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  1. M3Papi

    23M3P - Burning and/or Overheating Electric Smell During High Performance Driving

    I have a relatively new (~3000 miles) Model 3 Performance. I was aggressive on the accelerator for a solid 20-30 seconds today (wasn't flooring it but close) and a few seconds after I let off the pedal, a distinct smell of overheating electronics (possibly burning?) started filling the car. If...
  2. S

    Trying to identify which rear motor I have on 85D and compatibility

    Hello all. We just got a 2015 85D that is about to go out of warranty. Not having any issues with the car besides just replacing a rear half shaft and seal (which was pretty easy), but wanted to learn as much about the drive units as possible. I’ve been reading here and it seems that some units...
  3. P

    2015 Tesla Model S Driver Power Seat Issue

    Hello, I tried to search through the forums and did not find the issue / solution to the problem I am having with the driver power seat. The driver seat reclines fine with no issues, however, when I try to move it forward or back, I hear a grinding noise and only the left side of the seat...
  4. A

    Most will hate this question...[is there a way to play exhaust sounds when I accelerate?]

    All my life I've owned muscle cars, and made the switch to my M3 AWD a few months ago. Everything is perfect, however I'm missing the exhaust sounds of my old cars. Is there an app/program I can open that will play exhaust sounds as I accelerate?? There are some on the App Store but they are...
  5. Daniel LO

    "The bms have detected isolation failures conditions on multiple drive cycles"

    Hi, I have a Model S 85 2014. Nothing changed on the car, all original. While on a long road trip (UK to Spain) the car gave me different error messages (picture below). A bit of drama, but I was able to take it to the nearest Tesla Service Centre in Barcelona, Spain. Tesla UK told me the main...
  6. ewwgaas

    Model 3 Not drivable

    Hello Everyone, I'm not sure if anyone has had this issue before or any resolution, but last night, my motor (as it seems) blew on me. During a drive, I felt the front passenger brake lock up twice. As any rational person would, I pulled over and inspected, didn't see any issue. When I got...
  7. Pobby

    Model 3 VIN Motor/Drive Unit

    In July I was allocated a LR M3 with a VIN starting with LRW3F7EB but I deferred delivery until Sep, so this vehicle was de-allocated. I have now been allocated a new vehicle with a VIN LRW3F7EK. I have not been able to find any details as to what the difference is between the B and K...
  8. andyro

    2012 Sig Motor Fault 3 months out of Warranty

    My 2012 Sig (S2108) blew its motor yesterday 3 months out of the 8yr drivetrain warranty. It's Spring here in Canada - car has been in freezing temps since October, parked outside, but always under a carport. Here's the thing, when Tesla service opened up the motor after faulting to the point of...
  9. DarkNightP3D

    Rear Drive Motor Fault causing 12V Battery to discharge

    We got 2 Model Y LR AWDs in mid-December. This morning we went to open the door of one of them and nothing would happen. The app was perpetually trying to connect. The screen would not illuminate. Key card did nothing. So, I call Tesla Support and they say the 12V battery is discharged and needs...
  10. MountainPass

    Vendor Motor Control 101

    Hi TMC! We have been working on this article in our spare time and wanted to share our nerdy interests with everyone. It looks like it formats well here, so we can share the entire article! Please don't hesitate to check out our blog for other interesting tech articles. Mountain Pass...
  11. W

    While breaking, if you get the error message "Both pedals pressed - Motor power removed"...

    I have a 2019 built Model 3. I haven't had it for more than 3 months. Recently, in the past week or so, I began seeing an annoying error message "Both pedals pressed - Motor power removed" every time I braked. (I was not pressing both pedals). I attached the error message to show what it looked...
  12. K

    A 30 minute (video) technical deep dive of the Roadster

    This is the second video in our series on Gruber Motor Company where they take us on a very educational overview of Roadster design, maintenance, and component level teardown.
  13. Lasairfion

    Protean goes 360 with in wheel motors

    360 degree electric swivel motors that can raise and lower created by British design company Protean for use in transport as a service travel pods. The video on the website is quite cool. Technology - Protean From the website: Transport-as-a-Service urban mobility is gaining momentum, and...
  14. GolanB

    Whining Noise - While en route to Supercharger

    Although its been about two months since the battery conditioning feature en route to superchargers was released, I just noticed for the first time (possibly because I didn't have music playing) that there is a very distinctive high frequency whining noise coming from either the inverter or the...
  15. A

    Looking For Sport Rear Motor & Inverter Subassemblies

    I can get good drive unit assemblies in lots of places, and in fact, they've fallen precipitously in price the past year or so. But, I'd prefer to give a good home to a MS or MX PERFORMANCE ("Sport") rear drive unit, or the subassemblies, where the diff or gearcase got trashed in a side hit...
  16. Zcd1

    Model 3 wins Motor Trend comparison test with BMW 3 series and Genesis G70

    Sure to be only the first of many such wins, but nice to see! New Cars - New Car Prices & Research - Motortrend - MotorTrend
  17. S

    Sandy Munro is at it again saying how great Model 3 is

    Saw this Teslarati article tonight on Sandy Munro and Mark Ellis' (Munro & Associates) Model 3 motor review and it's comparison to the Chevy Bolt, BMW i3 and Jaguar I-Pace. The report is not released yet but quite the glowing summary of it so far, at least as far as the Model 3 goes. Apparently...
  18. S

    Tesla battery modules/ drive units for sale

    Tesla battery modules from low mileage 85KWH pack. Over 30 availabe, full packs available as well for 17k shipped in the US. All packs are shipped disassembled into modules. Individual modules are 1250 shipped in the US, international shipping available for more. I also have recent revision...
  19. Brando

    Crate Motor from GM - electric [SEMA 2018]

    GM’s response to the overwhelming EV movement that TESLA has adapted to the performance market? Offering Electric options to their crate engine catalog. Can GM adapt electric crate engines safely into a consumer market?
  20. M

    Power Reduced:Front Motor Temporarily Disabled P3D+ issue

    Hey guys, just wanted to see if anyone has experienced or has any insight into a new problem I got tonight, the car had just completed a charge from 39-80%, not major, got in and immediatly the error showed up "Power reduced:Front motor temporarily disabled" I started driving and sure enough big...
  21. K

    What's this noise coming from? (videos)

    I've had this noise for about 6 months now. It sounds like a roller bearing going bad...what might the experts in this forum think it is? Here is a link to 2 videos recorded on a fairly smooth road: Video 1, Noise Recording - YCF197.mp4 and 1 more file The sound has the same frequency as the...
  22. AutobahnEV

    Tesla Model S Model X Dual Motor Rear Drive Unit (w/ harness, subframe)

    I have a rear drive unit that just came out of a 2016 Model X w/ 5800 miles $5300, will accept reasonable offers Subframe and harness included Tesla Model S X (2012-2017) OEM Dual Motor Rear Drive Unit 3.0 # 1037000-00-F | eBay
  23. Brando

    Model 3 Powertrain by Steve Bakker

    May 28, 2018 - Clean Technica Tesla Model 3 Powertrain Fun. From Carburetors To Carborundum. You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby! Best I have read so far. Pictures from Sandy Munro Model 3 evaluation. Tesla Model 3 Powertrain Fun. From Carburetors To Carborundum. You've Come A Long Way, Baby! |...
  24. R

    How could I find motor's rated specification?

    I'm trying to make my own inverter with tesla model-s motor. first step is estimating the motor's parameter. To estimating the motor's parameter, we have to know rated voltage,current,frequency. Generally, motor has it's name plate that tells us the rated voltage,current,frequency but there...
  25. CoastalCruiser

    Finally, Photos and Description of Actual Model 3 Motor

    Here is an article which expounds on Elon Musk's tweets from last weekend regarding the Model 3 powertrain. Includes first complete photo of the motor. More Tesla Model 3 Powertrain Fun. From Carburetors To Carborundum. You've Come A Long Way, Baby! | CleanTechnica
  26. AutobahnEV

    2017 90D Rear Drive Unit 3.0 Part # 1037000-00-F (16k miles!)

    I have the rear motor out of the same 2017 90D w/ only 16k miles Spins strong. Ready to go $6500. Reasonable offers considered. Tesla Model S (2012-2017) OEM Dual Motor Rear Drive Unit 3.0 Part # 1037000-00-F | eBay
  27. ThosEM

    Model 3 Motor

    Well, this is interesting if true: the Model 3 has a different type of motor with permanent magnets according to this. The Secrets of Electric Cars and Their Motors: It's Not All About the Battery, Folks The arguments at the end seems specious(read: BS) to me. Could it be that Tesla has found...
  28. S

    Intermittent Drivetrain Noise

    During a recent 1,000 mile trip, I noticed my Model S 60D would make a faint noise under acceleration from the front of the car that sounded a little like a diesel engine. Often times, it would be masked by tire or wind noise. The more I pushed the accelerator, the louder the noise would...
  29. N

    2012 model S P85+ for PARTS

    Hello everyone, I have decided to parts out my black model s p85+ after purchasing over $7000 in parts and completing the majority of repairs. Tesla refused to sell any more parts and shut off updates for the car as well as refusing any service including programing a new key fob (the original...
  30. EV-lutioin

    Annoying Vibration, Passenger Door... I think

    Has anyone experienced an annoying vibration coming from the passenger door area of their Model X? My happens when I am driving on rough roads in town and is a rapid medium pitched plastic vibration sound (best I can describe it). It has been very hard to locate, but I think it may be coming...
  31. mspohr

    Q&A with Tesla’s lead motor engineer

    Charged EVs has an interesting interview with Tesla's lead motor designer. Lots of good insight into the process they use to design and optimize their electric motors. Lots of computer simulations and designing trade-offs for power and efficiency at different loads. Charged EVs | Qs lead...
  32. m0rph

    Motor/Gearbox bearing - what about that hum?

    So, I'm developing a new problem since a few weeks.. Between 120 kmh and 130kmh (75-85 mph), I have a hum that is quite apparent. It disappears as soon as I accelerate hard, but is there all the time when cruising at highway speed. Now I've read on the German TFF forum that I'm not the first to...
  33. M

    HELP A STUDENT! Where does the Roadster Engine Sound Come From?

    Hello! I'm finishing a grad elective at the moment for a Sound, Music and Technology class. My thesis project is looking at electric engine sounds. I'm lucky to be driving a Roadster at the moment so I thought I'd reach out to the community. Where would the group recommend to record the engine...
  34. P

    Same motor in 85D as in the front of P85D

    When I took a test ride I was told that it's the same motor in the front of the P85D as in the back and front of the 85D. But when I look at the ordering pages it says 2x 188 hk in the 85D and 221 hk in the front of the P85D. Is it the same motor but different inverters or is anything else?
  35. F

    Drive unit infrastructure

    Hello everyone that has a good understanding of electrical engineering. THE STRONGEST MAGNET IN THE WORLD - YouTube 5:36 Why is this technic not used as it would make the motor smaller and could have much more tight windings. My thought is not to have someone assembly this by hand, rather...
  36. K

    Tesla Model S motor/inverter/battery pack WTB

    Hello, I am searching for Tesla model S motor with inverter and battery pack. It can be taken for flooded car ( only motor ) , damaged or any other source. I would be interested in other bit's, like charging, electric power steering, electric brake assistance and so on. Basically what i want...
  37. Mark77a

    Anyone cleaned their motor cooling fins ?

    Keeping the Roadster motor cool has been discussed before, but looking at the air cooling system it looks like the motor cooling fins could be easily choked by dust in the cooling fan blown air (like a vacuum cleaner sucking dirt off the road ! :rolleyes: ). A layer of dust on the fins will...
  38. R

    How does motor and regen efficiency scale with power?

    I'm curious about the scaling of efficiency of a as you increase power, volume, and mass. I've been thinking about it since Elon mentioned a Tesla truck. Trucks tend to have a significant amount of mass, and when towing or carrying a heavy payload, the mass is increased even more. But with...