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  1. Tesery

    Vendor Best 5 Ways to Transform Your Tesla Model Y Interior

    If you’ve been on the road lately, you probably notice there are now more teslas than ever seen regularly, particularly the model 3 and Y. With tesla only offering 5 paint choices and 2 interior color options, it's hard to stand out from the crowd. Well in this two-part series, we going to...
  2. Tesery

    Vendor Tesery Dry Carbon Fiber Spoiler for Tesla Model Y / 3

    Enhance Your Tesla Model Y Exterior with a High-Quality Carbon Fiber Spoiler from Tesery.com Are you a proud owner of a Tesla Model Y looking to take its style and performance to the next level? Look no further! Tesery.com is excited to introduce our premium Tesla Model Y spoiler, designed to...
  3. Yoke Steering Wheel for Tesla Model 3 / Y from Tesery

    Yoke Steering Wheel for Tesla Model 3 / Y from Tesery

    Do you own a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y and feel like its round steering wheel is lacking in terms of modern technology? If so, you can now upgrade your round steering wheel into a Tesla Yoke Steering Wheel. This upgrade will enhance your experience.
  4. TBWGold

    2018 Mid-Range Model 3 - Low Miles!

    Located in So. Cal (Los Angeles) area! 2018 Mid-Range Tesla Model 3 Low Mileage – 18,100 miles Deep Blue Metallic Premium White Interior Enhanced Auto Pilot – summon, auto park, self-drive and switch lanes on highway Tastefully modded; never tracked Recently replaced 12V battery (replaced at...
  5. jkirkwood001

    Poll: Should jbcarioca be reinstated?

    Longstanding member in good order has been disbarred from this forum. I, for one, feel his / her contributions were generally of an exceptionally high quality and very helpful. What do you think?
  6. M

    Adding a feminine touch to my M3P

    So I wanted to upgrade my mom car and had ordered a MYP but found a used M3P with mods that I fell in love with that I am in the middle of purchasing. It is matte white, lowered, tinted all around, has the pillar delete, but I wanted to add a feminine touch to the exterior creatively without...
  7. B

    2022 M3 Rims and Skid plates

    So I moded some things to my M3 and I have 2 accessories I’m trying to get rid of due to space! These are are pretty new! ✨ The skid plates are strong plastics front and back that comes with 2022 M3. They can be put on over the old ones if it fits or replace them with these two. reduces the...
  8. D

    Tesla Model 3 track build from Ukraine

  9. fastp3d

    Unplugged Track Beasts! 3 vs Y

    I tracked the 3 and Y in one 15min session. The way the Buttonwillow track is configured you have to do a minimum of 3 complete runs to get a hot lap in (out lap, hot lap, cool down). Everything worked out and I managed to get the SUV lap record and a PB in my 3 all in the same session. Later...
  10. NoMoGas

    2014 MS Added HEPA/BioWeapons Defense Mode/Refresh/Interior

    So just finished my massive upgrade project for my 2014 model S. - OEM refresh front bumper cover and hood with custom latch - Auto open/close front trunk - Upgraded to LED headlights - Added HEPA system with bioweapons defense mode - Added motorized charge port - Upgraded to 2020 interior -...
  11. fastp3d

    Setting My Sights on the Track Record. Video and Car Specs!

    I recently ran Buttonwillow for a personal best at 1:57.3. That was the last session of the day! I'm a close second to the Tesla street record by 1.5secs. I'll have another go in December at Tesla Corsa with more upgrades to come! My car setup: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance on Track Mode v2...
  12. B

    Refresh headlights on Pre-facelift MS *opinion*

    Member for awhile now and just getting to my first post. I have a MS P85D and was looking into some custom lights... Mainly blacking the housing, frosting the DRLs, and maybe sequential signal modules. With just the 2 options doing this work on the headlights would be close to a grand if I sent...
  13. D

    Living in my Tesla

    Hey everyone! First-time poster here. I'm happy to be a part of this online Tesla community! I work in the solar industry here in Florida and am a musician and videographer as well. I have a variety of unique mods for my Model 3, including using the frunk as a bathtub! Well, that was mostly...
  14. WrappedP85D

    Ambient Lights in my Model S

    Just installed these last night. Really happy with how they came out. Thoughts? I can put more pictures up tommorow night if anyone is that interested haha. (Also the lights are white, but come out blueish in pictures)
  15. LA PYD

    Custom build Performance Tesla Model 3

    2018 tesla awd performance condition: like new cylinders: other drive: 4wd fuel: electric odometer: 14500 paint color: black title status: clean transmission: automatic Selling my lightly used ‘Stealth’ forged carbon fiber black Long Range, duel motor AWD Performance custom build...
  16. LA PYD

    Sold Custom build Performance Tesla Model 3

    2018 tesla awd performance condition: like new cylinders: other drive: 4wd fuel: electric odometer: 14500 paint color: black title status: clean transmission: automatic Selling my lightly used ‘Stealth’ forged carbon fiber black Long Range, duel motor AWD Performance custom build...
  17. xspace

    Power Frunk DIY Installation.

    Hey Everybody! For all of you who are interested, I just did a DIY installation of the Hansshow Power Frunk Module. For me, the ability to control the Frunk remotely is a game-changer. Please have a look, “Like”, and subscribe to the channel if you want to see more videos like it. :) Thank you!
  18. Joabe

    Making your M3 unique

    It seems that every time we go for a drive there are more and more M3’s on the road, and with only 5 color options how do you set yours apart from the rest? I would love to hear your ideas or see pics of what you have done! background: I’m set to take delivery of a White Stealth Model 3 in a...
  19. S

    Dallas Forth Worth: Any solid Tesla shops to install springs

    Any Tesla/EV specific tuning shops in the DFW area that installs springs?
  20. VelociRabbitt

    A little interior lighting mod

    Hey everyone!! a few months ago, I picked up my P85D, and like many owners here, I feel like for such a high tech, and innovative car, the interior is a little underwhelming. I know minimalism is key for the design, but a piece of me just wanted a little tiny bit of flair to give it a little...
  21. tuoncan

    Collection of my inexpensive mods

    I just thought I would share what I have done to my car.
  22. Razorback787

    Auto open frunk

    What does everyone think about this mod? Considering doing, but might wait a bit to see if this guy reports any warping of the hood. Pretty cool though!
  23. TD_alseT

    What mods have been the happiest with?

    I'm jumping right into a few basic mods and wondering what you guys have done that you are REALLY happy about. There is an incredible number of model 3s in my areas. I definitely need something to make it feel different. This is currently on my list: Calipers - Paint/decal Interior lights...
  24. EVS Motors

    Vendor 20" Vorsteiner VFF-107 Zara Gray Wheels for Model 3- Lightly Used

    Please see post #8 for newest special offer on VFF-107 Vorsteiner wheels for the Model 3! THANK YOU! Hi everyone, This is a slightly used set that we had on our shop Model 3. No damages. Tires have about 500-1000 miles on them. Included in this package are Vossen Wheels - HF2 in tinted matte...
  25. P

    White/Grey and Obeche Matte/Gloss combo pics?

    Looking to swap out my dark ash trim for obeche wood, but not set on matte or gloss. I have a Model X with a white interior so hoping to find some pictures to help me make my mind
  26. Peteybabes

    Red Light/License Plate Deterrent

    Install this and never incur fees again... noPhoto Camera Jammer - Prevents Red Light and Speed Camera Tickets - Mr. Kustom Auto Accessories and Customizing Anybody? *btw love this website for an awesome rim/wheel visualizer and other fun mods...(such as disappearing front license plates :D...
  27. VerityZooms

    Meet Verity, the bubblegum-pink Model X

    Hi. This is Verity. She's been my dream car, well, basically since I first saw the Roadster in ~2008. The moment I saw a video of the Roadster, I said to a friend, “if these guys ever make an SUV, I'm in.” Fast-forward to February 8th 2012¹, when I watched the unveiling announcement of this...
  28. T

    Model S Fob Dissection

    I want to slim down my Model S key fob to attach to my KeySmart. Before I venture in to do it I wanted to see some pictures of the internals but can't seem to find any. Does anyone have a link or some pictures?