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  1. D

    2021 Model Y OEM 19in Wheels/Tires for sale! (San Diego)

    Wheels: 19-inch Gemini wheels that come standard on a 2021 Tesla Model Y. Tires: Continental ProContact RX 255/45 R19. They’ve been driven about 200 miles. 1000local pick up! Couldn’t figure out how to post photos, link is here!
  2. A

    How to use Chrome Extension to find inventory MY (preferred SR)?

    Hi all! I saw a thread a few weeks ago about a chrome source code or extension that automatically alerts you when a new car pops up in inventory! I could not find where this actual extension was posted and was wondering where it was and how to add it. I have heard there are still some SR Model...
  3. L

    2021 Tesla Model Y AWD MSM, Full Self Driving, White Interior, 20" Inductions, Tow Hitch, Full XPEL STEALTH PPF, Tint

    My life circumstances have changed and unfortunately my new Model Y isn't going to work for my daily driver -- totally bummed! I sold my Model 3 back in March on this same forum to upgrade to the Y. Just like my 3, I have babied this car. No panel gaps on pickup, car meticulously inspected...
  4. A

    Tesla Model Y 2020 White LR AWD

    Putting this on here to gauge any interest to sell my 2020 Tesla Model Y White Long Range Tow package installed from Tesla No FSD Front tint professionally done to match rear Has Interior matte black plastic covers installed (to protect the piano black) (put on same day I got the car, can be...
  5. P

    Found a way to elimate ICE-ing

    This is only an idea but logically it would solve the issue. What we need is a 20ft Supercharging extension cord. So whenever someone tries to ICE the Supercharger spots you would pull directly behind them (blocking them in) then pull out the 20 ft extension cord and plug your car into the...
  6. SignatureWheel

    Vendor (SOLD) Signature Fully forged SV104 19x9.5 for sale

    Inventory set of our most popular SV104 for sale, no 5 weeks wait time for production. Ready to Ship. Info: Signature Monoblock SV104 Spec: 19x9.5 ET34 square Finish: Brushed Aluminum Center cap: Performance Weight: 19.9lb each Retail $5,000 USD SOLD Fits: All model 3 including PUP ( Daily...
  7. J

    Oliver my 2021 SR MY

    2021 Standard Range Model Y Front window tint to match back Black/kaleidoscope dipped aero covers Full custom graphics/wrap I couldn’t decide on a color so... I went for all of them. Little kids wave. Like I’m in a clown car.
  8. S

    For Sale: 21" Uberturbine Wheels / Pirelli P Zero Tires (500 Miles)

    21" Uberturbine Wheels/Pirelli P Zero Tires with tires mounted (as delivered with a ModelY PUP) in near-new condition with only 500 miles on them. No curb rash. Marked right/left with tire chalk for your convenience. OEM wheel caps included. Selling as we switched to a 19" wheel/tire setup...
  9. C

    Unplugged Moderate Performance Model Y Makes Noises

    Anyone experiencing pinging noises from dual rate moderate springs at low speeds? Usually pulling out of parking lots and driveways etc? I like the look and drop but the pinging noises are getting annoying and embarrassing.
  10. M

    Trunk and Frunk modification garage in Vancouver BC.. Need Recommendations

    Hi, I will be getting my model Y in 2 weeks. Would like to know if anyone can suggest the following: - garage that will do windows tint - garage that will do the modification for trunk and frunk for the sensors Please provide recommendation garage name, address and approximate cost. Thanks!
  11. K

    Exporting Car to Asia

    Hi guys So i am thinking of getting a model y next year. I am going to export from US to Myanmar and i have a few question about the car. I am well aware of the risk of not being able to fix the car in Burma apart from shipping it back to the states. I was told by CS from Tesla that I wont be...
  12. N

    MY trailer hitch cover really hard to remove & put in

    Took delivery yesterday of a 2012 MY with a trailer hitch. When looking over the car, I couldn't figure out how to remove the cover so I asked the SA. He had no clue and told me to put a straight edge screwdriver in the side to pry it off. Well, that put 2 nice nicks in the cover. So, he called...
  13. P

    3m vs Xpel PPF

    Receiving my Y roughly next week. Either places near me do 3M or XPEL. Which brand is better. Some of the sites show that 3M and Tesla have an official partnership.
  14. P

    Looking for model Y

    Hello, I'm looking for a Model Y or X to takeover from someone who no longer wants the car. I'm open to White or black with black interior only.
  15. T

    Tesla's employee cancelled my Model Y by Mistake!

    I ordered a Tesla Model Y and went to pick it up yesterday, only to be told that they didn't have a car for me because they canceled it by mistake! Apparently the employee at the Eatonville Orlando Service Center had 2 tabs open and canceled my pickup instead of someone else's! Everyone who I...
  16. B

    How picky should I be?

    I just picked up my MY and due to some horror stories I read/watched I decided to download one of the checklists and go over it with a fine tooth comb. I have never done this (at this level) on any other new car as I just assumed they would work/be good to go on delivery. Luckily they seem to be...
  17. T

    PPF Installers in Nashville?

    I'm currently doing some research on PPF installers in the greater Nashville area. After speaking with every company listed on the XPEL website, it seems that none of them remove trim and wrap every panel. The consistent message I got was that they will wrap where they can (e.g., frunk lid) but...
  18. O

    Tesla service at Clarkston Michigan

    I got my model Y delivered at end of June. I found multiple issues and scheduled a service at Clarkston Michigan. So far It’s been postponed for at least twice. After being postponed the first time, I had the appointment rescheduled tomorrow, while today I received a mysterious txt saying they...
  19. R

    Metal Clinking/Thunking when Accelerating/Decelerating Model Y

    Hi TMC, I recently picked up my Model Y Performance with a 28xxx VIN at the end of July. When accelerating hard or braking for turns, there is a weird metal "clunking" at the rear right back of the car. When braking it makes the noise, when accelerating it makes the noise as well - which leads...
  20. C

    Model Y Overheat After Supercharge

    For the 3rd time I left my local supercharger here in Scottsdale on a hot summer day (110 degrees). As I'm driving away I notice the temperature reading on my touch screen rising to 130+ degrees. I get home and park the car in the shade and notice the cooling fans constantly turning on and off...
  21. E

    Model Y delivery in Miami

    I’m taking delivery 8/4/20. W/W/LR/AWD/FSD Who else is taking delivery or have received “the text”? What’s your configs?
  22. awedio_femi

    BLOX Forged 6061T6 Hub Centric Spacers

    Picked up 2x 15mm and 2x 20mm. These folks sure know how to "pack" the product. Each spacer was quad wrapped, minimal chance for damage, very nice!! Kudos to BLOX for the nice machining job. Time to go install 'em.
  23. 1051

    MY Group Buy (Suma Convex Mirrors for MY, S, X and 3)

    NEW Model Y Group Buy. (Group buy is also back for the Suma Convex Mirrors for Model S ☰ X Y Hey guys, I inquired to see if Suma was going to have a group buy for the MY and Yes they are.. See below. Simple ordering! For the next 15 Days get 15% off of your Suma mirrors for all Model S, X, Y...
  24. R

    Frunk Backpack Coolers

    These cooler backpacks from LifeProof were groomsmen gifts, just did a trip to the beach and learned that 3 of them fit perfectly inside the Model Y frunk! Found the cooler on amazon...
  25. R

    Modern Spare for Model Y

    Has anyone purchased a Modern Spare kit for the Model Y? I am wondering how well it fits in the frunk or if it might potentially fit under the trunk since that space is larger than the Model 3 trunk space. I noticed that they changed the tires to Maxxis as well, any input on these tires? The...
  26. R

    NJ - Model Y Timeline

    Checked my Tesla Account yesterday and saw the VIN in source!!! Model Y - LR AWD - White Ext/Black Int - 19"Gemini - 5seat - Autopilot 5/15/20 - Order Date 5/26/20 - Text Update: if Account info is complete by 6/1, can expect delivery mid-to-late June 6/2/20 - Text Update: expect MY to be...
  27. J

    Überturbine Wheels for Sale

    I am set for delivery of the Model Y Performance on June 13th and will be looking to move to a lower sized rim. In New York City but will be willing to ship. PM me if interested. Thanks
  28. Kbra

    Anyone take delivery in San Luis Obispo County, California yet??

    Has anyone taken delivery of their Model Y and lives in San Luis Obispo County, California??
  29. Kbra

    Model Y SnapPlate - Removable Front License Plate Holder

    We're looking for one of you lucky owners of a Model Y somewhat near us in San Luis Obispo, CA. We are the creators of the SnapPlate and have a Model Y version which is likely ready for full release but while we wait for our delivery we need to test fit it on a Model Y to ensure proper fit...
  30. D

    Model Y change increased FSD price

    First post here, I tried searching through the forums, but couldn't find anything. Sorry if this has been answered. OK, First off, Canadian here so pricing is in CAD. I pre-ordered a Model Y last year in March. I chose the Performance, 7 seats, grey, with FSD. After literally months and...
  31. engle

    Tesla Factory 2019 New Year's Eve Delivery Event Twitch Livestream ~ 8 pm

    I will be livestreaming the Tesla Factory New Year's Eve 2019 Delivery Event on Twitch here: (Twitch is now in our cars) Twitch @teslaruss I will tweet when my stream starts to: Russ Engle (@RussEngle) | Twitter in case you want to follow me to know when I go live, which will probably be...
  32. D

    King of Lurkers, Servant of Posters

    Posting to introduce myself, I've been a fan of Tesla for a few years now. I purchased solar back before Tesla took over SolarCity, I've driven small cars all my life (currently a Fiat 500e), and I'm looking forward to the Model Y, but the Cybertruck has turned everything upside down.
  33. Socalautoart

    Vendor Socalautoart - Brake caliper paint at your home 4 hour job 300$

    Socal Auto Art - Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, Gmail Text - 909-687-5230 for appointment gmail - [email protected] Schedule an appointment for as soon as tomorrow Message me for any questions or concerns Ask for Johnny Mobile Service Will come to you! Home. Driveway, Garage, Street, Parking...

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