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  1. D

    Australia Existing/Used Inventory Monitor

    Hi guys, I've recently written an Existing/Used inventory monitor, it pings when new ones pop up which I've also used to get a VIN straight away for a friend. Ordering from here instead of the normal pre order channel gives you a VIN straight away, which means either the car is on the way to...
  2. S

    FS: Hansshow Model 3, Y Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen (Linux 9.0'') Carplay

    For sale. Brand new opened box. The wife decided she did not want to use it since her 2022 model Y is a lease. $400 shipped or best offer. Message me any questions
  3. J

    Interesting and unique tech accessory

    Hope it's ok to start a thread about this...I figured it's a one of a kind setup and is worth sharing. Anyways, working in IT, I'm always used to having lots of monitors around me, so I used two of these clamps: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GVF445X To attach this monitor...
  4. P

    Fixing Monitor Yellow bands with UV??

    Been waiting for a long time for a fix for the yellow bands on ‘16 X. I was told a new monitor would fix it. Now I am told they use an UV system. News to me? Any experiences with this?? Thanks!
  5. B

    Powerwall and apcupsd

    I can't be the first person who has thought of having a powerwall communicate using apcupsd, to get it to tell computers to shut down safely when grid power is unavailable. I'm no expert with apcupsd, I just found out about it last night, but it's a standard that allows UPS devices to...
  6. T

    Why am I unable to monitor energy usage? 600A service issue

    We just had our solar turned on last week. Tesla/SolarCity installed 133 panels on our house. The house is fed by a 600A service. Tesla tells us that the "Powerblaster was DQ'd from the job due to existing 600A service -- per SOP: PowerBlasters can't be installed on services rated higher than...
  7. thtrotter

    Monitor keeps rebooting

    I have a 2017 Model X 100D and did the 9.0 software update along with the subsequent update — now v9.0 (2018.42.2 19e7e44). Since the update, the 17” monitor has rebooted about every 10 minutes. Everything shuts down and then restarts. I have tried all manner of “reset” and after this started...
  8. Haxster

    My Tesla Home Charging Setup

    The key features shown in the video are: • Quick and easy connect and disconnect • Nothing to roll up or store • No floor or overhead safety hazards • No interference with either of our two cars • Use of the standard Tesla Mobile connector • Charge and energy consumption metering
  9. scotty2541

    TPMS CONTINUES TO FAIL... [RANT] And they are gonna send people the mars?

    Personally, I wouldn't sign up, if these companies won't use parts that last more than three months. After yet another failure, identified in my previous threads ( "Tire Pressure Monitor Service Required" Error Message and That TPMS issue, summarized ) it has failed again. The "new" unit...
  10. scotty2541

    That TPMS issue, summarized

    Here is what I determined to the consistently failing TMPS issue: This is a followup to: TPMS - Again on my LEMON. 4 times 37,000 miles To solve this, thry this first: Go back to your Tesla service center, and have them get their proprietary, confidential, only for Tesla use, TPMS programmer...
  11. JohnGarziglia

    "Tire Pressure Monitor Service Required" Error Message

    I received the error message below today for no apparent reason. I was not sitting without moving for more than 20 minutes, nor did anything occur that might have dislodged or otherwise disconnected the tire pressure monitor assembly. At least twice previously in my 2+ years of roadster 2.5...