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  1. Briar_Reed

    Model 3 Frunk Condensation/Moisture

    Something strange occurred yesterday. Arrived home, after visiting family, opened the “frunk” to retrieve my charging cable for my normal Sunday night “top off”. It and the storage bag was damp with moisture, with visible droplets. Did a bit of checking, and found that the condensation was...

    What is the fix so stop moisture from entering taillights?

    Hello all, My right rear taillight is notorious for showing moisture inside the taillight after a good rain. I have contemplated removing the assembly and giving it a good dose of silicone, but thought I would throw the question to the group. Sorry, no warranty here still looking at picking that...
  3. travwill

    Service Was Good - Water in Lights & Other

    Well, had my first issues with MS here after 9 months or so fixed in a quick service visit. Overall, great job! 1. A little screw that came loose on armest made it rattle and shake, as well as feel flimsy. They fixed that easily. 2. Always had moisture in the back lights for many days...