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  1. L

    Thoughts on Buying a High Mileage 2016.5 Model S P90DL

    Hello! Just wanted to get some thoughts on this. (I posted this on a Facebook group as well but have seen & driven it since I've posted it) I’m looking at purchasing a 2016 Model S P90DL with about 130k miles on it. I've finally gotten a chance to drive and see the vehicle, but from the many...
  2. P

    What MS should I buy?

    Hello all, I currently own a model 3 (2021) and have loved it for the last 2.5 years. I have had an itch to upgrade to a refreshed S for the last few months and I think it’s time. I’m currently debating which route to go: A local dealer with a 2021 refreshed, it’s the color combo I want, with...
  3. D

    2019 Long Range Model S with 110k miles $5k more vs 2018 Model S 100D with 80k miles

    Not sure which one is "worth" at this point. I would prefer the Raven update for the sake of efficiency and the extra year on warranty, but I feel like the materially lower mileage on the 2018 model offsets the premium for the 2019 model. Would appreciate any advice here. Thank you!
  4. powaking

    Noisy fan from outside when hvac on

    I’m noticing this fan noise outside when the hvac is turned on. The fan speed setting is not on very high either. Anyone have an idea what exactly is the cause and if it’s a fairly easy repair? Fan noise
  5. A

    Tesla High Voltage Battery Disconnected for 8 Months

    Hi My MS was accidented last December. Before it was towed, fire brigade disconnected the high voltage battery. Adjuster decided to repair the car. The car is at Tesla approved garage for nearly 7 months. Parts delay is a painful experience. However, my question is that how will the battery...
  6. B

    Model S 2014 no power

    Hello. I have an electrical problem with my 2014 RWD Model S 85. My door handles aren't working as of two days ago, and the car doesn't respond to my key fobs. I was locked out of the car. I got in using the Tesla app to vent the windows, and then I was able to hook the door handle to open...
  7. T

    Drive unit replacement worth it?

    Hello all looking for a little advice, I recently purchased a 2014 model s P85D and not to long after I got the two warning -BMS_u008 - Acceleration and top speed reduced -BMS_w172 - Vehicle may not restart The car is now out of warranty and took it in to tesla service center to have them look...
  8. A

    Model S Long Range Plus 2020: Rear facing seats

    Hi all, I am looking for rear facing jump seats for my Model S Long Range Plus 2020. Pls let me know if you have these for sale. Also, any guidance on how I can install these would also be appreciated. Thanks! Ameya
  9. U

    Refresh Gear Selector Lights

    Did some searching on here and the internet but wasn't able to find anything relevant to my question. Model S LR 2022 Refresh My wife notices the lights on the gear selector/drive mode selector almost every time she gets in and starts driving, but I've almost never noticed it. Either I'm very...
  10. P

    Unicorn 2017 model S P100D price help!

    Hi all, I have a 2017 P100D with pretty much everything (unicorn?) listed for sale at Kbb for $78,000. It’s got 37357 miles. Fsd (beta runs great on it!), sunroof, free supercharging, connectivity, etc. It’s got a gorgeous wrap (imo) and is in overall great shape. am I in the right ballpark of...
  11. J

    HV Battery service

    Recently got an issue with my MS 70 HV battery and going to get it replaced under warranty. Decided to upgrade the pack to 90kwh but on my invoice they listed this battery part BATTERY RANGE 1.00 UPGRADE, 70KWH TO 90KWH, MSX(1091845- 09-A) From reading the forums, A revision is capped at 90kw...
  12. Greenmission

    Vendor Premium wireless phone charger for Tesla model S/X

    The Tesla wireless phone charger - V2 is the best charger we've made yet. Simply drop your phone on the charging surface, and your phone will snap in place thanks to the MagSafe magnets. If your phone isn't compatible with MagSafe you can simply snap the included "arms" on. The charger is...
  13. U

    Car Died

    2014 Model S A couple of months ago I've been hearing this loud noise coming from the rear of the car every single time I accelerate. I live 8 hours near a service center with a long appointment wait time so I didn’t get to fix that issue. A week ago I heard a loud clunk and the dash read...
  14. BCC body shop

    Vendor 21 Plaid just painted after a collision repair

    Just finished fixing and painting this 21 plaid after it had a small collision on the front and driver side we used BASF color technology and mixed the paint inhouse Came out just like new again. We work on ALL model Tesla's
  15. T

    Supercharging projection underestimated

    I am experiencing recent supercharging projection underestimations for my 2015 MS90D. I only notice the variations miles after leaving the supercharger. Any help or feedback would be appreciated as a miscalculation such as this could leave an owner stranded. Here is additional information...
  16. R

    2016 P90D Upgradable to Ludicrous mode still?

    Sorry if Im posting this in the wrong spot or its been asked, but if it has I couldnt find it exactly. I recently bought a 2016 P90D with insane+, and Im now regretting not looking for a Ludicrous enabled P90D. Does anyone know if the Ludicrous update is still available through purchase from...
  17. petershi24

    2022 S Plaid - Bumper Damage - Repair or Replace?

    A careless driver rear ended me (low speed) and my rear bumper was deformed. Any ideas on repair or replace? Thanks
  18. petershi24

    2022 Refreshed Model S / Plaid - Cup holder too small?

    My 2022 Model S Plaid's cup holders are too small... While a lot of you are asking about refreshed S cup holder inserts because your cup holders are too big, I found mine has 3 little rubbers that make my cup holders ridiculously small (that it can't even fit a regular workout bottle). Anyone...
  19. R

    Reservation Model S dallas Tx

    I have a 2022 Model S LR reservation that was due in July. All of a sudden I got a call today that it was ready to pick up. I don’t have the funds ready so I’m willing to sell to new buyer for only 2000.
  20. S

    For sale :2017 model s 75d

    2017 Tesla model s 75d Miles:22k Will not include Vossen wheels! ( will put Oem 21 turbine wheels back on) Price:58k Location: Las Vegas Premiums package Cold weather package Carbon fiber spoiler Biohazard ☣️ Package tred.co/9QzQ
  21. TexasDuke

    Free Supercharging Transfer

    Who believes Tesla will allow a owner of a previous model will be able to transfer their free supercharging for life to their Cybertruck?
  22. D

    Multiple Errors (third time) Model S LR

    I got my LR delivered on July 27th after getting delayed numerous times. Even after confirming my delivery date with the service center, they messaged me back canceling the appointment because they wanted to do an additional quality concern inspection. l think that was my clue to cancel my order...
  23. T

    FUSC Transfer and Regular Supercharging

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to purchase a 2016 Tesla Model S 70 from a private owner. How do I know if Free Unlimited Super Charging will transfer from the owner to me? Also, I live right by a Tesla Supercharger. If Free Unlimited Super Charging does transfer, I'm okay with just charging...
  24. RiatGray

    Model S Accident TOTAL THE CAR or REPAIR?

    Tesla Fam I’m heartbroken. Never ever in my life I thought I’d be writing this, but I got into a car accident. Last Sunday morning, a lady failed to stop at the Stop at the Stop Sign and wrecked my baby. In 12 years of driving I’ve never had a ticket, never ran a red light, not even a single...
  25. SPF Sacramento

    Vendor New Member! Sunco Protective Films (SPF) based in Sacramento offers XPEL Paint Protection, Window Film and Ceramic Coatings

    Hello! My name is Corey with Sunco Protective Films, we are excited for the opportunity to connect and support local Tesla owners. Located in Rancho Cordova, Ca we specialize in the installation of Paint Protection Films (PPF) more commonly known as Clear Bra and Ceramic Window Films. Below is...
  26. A

    Model s front radar problem

    I took my model S long range 2020 to a car wash and as soon as I left the message « Driver assist features unavailable » appeared. At first I thought some water might have leaked inside the bumper so I decided to give it some time to dry out. After a month or so of waiting nothing happened and I...
  27. Y

    Quick suggestions for buying used model S

    Hello everyone. Just sharing my experience reg. buying used Model S. I have been doing my research for a month or so understanding the nitty-gritty stuffs. There is a very wide spectrum in terms of the overall experience already shared online. Unfortunately, I also had bunch of hiccups along the...
  28. K

    Model S 19" wheels black

    Set of 4 Satin Black Wheels. I believe they may be powder coated. This is how I got them minus the small curb rash shown in the pictures. I don`t have the TPMS or center caps. Size is 19 x 8 and they are OEM Tesla Wheels. Asking 500 OBO, located in NY can deliver in North Jersey or Rockland...
  29. J

    Model S Body Kit

    What do you guys think?
  30. B

    2016 Model S 70D For Sale

    Price: $45,000 VIN: 5YJSA1E2XGF130479 I purchased the vehicle used from Tesla in 2019 and love it. But I've recently relocated from LA to SF and unfortunately, my family no longer has a need for this second vehicle. The vehicle is currently garaged (indoor) at my parent's house in Sacramento...
  31. B

    Questions about Supercharging and selling privately

    As I am looking to sell my 2016 Model S, I have two questions regarding Supercharging. Asking here because I have received mixed responses from Tesla, depending on who I speak to on which day. 1. I purchased my 2016 Model S 70D used from Tesla (I am the second owner). The vehicle came with...
  32. C

    Bluetooth issues

    My 14 model s has had on and off again issues with Bluetooth but now it won’t work at all. My biggest issue now is that I can’t even delete or remove my iPhone from the device list. It just won’t allow it. I’ve tried the 2 wheel and brake reset and nothing will work. Tesla community please help...
  33. T

    2015 P85D Needs Facelift!

    Hi everyone, I have a 2015 P85D and want an OEM bumper refresh. I saw on a previous thread that an AZ local named Tyler has a shop and is able to perform the upgrade. Does anyone know how to contact him or does anyone else in Arizona perform this work? I’ve read on other posts ways to achieve...
  34. WrappedP85D

    Ambient Lights in my Model S

    Just installed these last night. Really happy with how they came out. Thoughts? I can put more pictures up tommorow night if anyone is that interested haha. (Also the lights are white, but come out blueish in pictures)
  35. M

    2013 Model S 85 - $32k

    Hey everyone, Here’s the onlyusedtesla link: 2013 Used Tesla Model S 85. Silver, Free Supercharging. Body Color Roof. Black Nappa Leather Seats. 86,500-miles. $32,995. Nashville, Tennessee. This is seriously a great car. I am downgrading to a Model 3 but I have no complaints about this car...
  36. R

    Upgrades for Nose-Cone 2016 Model S

    Just purchased a 2016 Model S (nose cone) from a private dealer. Awaiting title and registration papers for the vehicle, so do not have access to the Tesla app just yet. Wondering what payable upgrades would be available for the vehicle, considering that no payable upgrades have been added...
  37. iamvince

    Tesla Charging $2200 for MCU1 replacement

    My 2013 Model S VIN 13xxx MCU went dead. I was hoping to purchase MCU2, but Tesla Service Center Santa Clara is saying my VIN is too old to take MCU2 replacement, so they're charging $2200 for MCU1. Anyone know about the VIN cut off for MCU2? According to the article, they said: "All remaining...
  38. B

    2015 Tesla Model S 90D

    $45,000 Excellent condition. Has always been garaged. No smoking & no pets. No accidents. Includes car cover, charging cord & adapters. Vehicle Configuration: Model S 90D Dual Motor All Wheel Drive Solid Black Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof 19" Wheels Black Textile Seats Piano Black...
  39. M

    Elektrische Auto charge docking systeem

    Mijn naam is Mats en ik ben een student op de Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Op het moment volg ik de minor ‘Startup your business in Technology’. Samen met de studenten van de richtingen Engineering, Product design en Bedrijfskunde gaan we een Startup beginnen. Wij hebben het idee om een...
  40. D

    2016 Model S for sale self-driving and free super charging 17k miles $65K

    I just purchased my certified Model S direct from Tesla but am now being given a company car. This car is in absolute perfect condition. It is a unicorn in terms of its rarity as a used Tesla. This vehicle has the upgraded self driving capable software ($6,000) as well as free supercharging...
  41. D

    2016 Model S for sale self-driving and free super charging 17k miles $65K

    I just purchased my certified Model S direct from Tesla but am now being given a company car. This car is in absolute perfect condition. It is a unicorn in terms of its rarity as a used Tesla. This vehicle has the upgraded self driving capable software ($6,000) as well as free supercharging...
  42. Persfoto

    New Model S with 632 KM range already on the Tesla website

    I noticed something on the tesla website in the Netherlands. Is this the new Model S with a different range. Normally the Long Range has a range of 610 km. This one has 632 KM and you will be able to open it without a key. Also there is a winter package onboard Here are the photo's from the...
  43. EclecticCitizen

    Adhesive dripping from under the touchscreen

    Anyone else seen this? 2013 Model S Since it got hot this summer (3 weeks), I have had clear sticky fluid (like an adhesive) dripping from below the screen, into the cubby, and down into my center console. At first I thought it was from the rearview mirror after my windshield had to be...
  44. aollivierre

    Yes this happen!

    Silly me...Went to work, minded my own business and had the courtesy of having my landscaping group break my passenger side window! Recommendation on where to get my window replaced? I've called safelite but they are at a week out since they have to order the glass....I live in the Dallas/Ft...
  45. O

    21" Grey Turbines For Sale - Suffolk County NY - Long Island

    Perfect Items for Spares and Replacements for both Summer and Winter Setups, Includes TPMS, 3 OEM Centercaps and Storage / Carry Totes too! Tires still have plenty of tread and rims have all been recently refinished to remove all curb rash...! Local Pickup Only, Set is at a significant discount...
  46. L

    Best ceramic coating in LA / Orange County

    Hi fellow Tesla owners, Want to share with you a great new ceramic coating place in Los Angeles. I took my new Model S to D Lux Studios for coating. The owner and team there are very thorough and are car enthusiasts themselves. They got rid of swirl marks, did paint correction, and did an...
  47. M

    You have the most advanced car in the world. Take advantage of it.

    Hi everyone, My name is Marc Pujol and I have developed Teslastics (https://teslastics.com), a platform to track and analyze your Tesla. Once you create an account and link your car, it will capture every single drive and charge. You will be able to access them and see their details in charts...
  48. J

    19” silver slipstreams for sale

    Nice set of 19” silver slipstreams for sale. No curb rash. They were delivered new on my 2017 model S 100D. They were taken off and replaced with 21s last week. They are shown here with the original tires on them. Tires have 30k miles and are down to the wear bars so i’m planning to take...
  49. I

    Supercharger Kw speed

    Hi all, I have a Model S 70D for 2015. Recently my maximum speed in the supercharger is about 50 Kw, so far from the 120 Kw potentially. Do you know if are there any limitations on older models? Thanks, Ivan
  50. T

    22 INCH GLOSS BLACK RIMS FOR MODEL S FOR SALE. Blaque diamond rims

    I have 4 rims for sale gloss black 22 inch gloss black Blaque diamond wheels. Had on my model S and got amazing compliments. Im changing up the color scheme and no longer need them. They have minor curb rash and will discount to a fair price if you like them. Also will take into consideration...