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  1. B

    Sold MPP MY Comfort Adjustable Coilovers - Toe Arms - Tesla Mounts

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing MPP MY Comfort Coilovers - Toe Arms - Tesla Mounts. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. MPP MY Comfort Adjustable Coilovers - Toe Arms - Tesla Mounts

    For sale MPP MY Comfort Adjustable Coilovers - Toe Arms - Tesla Mounts

    Excellent MPP KW Comfort Adjustable Coilovers for Model Y. These have about 5k miles of use. Removed from my 21’ MYP that is a garage queen (I work from home and don’t drive in snow). Also includes MPP/Arastredo toe arms and genuine Tesla strut mounts. Ready to plug and play, no spring...
  3. D

    Model Y Black to White Seats swap after Purchase

    I really really want to upgrade my Model Y’s Black Seats to White Seats. Open to seat SWAP with someone’s White Seats in SoCal area or finding an alternate way to get original Tesla White Seats with minimal impact on pocket. Went for Black because of the obvious maintenance issues, but can’t...
  4. J-a-x

    Help me decide on my next tires! (Michelin Cross Climate, Sport Pilot AS, Continental ExtremeContact DWS)

    I know, I know, not another tire thread. But I've been searching for a while and I can't seem to answer all of my questions.... A little background: I drive a Model Y LR, 19" wheels in Boston. Yeah it snows here but not as much as most people think it does. each year I might end up driving in...
  5. I

    MYLR suspension issues?

    Hello, I'm experiencing some concerning issues with my LR MY, currently at 8K miles and only 7 months old. The ride feels excessively bumpy, where even small road imperfections create a jarring sensation. When encountering small bumps, the rear suspension seems to fall suddenly without a gradual...
  6. B

    New Tire Trade-in Credit?

    Hey all--just ordered my LRMY and I'm stoked. Seeing as I live in CO, I was planning on getting some slightly more aggressive tires/rims. Curious if anyone has been able to trade in their stock tires for some sort of credit towards new ones? Or maybe that's not really a thing anymore. Thanks!
  7. A

    MYAWD: Two SC visits and they can't figure this noise out

    Hi all -- I'm really hoping you can help me figure this out. I am not technical at all with cars and it's driving me crazy. I've had the car at the SC twice and they haven't fixed it. (More details below). I'm hoping you all can help me suggest things for them to look at so I don't have to...
  8. N

    Lease Takeover (Bay Area)

    Hello! I'd like take over a lease for a Model Y LR. I've been accepted by Tesla recently for a previous lease, so there should be no issue with the application. At-least 1000+ miles monthly, Year 2022+, and lower than $600 monthly. I'm moving from the east coast to the bay area, however I can do...
  9. MrNik

    Adding Glovebox to the Quick Access ?

    Hi, There is a very common complaint across the community about Glovebox not being very accessible for obvious reasons. Apparently since 2019, its "work in progress". Meanwhile, was wondering if anybody has suggested or requested (to Elon or anybody else within Tesla) to simply add 'Glovebox'...
  10. MrNik

    Wi-Fi hotspot connection issues

    My setup: I have a garage where I have Wi-Fi. When driving, I use my mobile hotspot. Both these Wi-Fi network have the “Connect while driving” option turned on. My Issue: Whenever I drive off my garage, the wifi automatically gets turned off (fyi - doesn’t just disconnect from the network but...
  11. W

    Available Eibach PRO-KIT Lowering Springs (Model Y)

    $265 OBO - Prefer local pickup in OC/LA area but can ship at buyer's expense Only had these on the car for <300 miles, wife did not like it so we went back to stock. Can provide original receipts if requested. Fits Model Y Long Range and Performance SKU: E10-87-002-01-22
  12. N

    Tesla Vision - To buy or not?

    Hi All, I have a 2019 Tesla Model 3. I need to upgrade for more space... I have put down the deposit of $250 for 2023 Tesla Model Y and I am scheduled to pick up the car in 3-4 days. I just discovered (unfortunately) there are no more USS. I am late, I know. I have been watching some videos...
  13. VagabondBuilds

    Installation process for the Touch Screen Swiveling Mount kit from Hansshow.

    This product is just amazing honestly. I would recommend it any day. Take a look to see what we did here: Vagabond Builds installing the Touch Screen Swiveling Mount for Tesla Model Y
  14. R

    Drove my brand new model y over a curb! Please advise!

    Hello all! I recently got my MYLR (literally last Friday - 3/31) and today I accidentally drove over a curb while turning left at a signal. The curb was unexpectedly high and both my left tires went over it and heard some sound which I think is the bottom of the car hitting the curb (part of...
  15. J

    VOSSEN HF-4T - For Sale - Model Y - Satin Bronze

    Hi Guys! Sold my Model Y and removed the Vossens before i did. They have approximately 900 miles on the wheels, with no scuffs or road rash whatsoever. My Model Y had the stock 21' Turbine Wheels, and I used the stock tires to fit these wheels. It was a perfect staggered look and fitment was on...
  16. ikarusk

    Done with Tesla Model Y Performance after 2000km

    Hi all, sorry for the bad English sometimes... I speak Dutch. I have my Model Y Performance for 35 days now and driven it 2000km in Belgium (Europe). I like to give you my honest opinion of this car coming from multiple BMW's, and why I want to switch to BMW again. Probably already a zillion...
  17. N

    New User - Settings to Change

    Hi everyone! I am new to the Tesla world, and I would like to hear what settings are must-changes for you. I have it set to Standard mode, found out how to change volume balance...is there anything else you recommend? TIA!
  18. T

    Model Y Accessories - Positive Vendor/Product Experiences

    Hi all - new Model Y owner here! Since ordering a few days ago, we've started down the rabbit hole of accessory shopping for our new car. While sifting through various YouTube videos, websites, and products, I found myself wondering which websites and vendors folks in the community have had the...
  19. P

    Mid-2020 Model Y BioDefense - PNW

    Hi, I recently had to take my mid-2020 Model Y into the shop for the 1st time since receiving it and asked the service tech about the BioDefense retrofit after seeing "Everyday Chris'" video on YouTube. He looked and mentioned you'd have to drill a hold to make it work and ... I'm just not that...
  20. M

    Wh/mi Range MY 2022

    Hi A great forum and my 1st post!! New Tesla model Y (2022) owner. Just wanted to ask what Wh/mi others are getting. On a recent motorway trip on M6 (110 miles) I got 313 Wh/mi. Used about 50% battery. Went from 80% to 30%. Is this expected, was was driving at 70mph and at times 50mph due to...
  21. Tesla Model 3  Y Swivel Screen Mounting Kit  (2).jpg

    Tesla Model 3 Y Swivel Screen Mounting Kit (2).jpg

    Are you the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, but finding it hard to see or reach the right side of the center screen? Do you wish you could rotate the screen so the passengers can easily navigate or watch movies while charging?
  22. J

    Is now the worst time to accept delivery of a Model Y?

    Just to put everything in perspective, My Model Y AWD (Long story, but it's the 4680 structural pack build) is scheduled to be delivered in November. Looking at everything going on at the moment, it seems like this could be the worst time to accept delivery of a Model Y for the following...
  23. L

    Model Y : Tax credits SUV price limit with FSD included

    Hello, I order model Y with the basic autopilot in June. At the time of the order, the car price is $66,500 and the sales tax is $5,000 totatlling $71,500. Expected delivery date is Nov 20-Jan 1 2023. With the recent EV tax credits, I'm thinking to defer the delivery to the first week of Jan...
  24. Z

    Tesla Model Y Reservation Delivery Aug 27 in Richmond, BC, Canada

    Selling my model Y reservation that's taking delivery next week in Richmond, BC. My circumstances changed and I’m no longer going to take delivery of my model Y. I’m selling my reservation, upon agreement I’ll give my account (with the reservation) to you. Based on the recent crackdown that...
  25. A

    Confirming Delivery Date

    I’m scheduled to take delivery on Monday. If I received a text message this morning asking me to confirm my delivery date does this mean my car has arrived and my appointment won’t be moved at this point?
  26. A

    Delivery Day Rescheduling

    I received my VIN on Monday and scheduled delivery on Tuesday for the following Monday but have yet to receive the “your vehicle has been loaded onto a trailer” text. Should I be worried that my delivery will be rescheduled for a later date or maybe that this VIN was previously rejected? For...
  27. W

    First time Car buyer

    Hi Community member, it’s my first time buying a car and I placed the order for model y last year in Nov. it has been a grueling wait since then. As a first time car buyer what are your thoughts , should one go for ice vehicle or electric , also I don’t have home charging since my apartment does...
  28. J

    Selling Tesla Model Y LR Reservation - Based in Southern California

    In February I purchased a Model Y Performance for myself and my family fell in love with it. I decided I should go ahead and order a long range on a separate account so my dad would be able to enjoy an electric car as well. Unfortunately, he decided to go with another EV brand and I am left with...
  29. J

    Which color should i pick for my wrap MYP

    Thinking of wrapping MYP, currently it’s white exterior , black interior. Having a hard time deciding which color to go with .. Help me pick..
  30. Z PYD

    WTB: MPP or UP Coilovers Model Y Performance

    Looking to buy either the UP or MPP cpmfort coilovers for the AWD/Performance Model Y. I'm located in ATL and willing to pay shipping. PM me if you have any available, used or new!
  31. Z PYD

    FS: Two (2) New Michelin AS4 255/35/21 w/foam insert OEM tires (<200 miles) ATL from 2022 MYP

    Basically brand new perfect condition OEM Tesla Michelin AS4s (255/35/21) taken off of my new 2022 MYP with less than 200 miles on them. Would prefer local sale but open to shipping. Price is ~$550 for the set ( savings of over $200 from retail which is backordered)...
  32. brico84

    2021 Model Y Standard Range for sale Miami, FL

    Getting ready to sell my Pearl White 2021 Model Y since my 2022 is ready for pickup in the next few weeks. Car is in perfect condition. No Accidents. Clean Title. Include radar AND passenger lumbar support :) Battery Stats: 100%=224 miles Most chargings done via AC Total Supercharging...
  33. D

    FS: Model Y 20" Winter Wheel/Tire Package Denver, Colorado Area

    Set of 4 20" Asanti Black Label ASL-27 wheels finished in gunmetal with Vredestein Quatrac Pro 255/40 R20. Used 1 season. Less than 4000 miles in tires. Has the Tesla TPMS Bluetooth Sensors. Located in Parker, Colorado. $2000
  34. G

    Model Y LR Reservation White/Black 56k April/May Delivery

    Model Y Long Range Reservation Delivery April/May Specifications don't really matter too much any more due to Tesla recently (last week) allow customers to change their specs while still honoring order date price; but i've included it below: Long Range All-Wheel Drive $54,990 Pearl White Paint...
  35. Z

    Got scammed by member

    Hey Guys I had a member message me about Mpp model Y coilovers, they have since deleted their account and I can’t find the messages. I paid on Monday , and they didn’t return any of my texts all week, then my texts stopped going through and I couldn’t find them on my TMC messages. I filed a...
  36. H

    Lease Takeover Dallas, TX

    I’m looking to takeover someone’s lease on a Model Y. I’m located in Dallas but flexible in terms of where you’re located. Anyone willing to transfer their lease?
  37. S

    FS: 2021 Model Y LR w low miles ($62k obo)

    For Sale Model Y Long Range Metallic Gray with black seats. Features as follows: Currently has 3,564 miles 20" Induction Wheels Homelink installed Ceramic coating and self healing PPF Always stored in garage and never been at a supercharger Clean title with no loan No FSD Asking $62,000 or...
  38. kithytom

    AMD Ryzen upgrade for older Model Y

    Seems most Model Ys built before Jan 6, 2022 from Fremont have Intel Atom One of my remote co-workers asked about upgrade possibility at service center in Vancouver, and the technician said infotainment upgrade will be available to certain Model 3/Y soon but do not know exactly when, price is...
  39. ECCtechguy

    FS: Model Y Uberturbine Wheels, Tires TPMS

    Genuine 2021 Tesla Model Y PerformanceWheel and Tire Package Asking $3250 OBO DONT LOW BALL Finished in Sonic charcoal with Matte Clear! Includes —- 2 x 21X9.5 Uberturbine Front Wheels 2 x 21X10.5 Uberturbine Rear Wheels 2 x 255/35R21 98W XL Pirelli P Zero (PZ4) Front Tires 2 x 275/35R21...
  40. TesMY

    Leaving MY 2021 for 6 weeks at 90% battery at car port (Not charging)

    Leaving my Model Y 2021 in cold weather (Seattle) parked in car port for 6 weeks, battery was at 90% 3 weeks back and no access to charging. Is it safe to leave it like that in cold weather (Seattle is going to experience the coldest weather in a decade, around 12F), charging dropped 2% in a...
  41. A


    I have a couple of questions so I recently have gone through a lemon law with my BRAND NEW car (not Tesla) and I’m still waiting for settlement check aka down payment. I place my order for my model Y LR with FSD in late July early August. My estimated Edd was Jan as shown when you place your...
  42. D

    2021 Model Y Rear-Ended, literally does not turn on and adjuster says damage is 9k- need help with DV claim

    Hi Everyone, My 2021 Model Y got rear-ended on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles last week. The hit pushed my car into the car in front of me. I have the footage from Tesla dashcam and it is pretty clear the person who hit me was on their phone and did not break at all, came in at full speed. The...
  43. T

    Delay on day of delivery due to inspection. VIN received.

    After waiting months, I finally received my VIN on 11/20/21 and was told to pick up my new MYP the next day on 11/21/21. Literally an hour before the confirmed delivery window, I got an email from Tesla saying the service team needed more time to pass inspection with the car and the delivery...
  44. R

    Another Model Y Accident

    Hi folks, 2020 Model Y about 8000 miles. Driving up to NH last night and a deer came across 6 lanes of traffic and ran right into us. We we’re going about 75. We were heading northbound and the deer came from the south bound side across 3 lanes, the median, 2 more lanes then just rammed right...
  45. R

    LR or Performance for so cal ski resorts

    I go skiing every weekend during winter (Southern California). My understanding is that I need to get winter tires and need to change tires much more frequently for the performance model. Should I choose the long range model?
  46. C

    Selling MPP Model Y Comfort Adjustable Coilover Kit

    Hey Y'all, I am looking to sell my MPP Model Y Comfort Adjustable Coilovers for the original purchase price $2,780. They are unopened, still in box. I sold my Tesla before the coilovers arrived. MMP says wait time of 3-6 weeks if you order from them, you can get them now from me. I live in...
  47. R

    Brand new Model Y problems

    I got my model Y delivered three weeks ago and from day three it has been sitting in service I don’t know what to do and what are my options I was told that the 12 V battery needs to be replaced I was also told that the Body control module and power control system needs to be replaced. I got the...
  48. JBAR

    White interior with wood dash from factory. Oops

    I picked up my MY yesterday. First thing I noticed is that although I ordered the white interior...it had a wood dash. I didn't mention it until the end. The specialist called the manager and they both were shocked. I was shocked it made it all the way to me with no one noticing. I actually...
  49. F

    Model Y window trim

    Anyone know if this is the door showing bare aluminum or is it the window trim that’s chipped? Would you make Tesla replace it? MY is two weeks old noticed after delivery appointment schedule. See images
  50. V

    21" uberturbines wheel caps

    Where can I purchase wheel caps for the uberturbines? I need all 4 of them. Looking for OEM as well as aftermarket options. Any estimates on pricing will be helpful.