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  1. B

    Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires on Model S

    Looking to get a set of tires for my 21-inch Arachnids. Is anyone running the Michelin Pilot Sport EVs on these or otherwise? Thanks!
  2. B

    Macboost Installation Reco in Seattle Area?

    Is anyone aware of a reputable shop in the Seattle-Bellevue area that can help me install the Macboost Camber Kit on my Tesla Model S Refresh? Admittedly, I am not mechanically savvy, yet, and this doesn't feel like the right thing to give it the ol' college try on. Thank you, Mahesh
  3. B

    Wheel Settings for 20 inch rims/tires.

    Hello friends! I am considering a set of 20 inch Martian MW05s or Vossen HF-7s for my Model S LR Refresh. For those who have 20 inch wheels, what setting do you select under “wheels and tires” in the menu since only the Tempest and Arachnid options are shown? It says the appropriate setting...
  4. MdlSP100D'16

    Advice/Recommendations First Time Owner Used Model S P100D 2016

    Hello All! I have always wanted a Tesla and finally my wife and I made the splurge! We can't afford a new one but I got a 2016 Model S P100D. We pulled the trigger because this one happened to be the 7 seater model! It is fully loaded [Tech/Subzero/Sound/etc]. It has about 95k miles on it but...
  5. Loco_Nomad

    Expired TSportLine Carbon Fiber Spoiler for Model X [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing TSportLine Carbon Fiber Spoiler for Model X. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. T

    Lose Celluar Connection Navigation (non supported country)

    Hello! Im planning to drive my Tesla Model S with Premium Connectivity through a non supported country. And I wonder if the Navigation will still route to a supercharger if its needed and then follow the navigation? Thanks
  7. S

    Feeling abused by Tesla Customer Service - not sure what to do about it

    I got my Tesla back 2014. The warrenty is over and I stopped paying the 3g a year as I never used it after that. Then the navigation went out in my vehicle. The music also became spotty. I called Tesla, they did hard re-boots, sent new updates, etc. - nothing worked. I had stalled on bringing...
  8. M


    Hello everyone one. This thing just happened since last night, while im driving -my 2017 tesla s75- Just after a while the Reader suddenly isn’t showing any thing on my dash,when i put the car in park and shift into D the reader will read the road again and after a while of driving again it...
  9. R

    Thinking of buying a Tesla?

    I’m new to the Tesla world. I was thinking of buying a s model but really want to try x or y. I looking for the best bang for my buck without draining myself dry. I know rang is one option I’m really looking for. Im looking at used as well as new. What would be the best option? Any advice would...
  10. MagnusMako

    About that "yoke" steering wheel

    I know this has been a controversial topic with many unsure what the yoke steering wheel will be like. Well fortunately for the curious, there is one good example of someone driving the KITT car on the public roads that talks about why it is not great for sharp turns. See 3:05 in this video...
  11. 8

    Title needed before CPO delivery Hawaii

    Hi All, I ordered my CPO Tesla on 1/5/21 and it is now 1/22/21. I purchased the vehicle that is already on my island and within a 10 minute drive from where I am. According to Tesla, Hawaii Law states that they must acquire the title before I am allowed to take delivery of the vehicle. Just...
  12. H

    Finally at point to purchase a used Model S...Need advice!

    Good morning/afternoon/evening Tesla family! It's been over two years since I introduced myself and said I was thinking about getting a Tesla. Well, the time has come and I'm in the market for a used Model S, either 2016 or 2017, with AP2/FSD. So, I've done research via EV-CPO (thanks!) and...
  13. R

    2016 TESLA MODEL S 75

    Why selling ? - I am selling this beautiful and trusted car because, I am purchasing another Tesla (Model Y) 2016 TESLA MODEL-S 75 - Enhanced Auto Pilot (AP1) - Enhanced AP1 with Convenience Features like: Adaptive Cruise Control, Auto Steer, Basic Summon - Premium Internet Connectivity for...
  14. TRMS

    No loaners? Tesla offered me Uber during Covid!

    My car has a crack in the top roof, Tesla texted me "loaners are few & far between". Service center couldn't help either, but they will send me in an Uber during Covid!! Didn't even offer to get me a car rental, regardless if I pay. Didn't give me the option. Maserati didn't do this, Mercedes...
  15. S

    Model S Premium Audio

    Does anyone know if the Premium Audio system in the Performance Model S is the same as the Premium Audio system in the Performance Model 3? If not, does has anyone had an opportunity to compare the two? Thanks in advance for the feedback.
  16. L

    Model S: Window lowered itself in the rain?

    I've seen a few older posts about this with Model 3's. I'm wondering if anyone here has been able to troubleshoot this issue. When I went into work today, it was lightly raining, and I know my windows were up. When I returned to my car, the front passenger window was fully rolled down. There...
  17. R

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 -CPO $37.5K Chicago

    This Model S P85 car has the following: - Blue metallic paint - Performance motor (0-60mph, 4.2sec) - 21" turbine wheels - Tan performance interior - Carbon fiber decor - Carbon fiber spoiler - Unlimited free supercharging for the life of the car - Tech package - Premium Dolby sound - Smart air...
  18. A

    I Need Some Advice On Buying My Tesla.

    Hi, I'm new here. If this is the wrong place to post, please let me know and I'll delete. Here's my dilemma: I've been looking at two teslas - 1: New 2019 Tesla.com ordered Performance Model 3 would be ordered with FSD & White interior at $66,900.00 2: Used Late 2016 Model S P100DL. It has...
  19. Y

    2016 Red Tesla Model S 75D 54,000

    I am selling my 2016 Tesla model S 75D, AWD, Vehicle is in excellent condition, it has autopilot, 21” rims and brand new tires. The car is still under Tesla factory warranty with 43,000 miles and free lifetime supercharger. The interior is black leather seats, 17” navigation screen, glass...
  20. R


    Morgen blinderen bij bekende #Someren. Het wordt denk ik 70-35-20 of heeft iemand toch betere ervaringen met 70-20-20
  21. IgorAntarov

    Comparing side mirrors blind spots - American vs European Tesla Model S (video)

    Moscow Tesla Club team have testedAmerican vs European Tesla Model S blind spots difference. That was done mainly for the russian tesla owners (we have a lot of american teslas here on the roads). But may be ineresting to someone here. Here is a short video (russian voice, english subtitles -...