) - Performance Brakes - Premium Interior - 21’’ Überturbine Wheels - Carbon Fiber Spoiler - Long Range All-Wheel Drive Performance - Performance Pedals - Five Seat Interior -...
  30. vicfosho

    MYP Summer Tires & Chains/Autosock Question

    Does anyone have experience using chains or autosocks on the MYP 21" summer tires? I am planning on going to Yosemite in December and was wondering if i could get by using the 21" summer tires with Tesla sold chains &/or an autosock, assuming conditions aren't horrendous. I know most people...
  31. M

    FS (SoCal): MYP 21" Uberturbines and Tires (New)

    Selling a set of MYP Uberturbines with factory tires (thread paint still visible) which were swapped at 117 miles (screenshot while waiting at tire shop). TPMS not included. Asking for $2,700.
  32. K

    Model Y Performance range question

    Hi everyone! I just ordered a MYP delivery estimate to around December, my question is for anyone currently owning a MYP what range do you get on regular usage and long distance? (Estimates) Thank you! I very much appreciate the response!
  33. Jbapckfan

    Charging question for MYP - home and work chargers available

    MYP scheduled for delivery later this month, first tesla. Home Tesla charger getting installed soon. I found out the hospital I work at has 2 free Tesla chargers that look exactly like the Tesla wall connector I ordered. They are first come first serve but I’ve never seen one in use. My commute...
  34. P

    Model Y LR and Performance Test-Drive Review

    I test drove the MY LR 7 Seater earlier, and now I've just finished an overnight test drive of the MYP! I drove around casually but also tried to push the car to see how it might do in more performance oriented driving, as I typically take my car to the track 1-2 times a year. My thoughts...
  35. "Blu Spark" Model Y Performance

    "Blu Spark" Model Y Performance

    Model Y Performance
  36. rklip

    19" Gemini [Mostly Winter] Tire Replacement - Vredestein Quatrac Pro?

    Greetings. So far I'm the opposite of a fan of the stock Continental Pro Contact RX tires, winter driving here in the upper Midwest. Started out feeling a bit too cushy/dead in cornering for my preference, and now in cold & light snow, care for them even less. They do not bite, sort of as...
  37. M

    Model Y Stealth Performance

    Anyone in SoCal wanting to take over my stealth performance model Y ?? I put down $100 but decided to get the full performance Y. It’s black with white interior, 19 in Gemini wheels. It’s ready for delivery looking to get my order money back that’s all
  38. K

    Model Y Performance Trim

    Take it for it’s worth, but according to an Operations Advisor in Nashville (not sure what they do) my car won’t be delivered for another 4 weeks. If that is correct, that means my order to delivery would be 7 weeks for a Model Y performance. The picture below is what the Operations Advisor...
  39. 2017S&XLftBhnd

    Track Package Compatibility

    Curious due to similarities with the Model 3, if the Track package would be compatible with YP, though it says 3P only. Model 3 Track Package Anyone look into this?
  40. 2017S&XLftBhnd

    Stealth Performance VIN Assignment Waiting Room

    Now that the website no longer offers the Stealth Performance model, how many like I are still awaiting a VIN assignment for your Stealth??
  41. J

    PA Model Y Stealth Performance - Picked up 6/29

    I took delivery of a MY stealth performance in PA earlier today. Happily there were no significant paint issues but some minor trim imperfections need to be addressed by the SC. Overall, I am happy given all the horror stories circulating in these forums. The Devon, PA SC had a COVID-related...
  42. Freewheeler

    Case Study: Deer Strike in a MYP

    New here, so hello everyone. Sorry to open with this post, but I figure it might be useful for reference. I hit a deer late last night, maybe a 200# deer at ~40mph. Totally unavoidable; just ran in from the side of the road directly in front of the car. It's hair is still plastered to the car...
  43. ElectricIAC


    After getting offered/matched a VIN with a small compromise (seats not white) LR AWD: MSM/Black/20” we were pumped to take delivery in early April. Unbeknownst to us, the match was taken away without explanation or notice and after setting the Mrs’ loose on Sales was offered an adjustment for...
  44. Tholland

    Model Y performance with PUP vs. Model 3 performance with PUP consumption comparison.

    Hey everyone, our family normally makes a trip to Ocean city, MD on the weekends. However with what is all going on in the world, we have been staying in OC for the most part. Our trip from Dc metro area to OC is about 2 hours and 50 mins to 3+ hours depending on condition and traffic. So we...

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