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  1. K

    Model 3 20” tires or 20” wheels+tires

    Interested in buying! Preferably good tread tires. Also interested in wheels but prefer to buy them with tires together. Located in southern california.
  2. Danthebeast

    tsportline forged wheels m3115 limited run 20x8.5 +35 square set up with new Michelin pilot sport all season tires less than 300 miles them 19.75lb ea

    tsportline forged wheels m3115 limited run 20x8.5 +35 square set up with new Michelin pilot sport all season tires less than 300 miles them
  3. R

    2021 Tesla Model 3 SR+ (Houston, TX)

    Hello everyone, I am located in Houston, TX. I am possibly looking into selling my vehicle to upgrade. Best offer. For more pictures, please message me. For Sale I bought it NEW from Tesla I have owned since Nov 2021 Usage: drive to work. Well kept, Wash/Wax/Detailed bi-weekly Non-smoker and...
  4. G

    2021 Tesla Model 3 LR / Low mileage (3k) / Ceramic Coating

    Hi everyone, Needing to upgrade to a Model Y as my 3 is too small for my family. This car is in beautiful shape. I've had it since June 2021 and there's only 3300 miles on it. I work from home, so it doesn't get a lot of use. I have the entire vehicle protected with Ceramic Pro, the front...
  5. ewwgaas

    Model 3 Not drivable

    Hello Everyone, I'm not sure if anyone has had this issue before or any resolution, but last night, my motor (as it seems) blew on me. During a drive, I felt the front passenger brake lock up twice. As any rational person would, I pulled over and inspected, didn't see any issue. When I got...
  6. C

    Model 3 Charging ampere issue

    Hi All, I recently purchased a rwd m3. I have noticed that my charging in the app is stuck at 16A. Even when I plug into the supercharger it stays at 16A. I cannot change to 32A. No error messages showing in the car. Can someone please guide me. Do i need to book it in for servicing.
  7. M

    WTB: model 3 LR reservation DC/MD/VA area

    Preferably arriving March to May. thank you
  8. O

    FS: Titan-7 TS5 19x9.5+34 with tire CA Bay Area

    Got them from another member, didn’t put on and try to get something else instead. Wheels is Curb kinda badly but nth bent. See pictures Titan 7 TS-5 19x9.5+34 Titan 7 Titanium Nut lug Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 265/35/19 -80% Old Style Model 3 TPMS I’m asking $2500 for everything pick...
  9. refusedmd

    1 week review (M3LR).

    I wanted to give a brief review of my 1 week experience. for context, i have come from driving audis exclusively for ~20 years and i tend to keep them for a long time. 2000 audi s4 2.7L twin turbo (retired after 180k) 2010 audi q5 s-line premium plus 3.2L (retired after 180k) 2012 audi q5...
  10. C

    Supercharging new car

    I am due to pick my new Model 3 up on Tuesday.I am aware that the app doesn't access the new car for upto 48 hrs.I have set up a account and included my Details for payment.can I go to a Supercharger as soon as I pick my car up.How does the charger know I have a account
  11. salvadorsantan

    Model 3 OEM Rubber Floor Mats

    FOR SALE - Set of OEM rubber floor mats for Model 3, they are used in very good conditions. Available for local pick up in Orlando, FL or shipping in the CONUS at your cost. $120
  12. SteelClouds

    Farasla Outdoor Car Cover for Tesla Model 3 with Storage Bag

    This is a brand new cover that I put in the car once to see how it fit compared to the original Farasla I bought. The cover is really nice, looks very close to the OEM Tesla cover down to the flap so you can charge. Which leads to why I have two of them. I bought one and then complained to...
  13. M

    Which Model 3 to buy RDW or LR in the Netherlands?

    Hi I am a expat living in NL. For my new car booking, I am confused which variant to buy i.e. RDW or LR. My driving usage Frequency type one way kms two way kms daily daycare 0 0 daily school 0 0 daily office 0 0 weekends shopping - maxis 7 14 weekends shopping - amazing oriental...
  14. M

    How much does it cost to replace an airbag?

    After my Model 3 had an accident, the airbags on the steering wheel, knee, and both curtains were deployed. The body has all been repaired, and I'm curious about the repair cost of the deployed airbags.
  15. AlphaTango11

    Failed Model 3 HV Battery - Out of Warranty - DIY

    I am currently facing an interesting problem that I thought might be worth sharing with the community. A few weeks ago, I bought a clean title Model 3 LRRWD with FSD and 143k miles for $23k. The main catch was a HV battery with significant imbalance (one brick was 3.50V with all others at...
  16. M

    Circles on Door Windows When Steaming up?

    Hi Everyone, I got model 3 in November I wondered if anyone has any experience with some strange circles on their door windows? I originally thought it was no big deal from some grips used in the factory, but I have tried to clean it multiple times with glass cleaner and im not getting anywhere...
  17. ElectricLee

    2018 TESLA M3 AWD LR 310 - FSD-Beta - Bay Area Only

    TESLA MODEL 3 All Wheel Drive (Dual Motors) LONG RANGE with Full Self Driving Upgraded. Very well maintained. We practice social distancing and require masks be worn on premises and test drives. Thank you. Currently we are on FSD Beta 10.x CLEAN CARFAX REPORT. One Owner. HOV Sticker: Purple...
  18. B

    Question for those who’ve fitted a tilt screen!

    Hey all. I bought a tilt screen kit, similar to this, from AliExpress which all seems decent and good quality. Fitted it today, but I am left with a gap between the new plastic piece/sleeve and the wooden part of my dash and whatever I do, I couldn’t get it to fit well so it didn’t leave a...
  19. M

    2019 Model 3 Standard Range Plus SR+

    It’s in excellent condition, no issues at all. Super low maintenance car. Located in the triangle area of NC. Could feasibly bring the car to another location in the state. KBB low value is $44,353. Willing to consider reasonable offers. Warranty good to 6/27/2023 or 50k miles One owner...
  20. SteelClouds

    Just thanks all contributors here

    I picked up a used 2019 Model 3( slightly at 11K miles ) a few weeks ago and was a bit distressed that the 100% charge was only 200 miles. After reading more than a few threads here, I did some work of charging, running the battery down.. letting it sit.. charging back to 80%.. rinse repeat...
  21. D

    High pitched rattle

    Hi! Can anyone hear this high pitched rattle in the video below. It’s harder to hear through a video but it’s very obvious when driving. Every time I drive, when I reach around 40mph it starts. It’s been into the SC 3 times now they’ve said they can hear it but it never gets sorted. It’s in...
  22. joexn

    Cable routing from cabin to frunk

    Hi all, I'm looking to route a cable from inside the cabin (ideally passenger footwell) to the 12V battery in the frunk. The cable needs to somehow get from inside the car to the frunk but I cant find any schematics online. I'm hoping there is a nice access grommet behind some of the carpet...
  23. M

    From 2018 Civic Hatchback to Tesla model 3 SR

    Hi all, I currently have a 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback 1.5L Prestige which, I have enjoyed for 3 years. I have booked a Model 3 SR (just before the 1k price increase) after test driving one and it may come in Feb 2022 here in UK. Civic has been reliable for me so far and the only money thing it...
  24. K

    18" BBS MR in SR+ Model 3 2021

    Hello guys, Im trying to fit a 18" BBS MR wheels on my model 3 SR+ and are having trouble finding the right lug nuts. The BBS MR rims are from Evo X with M12x1.5 lug and the problem is that it sits flat (mag style lug nuts). The model 3 is M14x1.5 and the stock lug nuts are conical. I found M14...
  25. T

    NJ - Tesla Model 3 Zero G wheel & tire set for sale 40mm

    I have a set for sale these are the Zero G set which are Forged unlike aftermarket models which are flow forged - google it - there's a huge difference in quality, weight & STRENGTH slightly used for approx 1700 miles the wheels & tires are absolutely mint I'm a perfectionist, so I had one...
  26. R

    Refund policy model 3?

    Is there a refund policy for new car if the vehicle is a faulty one ?(my car stopped twice within a month changed 12v battery and now still in service station again )
  27. R

    Salvage Model 3 airbags deployed and cannot roll car

    Hi all, I have a salvage Tesla Mode 3 Performance we’re hoping to get back on the road safely. Curtain airbags have deployed, various body damage inc. the wing mirror. We’re currently having an issue with physically moving the car in tow mode. I’m pretty sure the pyrofuse has blown, but...
  28. OneTinyFish

    So I’ve had the 2021 LR for a month…

    And I’ve made a video covering all the differences that I could find compared to the 2020 LR.
  29. D

    Model 3 Clunking Noise (Loud)

    Hi, I wanted to see if anyone had answer or either a solution to a problem I've been experiencing with my 2020 Model 3. After a recent road trip my Model 3, I noticed a clanking noise from the front left driver area when I'm driving on any roads, but it's very loud on bumpy roads. It's sort of...
  30. R

    Incorrect model graphic showing in app and car

    Hi, I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but after a quick search, I haven't come across anything. Anyway, I picked up my new Model 3 LR on 28th Sept and love it, but I've noticed something odd, on the both the screen in the car and the app the model shown on the animation graphic is...
  31. R

    (Purchasing / trade-in advise) Upgrade to 2021 LR from 2020 SR+?

    Hi everyone, hope you can help me in my predicament. I took delivery of a 2020 M3 SR+ back in Dec'19, currently have ~30K miles on it as I have driven it more than I should have, lol. The purchase price out of the door was about $39K before taxes and fees. I decided to play around with the...
  32. M

    2021 Model 3 Performance with FSD / Black with Black / 3k Miles / No Virginia

    We are having another baby so I need to sell my Tesla Model 3 PERFORMANCE (Black on Black) which I just got in March. The car has 3,123 miles on it and is in PERFECT condition. It does have Expel Full Frontal PPF and Virginia legal limit tints on the four side windows. It also comes with FULL...
  33. P

    Rimetrix Orbitals vs Stock Aero Wheels

    I’m contemplating if the rimetrix orbitals look better than the stock aero hubs. What do y’all think? Front wheels or back wheels?
  34. P

    Dog damaged the interior door panel

    Hey y'all, I really need your help. I have a Model 3 ( just 6 months old). I left my dog in the car for about 30 Minutes and he damaged the interior window panel of both the driver and passenger side. Damage is so bad that I can see the foam stuffing inside it. What are my options to replace...
  35. C

    Importing a model 3 from Canada to the US

    I'm in BC, Canada and my company might be transferring me from Canada to the US some time next year. Currently considering buying a model 3 SR+ because it's slightly cheaper than the price in the US (after rebate). Has anyone had experience importing a tesla from Canada to the states? What are...
  36. D

    FS: 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance FSD w/ 4,500 miles

    July 2020 Performance. Excellent condition inside and out. No issues at all. Black interior. Only 4500 miles. Full Self Driving included. Has brand new Tsportline TST 18” wheels and brand new Michelin AS4 tires. $65,000.
  37. S

    FS: OEM Bluetooth TPMS Sensors Brand New 2021 Model 3

    Selling a set (4) of brand new Bluetooth TPMS sensors. These are Tesla (OEM) taken off of M3P Uberturbine factory wheels. $265 cash/picked up - available for pickup in Santa Monica. Willing to drive 30 minutes to meet in person. $275 shipped
  38. C

    2021 AWD LR Tesla Model 3 For Sale in Ohio $52,500

    REFRESHED – 2021 Used Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD. Columbus, Ohio. BASIC AUTOPILOT: Enables Emergency Collision Warning, Blind Spot Monitoring, Autosteer, Automatic Emergency Braking and Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance. This version can be upgraded to Full Self-Driving at current market...
  39. T

    I have no keycards and phone disconnected ://

    I share this a Model 3 with my boyfriend and I. I lost the first keycard and he broke the 2nd one, he figured it was useless and threw his away (Big freaking mistake).At first we panicked but realized that our phone keys were still connected. My phone is disconnected from my car and driving to...
  40. M


  41. J

    RWD in Snow

    One of my friend is planning to purchase Model 3 SR. He has concerns with RWD performance in Snow, as he has always owned AWD cars. I did tell him my experience that I never had issues with RWD even without snow tires, although I drive very less. Has any other RWD owners faced issues in New...
  42. D

    Model 3 in 1 Lap Of America - team PGR!

    My Tesla buddies are flexing a Model 3 in the 1 Lap Of America, 'charge them up' with some support on their social media! ;-) team PGR - Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuSfUFJFjP7dyJC06F5OOMA team PGR - Insta https://www.instagram.com/teampgr1/
  43. C

    My poor baby, someone rear ended me, anyone know what to expect in cost and time?

    Got rear ended last week, the driver has reputable insurance but is taking forever, can't schedule to fix until their claims department gets back to me. They are saying they are still trying to reach the driver that hit me, I sent them the dashcam video but they are still taking forever, been...
  44. Y

    Lost wedding ring under the passenger seat

    Hi everyone, the other day I was sitting on the passenger seat and removed my rings to put some hand cream and dropped the rings in the car. Can't find them anywhere and I'm guessing they must be under the passenger seat. Does anybody know how to reach the bottom of the seat without causing any...
  45. P

    Found a way to elimate ICE-ing

    This is only an idea but logically it would solve the issue. What we need is a 20ft Supercharging extension cord. So whenever someone tries to ICE the Supercharger spots you would pull directly behind them (blocking them in) then pull out the 20 ft extension cord and plug your car into the...
  46. E

    Rear Quarter Panel Damage Assessment

    Backed up into a truck and damaged bumper and rear quarter panel. Wondering if anyone can provide a guesstimate on how bad the damage here is and the body work/cost that could be required. Am mostly concerned about the quarter panel- I imagine bumper will be a pre-painted replacement or just a...
  47. P

    2021 Model 3 LR broke down and wouldn’t drive

    Hi guys, I took delivery of my 2021 model 3 long range 4 days ago. Long story short, 450 miles in I pull up to a super charger for the second time ever and start charging. 5-10 mins in it stops charging and reports the following three errors BMS_a035, BMS_a151 and VCFRONT_a192. The car wouldn’t...
  48. Persfoto

    Vlug mijn Uberturbine velgen beschermd

    Er kwam een agenda punt voorbij bij ons fotopersburo. Andy hoe bescherm je de nieuwe Tesla Uberturbine velgen. Ik werk zelf als auto journalist / fotograaf voor de grote media bedrijven en TV. Dus na wat zoekwerk kwam ik uit bij Alloygator. Strak en bijna niet zichtbaar als je de juiste kleur...
  49. S

    Rear glass cracked is tint a possible cause?

    I noticed my rear glass cracked months after I had my M3 tinted. I am certain it was not an accident from the tint shop since I inspected their job right after the tint was placed. Is this normal? I am getting my car serviced, should I remove the tint before going in so they won't blame it on that?
  50. SignatureWheel

    Vendor (SOLD) Signature Fully forged SV104 19x9.5 for sale

    Inventory set of our most popular SV104 for sale, no 5 weeks wait time for production. Ready to Ship. Info: Signature Monoblock SV104 Spec: 19x9.5 ET34 square Finish: Brushed Aluminum Center cap: Performance Weight: 19.9lb each Retail $5,000 USD SOLD Fits: All model 3 including PUP ( Daily...

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