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  1. longbeachblue

    Tried Installing Frunk LED -- Looking for Help

    Hi All, I tried installing the Frunk LED strip (on my 2020 M3P) that you see on a lot of the aftermarket sites: ( https://www.amazon.com/GreceYou-Waterproof-Surround-Lighting-Flexible/dp/B0BM4856WS/ ) I messed it up after trying to splice and then reconnect the wires using the provided...
  2. D

    Guide to Install Secondary 12v Outlet Without Splicing or Cutting

    Hi all, I wanted to install a secondary 12v outlet in my 2019 Model 3 but wasn't content with other solutions, which included splicing the existing wiring or dragging a line to the battery. It was difficult to track down the parts list, but I managed to compile a list of connectors and terminals...
  3. E

    Tire place in Miami with Tesla experience?

    Hey there! I am importing back to the states a Model Y that was lifted and sent to Costa Rica. It has mud tires on it currently and will arrive in Port at Miami in the next two weeks. I'll need to take it to a tire place experienced with Teslas - especially a Tesla that has been modified. Anyone...
  4. A

    Body shop to do mods in Seattle

    I’m having trouble finding a body shop in the Seattle area willing to install 3P after market mods on my late 2014 S P85D. Anyone have a recommendation?

    New to TMC w/mods and pics

    Introducing myself here! My grownup toy and list of mods… 2017 Model S Black 90D 21” Arachnid wheel package, Advanced wheel locks, OEM spoiler, Rplate, interior led lighting, projection puddle lights, satin black chrome delete, red T emblem overlays, smoke PPF fog and headlights film, smoke...
  6. L

    Best Company Car Insurance That Cover Alcantara Dash?

    Hi everyone, My M3P 2021 is estimated to be ready for collection in November. I’ve purchased it through my own limited company and have a fully comp insurance quote of £733 through Churchill - with me down as the registered keeper. I’ve asked them how the insurance quote would be affected if...
  7. NoMoGas

    2014 MS Added HEPA/BioWeapons Defense Mode/Refresh/Interior

    So just finished my massive upgrade project for my 2014 model S. - OEM refresh front bumper cover and hood with custom latch - Auto open/close front trunk - Upgraded to LED headlights - Added HEPA system with bioweapons defense mode - Added motorized charge port - Upgraded to 2020 interior -...
  8. Radlaw

    Top Three Modifications

    Here are my top 3 modifications to my T-3" 1) SUMA tinted door mirrors with lighted directional signals-love them every time I make a turn 2) Modified screen angled to driver-so easy to see the monitor 3) Stronger trunk struts & springs (not automatic)-trunk pops open for grocery pick-ups While...
  9. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Tesla Model Y Unplugged Performance - Street, Race and Drift!

    What upgrades do you think would help you get even more out of your new Model Y? Unplugged Performance tuning parts are extensively tested on street and track before general release. This UP Model Y Performance development car features a number of prototype parts. We had a blast exploring the...
  10. A

    Upgraded USB hub with data and power for model 3?

    I was looking for something similar to this, does anyone know of a similar product or guide for providing more power than the existing ports do? My current setup is a taptes dual wireless charger for my phone, and a 1-to-2 usb splitter thing for the flash drive for dashcam. When playing...
  11. M3noob

    Lift kit experience?

    My finca in Catalonia has an unpaved road access. I'm considering using a lift kit for my Model 3 to get more safety margin. How much range am I going to lose exposing 1.75 additional tyre frontal area and letting more air under the car? As I may be driving from the UK this could be a...
  12. T

    Minor Upgrades to New M3

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and new to Tesla ownership. I've had my Blue/White Standard Plus M3 for almost a month. I thought I would share my initial upgrades with other new owners. Of course, being the SP model, I needed floor mats. (Quick tip: A passenger wearing high heels can chew up...
  13. JoRey

    Diesel Parking Heater

    After being stuck in on the 38 highway for over 5 hours in a snow storm. Moving only a couple of feet every hour due to trucks constantly getting stuck on the icy roads. I began thinking of the energy consumption a electric restive heater has on the range of a EV. it seams ridiculous that Tesla...
  14. Reekdog

    Upgrading the Side Turn Signal Markers

    I have a 2016 (series 1 AP) facelift MS with gray leather interior, arachnid wheels, custom dash package tray, replaced console sliding door with factory carbon fiber door, custom mats, black lugs & red rim savers, etc. my next planned modifications is replacing the side markers with the new "AP...
  15. TD_alseT

    What mods have been the happiest with?

    I'm jumping right into a few basic mods and wondering what you guys have done that you are REALLY happy about. There is an incredible number of model 3s in my areas. I definitely need something to make it feel different. This is currently on my list: Calipers - Paint/decal Interior lights...
  16. Peteybabes

    Red Light/License Plate Deterrent

    Install this and never incur fees again... noPhoto Camera Jammer - Prevents Red Light and Speed Camera Tickets - Mr. Kustom Auto Accessories and Customizing Anybody? *btw love this website for an awesome rim/wheel visualizer and other fun mods...(such as disappearing front license plates :D...
  17. Bridor

    New Shoes

    My wife ran over something and ripped a gash in the tire and damaged the right rear rim. I wanted new rims anyway, so I felt this was the opportunity to get it done sooner than originally planned. I found these rims on eBay for around $600 (+ $80 for the lug nuts and other hardware) and I'm...
  18. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance Front Lip Spoiler For 2016.5+ Model S

    The Unplugged Performance Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model S facelifted vehicles works with the 2016.5+ standard front bumper to provide a sporty performance look. The spoiler attaches easily and can be removed easily without damaging the front bumper. It provides stock levels of ground...
  19. Haxster

    Tesla Model S Keyless/Fobless Controller

    My latest Tesla project: In the video, you can also see my dipped wheels, some of the chrome wrap, and my charging cable management scheme.
  20. I

    100D Order Updates?

    I spoke to my DS on Friday to let him know I wanted to modify my existing 90D order to the new 100D. After confirming with me that I understood what I would be giving up, he said he would submit it as an order modification and get back to me. On the 'My Tesla' webpage, my order is still...
  21. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Dr. Torres' Unplugged P85

    Dr. Torres recently came to us with a problem. He loved his Model S but there was another Tesla owner in his complex with the same Model S. Same color, same interior. Dr. Torres wanted to do something different but wanted to upgrade his S in a way that would allow him to drive to the hospital...
  22. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Eugene's Unplugged Model S Black Out

    Our client Eugene came to us on a whim and ended up with one of the cleanest Teslas on the road. Originally from Texas Eugene stopped in for a visit while house shopping in LA. After taking a brief tour of our operation he decided on a full Unplugged kit. Now with a full kit, chrome delete and...
  23. Bulletproof

    Unplugged's journey to SEMA with a fully customized Model S

    It's been a roller coaster with R&D on our P85+ and we wanted to share some of the progress we've made on our way to showing the first heavily modified Model S to the world at the huge SEMA show in Las Vegas this week. Just about a month ago, a little before the "D" launch event near our...